Windows Camera app update removed bracketing feature – but did anyone notice?

Earlier this week, Microsoft updated the Windows Camera app for PC and phone. The version number jumped to 2016.107.11 and at the time we assumed it was just part of the .63 OS updates rolling out as nothing new was noticed.

However, a few members in our forums and on Reddit did notice one change: exposure bracketing had been removed.

Bracketing is an advanced feature often found in high-end cameras. The feature lets a user take at least three photos (and up to five) at different exposure levels e.g. -.5EV to +.5EV, -1EV to +1EV, and -2EV to +2EV. Prosumers often use the function in post-editing to create high-dynamic-range (HDR) images using PC software.

The bracketing feature was first brought to Windows Phone in the summer of 2013 back when it was only part of Pro Cam for the Lumia 1020. Later, the feature expanded to other PureView devices.

As to why it was removed we can only guess that it was a feature rarely used by consumers. Despite it being taken out Tuesday, we have barely heard a peep from users about the missing function, suggesting that most people did not even notice.

Additionally, Rich Capture (HDR mode) does almost the same thing when enabled. Rich Capture quickly snaps three photos and then overlays them to create a single image with high-dynamic-range. A user can then control the range of the exposure within the Photos app and making bracketing slightly redundant. Rich Capture is certainly more consumer friendly and convenient.

However, for real pro-shooters bracketing did save three separate JPG files to the phone that could be uploaded to OneDrive whereas Rich Capture lumps them into a single .nar file. You could save images as DNG (RAW) but this can quickly use up a lot of storage, and it doesn't auto-upload to OneDrive.

All in all, losing a feature is never a good thing and for all we know maybe it is being re-worked. Then again, seeing as how the community barely noticed its absence perhaps Microsoft was just reducing complexity and responding to what people (did not) use.

Did you ever use bracketing in the Windows Camera app and will you miss this feature? Let us know in comments.

Via: Windows Central Forums and Reddit

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • I know Microsoft. They love to take things away and add them again later. See "color pop." One picture at a time -- LG V10
  • Color pop is there in Lumia creative studio. What do you mean?
  • All the same to me. Nokia/Microsoft. They both take useful features away and add them later for some odd reason. See Me Tile for Windows phone 10 Mobile. Maybe a better example. One picture at a time -- LG V10
  • There's the me tile in wm10? Where?
  • Exactly. Its not there. One picture at a time -- LG V10
  • No Nokia never did that.
  • He meant MS removed colour pop and added it again in a later update.
  • It was removed in some versions of creative studio and then returned.
  • Exactly. It was gone for a while (I don't know how long), and then returned in October 2014.
  • There was once an app Nokia Smart Cam it's gone now,are those features in new windows camera app?
  • I asked the same thing and the answer seems to be "No, not now...maybe tomorrow"
  • Those features are still in Lumia camera.
  • LG sucks tho.
    No updates and a lot of lag
  • What does your opinion of LG have to do with anything?
  • I'm not here to start wars your phone can't finish. Just saying that it's something that I've noticed about Microsoft. One picture at a time -- LG V10
  • Here we go.
  • Fair enough point about Microsoft removing that. But seriously, I'd wager fewer than 1% of all Windows Phone users relied on bracketing. And by pruning what's there and then adding new features that's how you get an experience that is not as bloated as Android with LG's skin on top of it. Having escalated the conversation yourself if there is one phone that can match the LG V10 in a hardware war that would be the Lumia 950 XL.
  • Good point. I'd love to have that triple LED flash and iris scanner, but I have wireless charging on my V10 and the IR blaster programmable to cable boxes, tv's, and other things with IR receivers is not only cool but useful as well. One picture at a time -- LG V10
  • How does that LG perform? I've been reading good reviews. So far, this is the phone that might replace my Lumia 1020 ... that or the LG G4, but L like the idea of the fingerprint reader on the V10.
