The app for Windows Central is getting an update today. Version 1.2.1 should be live in the Store and with it comes a lot of work on improving stability and addressing app crashes.

It turns out, a lot of the crashing issues were stemming from people who had the mobile app installed on their SD card, which can cause problems with pulling cache and data from the site (SD cards are slower than main memory; Personally, I don't recommend installing main apps on the SD card). We think we finally got a handle on that and when article comments spanned into the hundreds, which could result in a crash when scrolling rapidly.

Here's what's fixed.

Windows Central App v1.2.1

  • Articles load quicker
  • Fix for app crashing at launch
  • Fix for app crashing in comments
  • Fix for app installed on SD cards

We're still working out some kinds with deep linking for articles, which we'll address next week. For now, we're curious if the fixes improve the experience for those who were having problems.

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Please continue to use our Windows Central UserVoice Page to file bugs and thanks to those who worked with us to isolate their crashing issues. The update is now live, but you may need to go to the Store listing to see the update until later when it is pushed automatically.

For those still who have crashing, trying an uninstall and reinstall may help in this case.

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