Windows 11 is the most satisfying Microsoft operating system yet, according to readers

Windows 11 Start Menu
Windows 11 Start Menu (Image credit: Windows Central )

What you need to know

  • Microsoft recently said that Windows 11 was the most satisfying and highest-quality Windows it'd ever shipped.
  • Those claims weren't followed by publicly disclosed data or metrics outlining how they'd been determined, so we decided to ask readers what their thoughts were to see if they differed from Microsoft's findings.
  • As it turns out, just over 50% of our readers (aka, the majority) agree with Microsoft's statement.

A vocal subset of our readers often take to the comments to air grievances about Windows 11 when OS-related news crops up, with enough frequency to make one wonder: What does Windows Central's audience really think about our namesake's current iteration? Is Windows 11 the most satisfying version of the OS yet, as Microsoft has claimed users feel it is?

We asked, and you responded. As of the time of this writing, 51.66% (966 votes) of respondents agreed that Windows 11 is as satisfying as Windows has ever been. Meanwhile, 48.34% (904 votes) disagreed. Thus, we have a consensus: According to the majority of readers, Windows Central's opinion of Windows 11 is aligned with the findings of whatever metrics Microsoft used.

So there you have it. Anytime you see a negative comment about Windows 11 on this site, understand it either doesn't represent the person's overall satisfaction or that it doesn't represent how the reader's peers feel, on the whole, about the latest and uncontestedly greatest operating system Redmond has ever birthed. And if you fall into the majority who are, indeed, impressed by Windows 11, continue to be in awe of Microsoft's creation. Ride forward atop its rounded edges to a digital paradise the heathens on Linux, macOS, and Chrome OS will never know.

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  • If you think about it, the votes should've been higher for it being the best so far.. I believe a lot of people may have voted no for the simple fact that they don't like new things until they are used to it, and mental conditioning to W10. And, that's understandable, as that goes with many products; people have a hard time judging products objectively. It may be a little early for this "vote".. Technically, most readers voted positively for it, but it being such a close race also says something. If I were WC I would revisit this poll in 6 months to see if the numbers change. It would be interesting because 6 months from now W11 could have more positive votes than it does today, or it could go the other direction. 🤔🤔🤔
  • Noted! That discussion has certainly cropped up on our end, regarding the whole "how will people feel when we're even further from the launch window?"
  • Awesome. Can't wait to see the variance
  • i voted no just because of two reaons:-
    1. no drag and drop on taskbar
    2. cant create calender events quickly from the action centre anymore. only because of the above two i voted no, otherwise, its been very stable so far. i use the snaping feature all the time. and i dont know if edge is related to windows 11- but i love the new edge which has vertical tabs and i can hide the title bar so now i have tons of extra space in browser.
  • Point 1 issue could be solved by
    1) drag an image
    2) open Alt-Tab windows (open Paint or any app before)
    3) drag your image to 'ms-paint' and release mouse button
  • I think the future poll may be in favour of Windows 11 once many of the missing features and features that didn't make it with the first release were on the shipping build. Many just don't like the current release is due to many things are missing, not fixed, or implemented differently on Windows 11. This will slowly change as the OS improves and actually address the issues quickly.
  • I certainly think you're right but could you not equally say, some people will be positive just because it's new? The latest shiny thing? Typically I would fall into this category (I'm an early adopter usually) but I find the Windows 11 design to be derivative. Windows 10 was Microsoft's own design, 11 just feels like they are copying everyone else. As if to say, "Please look at us! We can do it too!".
  • Still for me Windows 8.1 is the best.
    But I'm looking forward windows AR glasses operating systems
  • I feel like the people at WC were praying the results were in favor of Windows11, compared to 10. So once it got to that point, they closed the poll and created this post. Truth is they are 50/50. People are pleased with Windows10/11
  • I handled both the poll and this post, and I couldn't care less which option wins. The poll is still open (check your facts) and I voted "no" in it. You're gonna have to pick a different site if you want to find secret agendas in the posts! P.S. We usually report on Sat polls on Monday.
  • As of today no, it is not open.
  • It's very much still open. Have you not noticed the poll's total vote count has gone up by almost 100 votes since this article was published? (you can see the total vote count at the bottom of the poll form)
  • I just barely voted and it worked fine for me.
  • You can only vote once.
  • I'm okay with Win 11. If they brought back the old Taskbar from Win 10 then I would be perfectly fine with the adjustment.
    Edit: For the record I did vote no in the poll
  • I'm running 11 with the 10 task bar it's rather easy to go back with a simple explorer patch on git hub.
  • Just bought a spectre x360 14, with 11th gen i7. Just so I wouldn't have to be forced to use W11 as I know 12th gen require it as they soon to come to laptop. I played with it for awhile don't like that there hiding thing and making extra steps to do stuff so I did a clean install of W10. But I also one that went from W7 to W10. Also have a gaming build 3900x, 64gb ram, 2tb nvme, Nvidia 3090. That will stay on W10 for awhile.
  • The whole point for average users is not to mess with settings if they don't have to
  • I would argue that, for example, "Refresh" is often used by average users.
  • they rigged the voting & you know who......
  • I prefer W11 to W10. I don't miss live tiles or the even more inconsistent mess that is W10. I don't use the Taskbar like a power user either. The only thing I don't get is the widgets in W11, but it's not in the way at all so meh
  • Rigged to what end?
  • Rob, don't tell them about our secret pact with Bill Gates to rig the votes of our community polls!
  • "I don't agree with the result, therefore conspiracy theory". Nutters gonna nut.
  • Not the OS for me. An OS that doesn't support legacy hardware is dead to me. Looks like I'll be installing Linux in the future, which is sad because I am a Windows fan since Windows 95.
  • Overly dramatic. And we all know that if you did switch, you'll be back. This is just a dumb reason to switch OSes. EVERY modern operating system ditches old hardware. It's the nature of the beast.
  • "I don't like it because they removed stuff so I'm going to go to an OS with even less stuff!" Microsoft is shaking in their boots.
  • I'm definitely satisfied. Best Windows ever. Only other version I liked was XP.
  • So, in a site mostly read by Microsoft fanboys, Windows 11 barely gets 52% of approval...and you think this actually means that garbage is good? Ahahahahahah You should write to Psycho Psaki with your CV. They might need your ability to try to spin disasters into good things at the current White House ahahahahah
  • Does this reads as 51.66% customer satisfaction?
  • As it was released, it was a half-baked, deadline-driven partial OS. Promising much that doesn't make much sense such as android apps and breaking core functionality in start menus and taskbar for eye candy, it is incomplete. I would have rolled back outside of ten days if it wasn't for the fact that MS will stop supporting W10 like it did with W7. We are stuck on their hamster wheel unless we migrate home use to a smaller ecosystem. Even then, the majority will be stuck with it for work one day.