Windows 8.1 Build 9471 leaks - apps get redesigned and new frills are added

Windows 8.1 Build 9471 has just leaked to the internet and shows a few new changes to the anticipated update for Microsoft’s operating system. Build 9471 is a confidential build and those with Windows 8.1 Consumer Preview installed will not be seeing it in Windows Update anytime soon.

New features to the operating system include an updated Help section with tips on how to use Windows 8.1 and an introduction on the new changes brought with update. Currently, the Help & Tips app supplied with the consumer preview does not actually function.

Some applications including, Mail and People, have been updated with a fresh new look. The Windows 8.1 Mail application brings a new view that allows users to easily filter mail from social networks and newsletters.

Lastly, a few finishing touches are showing up in the build including more alarm sounds and added Start screen backgrounds (including the famous Dragon background as seen at BUILD 2013).

For more information, check out the above video courtesy of WinBeta. This is most likely the closest build of the operating system we will see before hitting RTM.


Source: WinBeta

Michael Archambault