Aukey's 3-port USB wall charger puts Quick Charge 3.0 in a compact package

Aukey offers a host of Windows accessories ranging from chargers to Bluetooth accessories. The company's 3-Port USB Quick Charge 3.0 Wall Charger is a fantastic device from Aukey to have around the house or while traveling to avoid the need for multiple chargers.

The Aukey charger has three USB charging ports and all you need to add is the USB charging cable. The charger has two standard USB ports and one Quick Charge 3.0 port that boosts the charging speed for compatible devices up to four times faster.

Available through http://, the Aukey 3-Port charger is an attractive accessory for those of us who have multiple, power-hungry devices to care for.

The design of the Aukey 3-Port USB Quick Charge 3.0 Wall Charger is very modest. The unit measures 7 x 4 x 2.6 centimeters (that would be 2.76 x 1.89 x 1.02 inches) and weighs a paltry 3.88 ounces/110 grams. The plug folds into the unit, making it very compact and travel-friendly.

Aukey 3-Port Wall Charger

The face of the charger has the three USB ports and to the side is an LED indicator that is incorporated into the Aukey logo. The Aukey 3-Port Wall Charger comes packaged with the owner's manual and a micro-USB charging cable (1 meter).

The charger has both AiPower Technology and support for Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 devices. AiPower Technology helps the charger detect a connected device and ensure the safety of the charger and device by making sure the proper charge is administered.

Aukey 3-Port Wall Charger

Quick Charge 3.0 technology promises to dramatically speed up the charging rate of compatible devices, pumping electrons into the battery pack at up to four times the standard rate. There's one Quick Charge 3.0 port on the Aukey charger (that'd be the orange one), it can also charge at Quick Charge 2.0 and 1.0 speeds if that's the best a device supports, and offers up to 2.4 amps of power for non-Quick Charge devices.

As best as I can tell, the LED light is cosmetic in nature to let you know the charger is plugged into the socket. It didn't turn red while charging a device or go out when the device was fully charged. It's a nice touch to let you find the charger in the dark, but beyond that it's just a green light.

Aukey 3-Port Wall Charger

Even though no Windows Phones have Qualcomm's Quick Charge tech built in (some do have a so-called "Fast Charge" implementation), the devices I tested with the Aukey 3-Port USB Quick Charge 3.0 wall charger charged at a fairly standard — if maybe a smidge faster — rate from any of the three ports.

The advantage the Aukey 3-Port Wall Charger has with Windows devices is that I can charge my Lumia 950, Surface 3 and Microsoft Band 2 and only tie up one power socket. This helps reduce clutter at the house (which makes the wife happy) and reduces the number of charging plugs I have to carry while traveling. This is a tremendous advantage when vacationing with the family where everyone is fighting for a wall socket to charge their phones.

Aukey 3-Port Wall Charger

Overall, the Aukey 3-Port USB Quick Charge 3.0 Wall Charger may be long in name but it is a great Windows accessory to have. The wall charger is currently running $23.99 (US) through

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