  • The V10 performs beautifully. Coming from the L1020 you'll find yourself right at home in the camera app and even more so with additional capabilities. Battery life and speakers won't blow you away. Fingerprint sensor is not the fastest either but these are small pains to an otherwise near perfect phone. I really love love the camera. Really. The UI is debatable but everything is customizable with Android. The hifi DAC makes for a heightened level of purity in a listening experience. Huge screen is brilliant. Please do visit our thread over on Android central to check out our pictures. Plus 64gb of internal storage plus memory card slot. It was really one of the best phones of 2015 in my opinion. One picture at a time -- LG V10
  • You really have no clue. LG are much better nowadays. Best cameras on Android too.
  • It would be hella better if they add a friggin Panorama mode instead of having to load up the old and cumbersome Nokia app.
  • This ^^
  • It would be hella better if they just add Panorama instead of removing things because "nobody use it" reasons.
  • Son of a gun, I just finished writing a book about that feature.
  • Love that color pop!
  • I'm glad I have wp8.1 and will stay like this. Win 10 mobile is such an unfinished mess.
  • Probably a lot less mess than you realize if you haven't used it lately.
  • It has got sooo much better. Hopefully quickly continuing to get better.
  • @wilkna Win 10 Mobile is not a mess.  Please provide an example of what creates a mess.
  • Microsoft is always screwing with our features. Not sure why they can't leave the great features alone.
  • Because reasons...
  • It's not like Google hasn't messed with Androids GUI for these pass few years or even the fact like IOS GUI has changed these pass few years just the same the point is at lease Microsoft is listening to the community and allow us to be apart of Windows insider and getting new updates sooner such as LG G3 still on 5.0.1 and LG removed alot lf the lock screen features when they updated the G3 and then released the G4
  • pass few years?  at lease?   apart?   like?   alot?   Just SAD!
  • I tried bracketing once, and it was so long ago that I thought bracketing was the grid feature while reading this
  • Not gonna lie... Thought the same thing. Although I was poking around not long ago before the update and came across this
  • I thought the same thing... Weird.
  • Clearly, we suck at bracketing.
  • Same here
  • I thought the same
  • thought the same thing as well. I thought it was centering your subject hence the grid that popped up. Bracketing your subject [☺]. Maybe they should have called it multi exposure for the novices, lol.
  • We have come long way my friend and learn many many thing.(in my Mawagi voice)lol One picture at a time -- LG V10
  •   It has been called bracketing for many more years than there have been phones capable of taking photos.
  • Quote!
  • Now MS Removes it just because it was rarely used and rarely heard a peep !! C'mon! It was working fine so no need for peeping around about it!!! And now they are have everything in the app to start removing features! Why?!! .. It was very handy in circumstances where no camera in hands! And so what will MS introduce instead!!??
  • Besides, Rich capture is not available in all the phones. So, bracketing was a good alternative.
  • Indeed! Also Bracketing is preferable for some who prefer to use actual photo editing applications like Photoshop to manually combine them for whatever reasons. Bracketing feature is obviously none consumer feature but somebody do use it but not always. I do use it sometimes but I don't use it on everyday photos, even for artistic reasons. This feature was great to have one when you need it and now it's gone because "people rarely use it".
  • I feel that I'm going to have several disappointments when they phase out the remainder of the luxuries we were accustomed to in the Lumia apps.
  • I don't know what's wrong with them!!!! >_
  • They want us to stop buying Lumias.
  • A few days later. "Microsoft removes the manual controls of windows camera as it was not used by majority of users :3" .
  • My gosh, I'm not even surprise if they will do that but I hope they will never even think about it. Microsoft reasoning is "few people use it, just ditch it" and it's really annoying if happens you rely on such functionality, even worst if there's no other good alternative available. This move just annoy it's users which gave them a reason to give up on the platform and switch. Microsoft approach is quite extreme sometimes, they think it's black or white. 
  • Never used it, didn't even know it was there, and still don't understand its purpose, but sad to see it go.
  • The feature is used for tough lighting conditions so that you have alternate exposures in case your main exposure is off. It's also used in creating HDR images. I personally use a phone camera for quick captures and an slr for more serious captures. But others are using their phones as their only camera.
  • I don't now a days anyone who takes pictures will be, hold on let me use the brackets for my pictures. We only snap a picture and see u later. Anyway for those who do use it then I guess is kind bad move from Microsoft but then no one has complaint.
  • You clearly don't understand what this is or does... You should read and comprehend
  • What language is this?
  • I used bracketing a lot on all my Lumias. Disappointed that it was removed, as not all phones supports rich capture.
