The Windows Central HoloLens forums are open for business!

It would be underselling it a great deal if we didn't say that Microsoft HoloLens was one of the most surprising, stand out points of the Windows 10 event. After all, this isn't just Windows 10, it's Windows 10 on your head! It's an exciting new frontier for Microsoft and personal computing in general and we want you to come and join the discussion in the Windows Central HoloLens forums!

Whether you've got questions, answers, suggestions or just want to shoot the breeze, the conversation on this innovative new product is only just beginning. With a launch scheduled in the Windows 10 timeframe, there's still a lot more for Microsoft to say and for us to learn. So let's do it together, hit the link below and come on in and join the discussion!

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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