Windows Central readers are surprisingly open to Google Play games on PCs

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What you need to know

  • Google recently announced that Google Play games will be available on Windows PCs starting at some point in 2022.
  • The majority of polled Windows Central readers plan to play Google Play games on their PCs.
  • Google Play games will run locally on PCs and use Google's own technology rather than Microsoft's Subsystem for Android.

Google Play games will arrive on Windows PCs at some point in 2022. Google announced the move at the Game Awards 2021. Windows devices will receive a massive library of titles, including the best Android games once Google Play games make their way to PCs. We were curious if our readers plan to play these types of games on Windows or if they'll stick with the best PC games built with computers in mind.

We ran a poll over the weekend to gather the thoughts of our readers. While not overwhelming, the results fall comfortably in favor of using Google Play games on Windows PCs. 62% of polled participants will play these types of games on their PCs as opposed to 38% who will not.

Multiple readers highlighted that Google Play games being on Windows PC will benefit children. "Mostly my daughters who wonder all the time why all the games that everybody plays are never available on Windows... they will use it a lot," said ElRodeo.

DeeMickSee expressed similar thoughts. "Hard to overstate how underserved the toddler age group is in Desktop OS', and how much better the support is in Mobile OS."

Ladydias responded to that comment, stating, "this is such a good point. I have kids who are at the toddler stage and having access to some of those early learning games and apps on PC would be awesome."

TechFreak1 falls on the other side of the argument. "Nope, I'll be playing PC games on my PC not mobile games. Plus with cloud streaming such as xcloud most people don't need mobile games on low end hardware."

Other commenters took a wait-and-see approach. "This depends on games, since not all Android games will have controller or proper Keyboard+Mouse support despite the game seems meant to have it like RPGs. We don't know yet if these Google Play games on Windows will showcase all of the games in the store or just curated ones that can be played well on PC. For now, we just have to wait [to see] what exactly this is," said aXross.

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  • I really don't see the point besides playing a few enhanced ports of older games that were released years ago when devs taught that phones had the potential of being a great platform for console/handheld level games and not just a place to launch another P2W game into the pile of the oversaturated market of P2W games in hopes it sticks and makes billions. The type of games you can play on phone/tablets are best played there, so why play in an inferior way.
  • Don't forget that Windows is also on tablets or 2-in-1 devices, so this will be great for people that use Windows 11 on such devices.
  • Apple's games make more money than Nintendo, Xbox and Sony combined. I wonder why this might matter to Google and Microsoft?!
  • If you're actually wondering why this might matter to Microsoft and Google, I highly recommend that you never go in to business for yourself. Here's a hint...$$$
  • Other than your cynic answer that has ZERO why. You offered nothing in response
  • I'm shocked at the number of people who don't understand the purpose, don't see the benefit, and only brush off and downplay the matter because it's not relevant to them, as if they are the only consumer that games are made for. I don't plan on playing any Google Play games on Windows, but can see how MILLIONS of other consumers will benefit from this.
  • I am one of them! I only play casual games. I am looking forward to playing The Room series of games and the Ancient Aliens games. I also love to play the hidden objects games. Also there is not a true 4 person Mojong game in Windows. there are several on Android.
  • "I don't plan on playing any Google Play games on Windows, but can see how MILLIONS of other consumers will benefit from this." HOW?
  • This is the biggest boost to Windows in a long time. The primary reason I haven't purchased a Windows device in years is because I can't play my touch first games. This will finally allow me to consider a Windows device.
  • If this first touch games (From Google) are so beloved by you, why are you not playing it on high end Chrome devices, If you don't have any Windows device, by now for the reason(s) you gave, you still don't need windows device.
  • Most who voted YES must have subscription to Google games services. I voted NO because I do not have such subscription and do not plan to.