  • I use also bracketing. This is a very disapointing news.
  • Removing it might even improve app performance. Less code = faster?
  • Doesn't really work that way case in many cases.
  • Nope, guess it was another decision down telemetry. If I say any more I will probably type an essay. I really hope they bring it back, it really removes the edge from the 950 and XL Imo.
  • In what way?
  • @IEhrgeizl. Bracketing combined with manual controls is plain awesome. I'm no pro photographer however I know several who are and they just love how much control they have. We were taking pictures at a wedding, they were using their fancy dslrs and me since I don't own one i was fiddling around with the manual controls on my 920 which caught their eyes. Needless to say they drained out my phone's battery playing around with the camera and manual controls. I'd post pictures but since all the photos contain relatives or friends someway or another I can't and won't. I got all 5 to try out the 1520 and they still are rocking 'em. Sure I could tell them they could use and assign a different app. However what happens when an app update skews up the photos? Plus you have the element of trust and brand recognition. They would rather use the default app knowing that it's provided by Microsoft (testing etc). I know because I went through everything and showed them proshot assigned to the camera button - that's what they said and all agreed on.
  • If they just literally decide based on telemetry then they have a flawed analysis of such functionality about it's usefulness and how it will affect their users. Bracketing is a functionality not designed to be used in every scenario, but it's great to have when you need it especially for some people (which is tends to be more on artistic photography and other reasons). They cannot say that it's rarely used because the use-case of that functionality isn't meant to use everytime on every user. This is like removing Cruise control because not alot of people nor not often used. This is like the reasoning on removing the Start button because the telemetry said it's not heavily used. Guess what happened the time they remove the button (though there is still a way to access Start).
  • Nope, the bracketing feature is not an active functionality that use additional system resources if not used. It doesn't affect the app performance at all and if there is, they have different and much serious problem on how they develop their apps. It's like removing a dedicated Send button on the messaging app, it doesn't make any difference on app performance on removing the button.
  • That's annoying. I use bracketing a lot - you don't lose image quality like you do with the mediocre HDR mode and you have more control over the range and number of exposures. It was actually really good for taking photos where you have a strong light source, such as sunsets. I hope they bring it back.
  • Exactly my point.
  • THIS!!!
  • Hi guys. Speaking on camera features ...  what is that red square face detection used for ?  Is possible to take advantage of that for QR and Bar Codes scanning (instead of calling an specific Lens, which takes some time) ?
  • The camera is far too complicated for a phone as it is, when most people's pics end up shared and re-viewed on small screens anyway. No one wants all the arsey stuff, just point and snap. Never got a decent photo yet without using Auto settings, it's just too fiddly.
  • For those of us that can use a camera, manual controls are invaluable.
    Your inability to use manual settings does not mean they aren't useful.
  • Thank you
  • Well said. The feature isn't even on the way on taking decent shots with automatic setting, the UI was simple enough to do that. Accessing the manual controls are optional and users are not forced to used it.
  • I've taken only few photos with my Lumia 635, but the best photos, were the ones that were taken with Manual settings. If you learn how to use the Manual settings of the camera, you'll only use Auto in certain situations
  • Life's too short to mess around like that. Snap and go. The tools are fine if you're into photography but most people probably wouldn't bother. Hence the niche appeal of the 1020.
  • No one? Wrong.
  • Ok, a tiny percentage. Your average Joe wouldn't care less. Ask them.
  • It's complex in functionality but the camera app isn't complicated to take photos. Manual controls are not in a way to take photos in a simple way. It's just that you're not the target user of those features (and for most users), that doesn't mean it's unnecessary complicated because they're designed to have more control on how you take the photo. No one is forcing you to use it.
  • Bracketing is fairly situational. Plus it never seemed fast enough for to be a viable use on the phone without the use of a stabilizer. I would love if we could keep the option in for when it can be an option.
  • I think they removed it because it was pretty much a less user friendly version of Rich Capture which made it a redundent feature (which is basically what you were saying).  So it isn't less functionality, it is just now easier to use.  If you really need that feature then there are a lot 3rd party camera apps that give a lot more fine tuning control.  Maybe they did it to help out 3rd party developers as well.  It isn't a feature I ever used on a smart phone so I certainly won't miss it.
  • It IS less functionality. Don't try and sugar coat it.
  • So use one of the hundreds of 3rd party apps out there.  People that needed the feature are an edge case and just end up cluttering up the interface.  For the 1% that used this feature there are plenty of 3rd party options that still have it.  That is why we have apps.  99% of the people out there prefer simplicity. 
  • @Icthiodrak. These people aren't your "edge" case. If anything it removes the "edge" off their flagship devices. I really hope they bring it back.
  • They are exactly an edge case.  Are you telling me that you know more than Microsoft on who uses what feature?  They collect tons of telemitry on features for a reason.  If they see that hardly anyone uses it then they remove it.  It isn't until someone points out that a feature is missing that people crawl out of the woodwork to complain about something being removed whether they really use it or not.  People love to have something to complain about.
  • @Icthiodrak, people buy products expecting to have certain features, no? So if the product you bought based on a feature or list of features that get removed based on usage data, would you be happy? :P.
  • I have used bracketing many times and it is very useful in editing pics on PC. The only reason I didn't notice it being removed is because I didn't use it recently. Also, this feature is not available in the camera app overlay so not many people know about it. Those who do, they just open the camera app to take the pic instantly without any fine-tuning.
  • i will not miss it but only because I use Lumia Camera on my 1020 and so I will still have it. MS Camera produces quite crappy photos on the 1020. I would be furious if I would be dependent on MS Camera - I love bracketing. Rich capture is only "pseudo HDR" and I need the full possibilities of merging brackets on the PC
  • I'm glad I'm not the only one that notices crappy pictures from windows camera! Lumia camera is much much better for the 1020
  • I used the widest ranged bracket. I didn't understand it though, but I related it to exposure range in my mind. I still don't know how it works. LOL. But, I guess it won't affect users so drastically either.
    Btw, I'm on windows phone 8.1, so I still have it on my phone. And I don't use the camera app on my laptop, and maybe so I didn't notice it! :p
  • Far too complicated for me as I like point/focus and click. The quality of the photo in this scenario is what is most important. HDR is useful for stills only and never use that either. 4K video and photos are of more interest, to me anyway.
  • I have used bracketing lots of times. Compared to manual exposure settings, bracketing provides more convenient way to take photos and choose the best among them.
  • I think anyone who wants more pro features will look at something like ProShot anyway. It's a bit strange that they took out a feature that was already working fine though. Wouldn't moving it to something like "Advanced Options" be better? On a side note - does camera upload work reliably for anyone on W10M? I'm using the latest build on a 1520, and the upload basically doesn't work. It will upload photos maybe 10% of the time. I tried a hard reset, but didn't solve the problem. I've tried turning upload off, restarting, re-enabling, and nothing. I've taken over 30 photos over 4 weeks since the last upload worked. Is there some way of kicking it in the butt to make it start working again? Frankly it's really annoying, the photo sync was perfect on 8.1...
  • It worked like **** on my L930 and L1520 on Win10, but its flawless on my L950XL
  • No problems on both my 1520 and 950 XL.
  • I use bracketing quite often for HDR. I use more powerful desktop software (EasyHDR) to actually merge then back together. This is a very disappointing change.
  • Noticed but not sad about it. Proshot for pro features and Microsoft camera for everyday use for me.
  • Simply dumb... We need more features, not fewer. I dont care that I never used it, but people (on Android and iOS) seem to think that Windows already have too few features
  • People on android thinks everything that isnt android has to few features.
  • I used bracketing a lot, especially during sunset and sunrise situations.  Rich capture is okay, but bracketing gave me more creative freedom.  No big deal do, if the photo is serious enough, I'd use my Nikon D750 anyway.
  • That's really a solid fx-format dslr. #happyshooting
  • MS removing features from Windows Phone? Doesn't suprise me and is unfortunately the norm.
  • As if rich capture is available for all high end lumias
  • Rich Capture is on the Lumia 550.
  • And also, the 640 and 640 xl, of course.
  • No need bracketing after Lumia moments... Take 4K videos and than extract images  on Lumia moments... Images are much better rather than bracketing...
  • You just went full retard
  • You should never go full retard.
  • Lol, to explain why this is incredibly satupid, video stills will ALWAYS be worse then dedicated shots, when recording a video, the amount of light taken in is much lower than if you take a picture, reason being video has to keep taking stills voer and over, where as an actual picture dedicates the shutter to gathering as much light as possible. TL;DR: stop doing that if you care about quality. EDIT: whoops, i replied to the wrong person, intended for DCPaul
  • Even if features aren't used by many, they shouldn't be removed. Those who did notice the change might be using it. And I don't see any issue or efforts in retaining those features.
  • I wonder when Microsoft will add preset modes in the camera app? And why can't older pureviews have hdr?
  • They shouldn't be taking anything away but rather spend time optimizing menu layouts and organization, such as all menus having icons. They also need to be focusing on optimizing speed.
  • How did you even get Bracketting to work? It never did anything on my phone
  • Read the article
  • Could you guys help me and tell me why is taking a very long time to load or save to my one drive, I have plenty of space, anything I can do on my settings, last time a restart my phone all mt christmas pictures were lost :(
  • Internet connection maybe, speed and bandwidth could be problems.
  • it was noticed..... people mentioned it in the comments of the initial camera update story. this option should have been left for the beasts of photography to keep using.
  • Did some one can record video in surround with this "Camera App" in Lumia 830 like Lumia Camara can did?
  • Yes i did notice it. I use it sometimes on my T3i but never on my Lumias (1520 and 830)
  • As long as they produce phones with camera buttons unlike any other phones, that should be fine.
    It's sad though, Bracketing was one of the most demanding functions for us.
  • Now they will later ask users to beg for it to come back
  • am i the only one who still use lumia camera beta on my lumia 950? but again with HDR, bracketing is not necessary any more.  
  • Now that i know what it does I do feel like it is very handy. I haven't used it much to be honest. But we need a more dynamic camera app that makes shot set up /post production super fast and easy right after or before shooting.
  • Rhich capture sucks. It only works in automatic mode. Why I can't control manual focus AND enable rhich capture? But it disappears when I expand the options. So rhich capture is completly useless.
  • +1
  • Yes we did. But what's the point to mention or complain? They have even removed Windows Phone from Windows Phone a long time ago.
  • I wonder when functions will be added instead of removed...not even a ******* panorama function but MS wants marketschare...what a ******* joke.  
  • Wish I had known about it, sounds good
  • Is bracketing a more advance feature of what now 950XL has called BURST?
  • Nope, burst mode takes several pictures in quick succession.
  • I was using bracketing on all my photos on a recent vacation and the results were fantastic. However I did notice that some of my photos refused to sync to OneDrive, so I'm wondering if that may be why they removed it.
  • Rich Capture (and Living Images) are not working on my Lumia 735 :(
  • Noticed since the camera update
  • Used to use it, but it never actually worked on my Lumia 550.
  • i use(d) it for night photograpy with very bright elements in scene. its much slower, but produces less noise than built in hdr, and allows to set iso manually.
  • I don't mind having simplar app just make sure it works, some times too many features makes thing more complicated.
  • Rich capture must be enabled by the user not by algorithms...
  • Nope, never used it before & to be honest I didn't know what it was until I read your article... I was always too lazy to look it up ... Uh well.
    Speaking of Camera features getting removed, did Microsoft remove the ability to record 4K videos using the camera button without effecting the video settings (930)? It was introduced in LumiaCamera5 & Denim FW, but can't remember its name.
  • If Microsoft will keep this trend of discontinuing stuff because only a few people use it, I have bad news for Windows on mobile in general...
  • I noticed it was missing but I don't use it. Rich Capture, on the other hand, doesn't work for me right now. Lumia 950...
  • That's hurts because rich capture doesn't work on my 1520.
  • I read somewhere that the bracketing range used in Rich Capture is only 1 or 1.5, which is not nearly as useful as the real bracketing.
  • use(d) it on my Pureview 808 on the odd occasion i still have it on me and want to try it out on a scne. But never used it on the 950XL, so i am not missing this at all... love the Rich Capture feature instead and its just nice to be able to just get the camera out and snap a photo and move on without having to take several photos over and over to get the right exposure or the right time etc.
  • I dont imagine many pro photographers rely solely on their phones, even nowadays. Perhaps it might be missed by a few 1020 users but they are a dwindling breed anyway. I doubt it matters much - I noticed bracketing was there but never used it, and even if I ever had it would only ever have been to create HDR photos. If WP can do that itself now, that simply cuts out the middleman.
  • Yes, I noticed immediately after the update. And I'm not happy that it's gone. I use it very regularly. They should reinstate it in Pro mode only, so that the people who just use Auto mode never see it.
  • I used bracketing on my device for first time 1 day before the update. I noticed that right after updating and has been disappointed. I hope they are going to bring it back or add an HDR feature for non-PureView devices.
  • Yes, this has become the expected behavior with Microsoft.  If you are a minority user they don't give a flip about you and give you the finger.  Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Xbox One, all perfect examples.  As for this particular feature, I hadn't noticed because once I realize just how horrible my 950 was, particularly w/W10M, I put the thing down and have been using my still-awesome 1020.
  • It was pretty easy to find, but...yeah. I didn't realize what bracketing was, but I did see it in there. :/
  • How was the 950 without w10m? ;)
  • Actually this is the first time I heard bracketing. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I once liked their feature to choose the best lighting condition when HDR mode is on. but why I can't do that anymore on L950?? is there anyone having the same issue?   nb: I can still choose flash intensity when flash is turned on, but that option is gone when flash is off.
  • Not stressed...
  • Does 1520 show full 20 MP for everyone i see only 16MP ... also the rich capture edit was good in 8.1 compared to 10 my opinion and yes MS should bring back lumia camera app it was more stable and saved images faster compared to the new app...
  • That's just the way it works. For example, the 1020 has 41 but takes raw 38s. Same thing on my 950XL.
  • i have my setting on jpeg not raws.. do you see lag in saving picture.. waiting for nokia to be back maybe this year . Not sure what E(F)LOP was thinking when he said symbian was dead, it was more stable better managed than the MS crap where the keep removing functionality from the phone. Damien and his team did wonders nothing to beat the old N8, 1020, 1520..
  • No lag at all, even with burst mode. But Symbian is dead, and Nokia is living proof that it was so. Belle was the last hollow update, and Nokia was failing.
  • Are you able to edit the image as soon as its captured.on 1520 with 8. was able but with 10having issues.   FYI the 1020 was nothing but copy of 808 FYIand no other good flagship phone yet from MS. Maybe Symbian is dead and so the Marketshare MS now has is more than what Nokia had... after Windows people stopped buying nokia phones.. still moslty loyal European and Asian crowds like now they are shifting to Sammy and the likes. hopefully Satya has some plans or waiting for Nokia to launch a device..
  • If Microsoft goes like this for every feature that not many people use, then at some point there will be no feature left. If the windows camera is too feature rich or too complicated for the average user, they should have left the lumia camera app for the heavy lifting instead of cancelling everything that has a 'lumia' label on it without thinking whether any of these cancelled apps and features has alternatives or not. It's such shame that lumia phones cameras are really good in terms of hardware but crippled by software (r we having deja vu?) while every other phone manufacturer is expanding the camera experience for their phones. Discontinuing features that made lumia cameras renown for what they are (many were first for smartphones) is not really a good sign. At some point they will run out of advertising material for their phones (onedrive additional 15 GB storage : cancelled for new users due to system abuse, double tap to wake : sorry didn't make it, lumia camera features : does anybody use any of these?.......... ). Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It's an annoying loss. I like to do some extreme exposure bracketing and now that's so impractical it's essentially gone. Microsoft need to stop eliminating capabilities of their cameras and instead keep making them easier to use.
  • I used to use it to get some specific results, specially in low light conditions. Oh well
  • Having issue when taking videos after update. Videos show up too cropped. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Why not just use rich capure on 1020?
  • I only used bracketing on my old 1020 for sunsets. Haven't found an opportunity to use it on my 950XL yet , but its disappointing that it was removed
  • Never knew *that's* what that was for. Darn.
  • so its fine to lose that weird screwdriver because you rarely use it, Microsoft logic...
  • :-(
  • Daniel, how do you actually make DNG not uploading automatically to OneDrive? I recently had to clean up my OneDrive after I found out 14 GB of DNGs were uploaded by my 950. Now I have my camera setting to JPEG only to avoid that mess.
  • Truth is braketting on a SLR makes sense but I dont think phones are fast enough.
  • For quite possibly the hundredth time, STOP REMOVING FEATURES, YOU CLOWNS.
  • Just because few people used it doesn't mean you remove a perfectly functioning feature that's already in the app. If it ain't broke don't remove it.
  • I am happy for some time already and don't miss bracketing. Would be nice though if HDR setting were persistent, processing / saving faster and battery consumption less.
  • Then rich capture will gone too..
  • Nah, that's an awesome feature which people actually use. It's here to stay :)
  • I seldom use rich capture and never use bracketing...
  • High end phones huh . . . . . .
    I have it in my 620. :D
  • Oh *NOW* everyone makes a noise about bracketing. Come on guys, you know that if you never used it, and you never even knew it was there, you don't really care about it.
  • All companies change things thinking they are making them better, then they realize that the originals were made better, and they go back to what worked better originally!!!
  • My feeling is that HDR will come in another update which woul replace bracketing
  • I think if it was a good function, even if it was not used very much, it is worth leaving it in the options. They should also add colour filters, like sepia, black and white, colour accents etc...
  • Anyone tell me why in my lumia 1520 camera setting images for main camera (15mp) select and my my lumia 1520 have 20mp but no option to select 20mp.
  • The best thing to do is to go to the windows feedback and complain. I've just done that. This is crazy!!! They are taking away features like hotcakes!!! We not getting the full resolution from our cameras! We are not getting what we've paid for.
  • I was used to start with bracketing to test lighting contitions before shooting something with my 1020. Not something I do often but something I like to do at times anyway but removing me that option with my 950 isn't nice when we should be provided with more options instead!
  • The reality for me is that the Camera is completely broken on Lumia 640XL. Before the update, I had issues with Rich Capture only (some pics saved as 1280x720 px, post processing not working). After the update, the same started happening with normal pics and now when I launch the app, all I see is a big banner saying "Saving". Note that this is days after I took any picture and after re-sents. Soft reset does not work and I won't hard-reset just to get the camera up and running (since Camera can't be uninstalled)... so net-net, it seems that dropping bracketing is the smaller of issues they should be trying to tackle.
  • I used bracketing quite regularly to do manual HDR merges, and am rather disappointed that it is gone.
  • Why the features already rolled out for high end device like my 950xl. So i am very disappointed & hope for new edition
  • Force HDR is coming to 950/ can use it all times
  • Ironically, I was looking for the feature for the first time just a few days ago, thinking »I'm sure I saw it here somewhere«. It drove me mad.
  • I realized something. If you have an existing product, and you are changing the ones already sold after the fact to match some hypothetical "consumer want", you are failing. That's going to wreck your early adopters who already bought what they wanted. This then leads to a much smaller early and later majority, and an early entry into the death phase. Microsoft is doing this with Lumias. It really makes me sad. That phone was one of the best cameras around. Bracketing is a real and useful feature that makes great photos. Taking it out because not enough people used it is like removing the white balance adjustments on a camera because not enough users adjust them. They included a hardware camera button with a dedicated hardware capture button in the traditional spot for cameras (top right). They knew the camera was the selling feature, and targeted a different type of camera seeker than the consumers who buy phones without hardware capture buttons. Users may not own the software, but in the past with Windows and currently with Android, they can at least not change it, or roll back an update on an app.  The whole point of this phone was the camera.  It's not like there is a huge app supply for it.  Even the linkedIn app is crap.  It was the camera's power features, like Bracketing with 5 Shots at different exposures all the way to + - 2 EV, digital negatives, optical image stabilization, and a hardware button on the top right when taking a photo.  It was the camera experience.   Microsoft basically just told it's camera-focused-flagship-buying early adopters to get bent.  Turning a DSLR competitor into a snapper after hard working people buy it, is not a good idea.  I came back to Windows for this phone.  I used Android for my last phone after the Windows mobile before that took out Call block, and I couldn't get it back.  Its the most beloved "minority" features that they take out, and these are killing their early adopters and wrecking share.  I've had constellations of stuff for these guys, and wrecking my minority, but most beloved features are pushing me, and my family, and the associated future constellations away.