Windows Hello can tell twins apart and keep accounts secure from identical siblings

Microsoft's Windows 10 introduced some new features in the security department, namely fingerprint, eye and face recognition. The Australian decided to perform a series of tests using identical twins to see if Windows Hello would confuse the two siblings due to their incredible similarities.

One twin would setup a Windows account on a Lenovo Thinkpad running Windows 10, securing the profile with face recognition. After ensuring Windows Hello successfully identified them to login, the second twin tried to trick the system to see if they could gain access. It proved to fare well throughout testing, utilizing the Intel RealSense camera setup.

Of the six sets of identical twins, Windows Hello only failed once, refusing to login twins Isabelle and Natalie Brown altogether. But not once did Windows provide access to the incorrect twin. So, should you have an identical sibling, or feel concerned that a family member may be able to trick Windows to log into your account, fear not as Microsoft should be able to tell the difference.

Source: The Australian

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • I hadn't given twins a thought with Windows Hello until now, I'm impressed it passed the test that means it should be much harder to trick all together. Do identical twins have identical finger prints? Would be interesting to see if the finger print login can tell them apart too!
  • Fingerprints, iris patterns, etc are not genetic and therefore not shared by identical twins. They are much closer than between two strangers, but not identical.
  • Indeed :)
  • *genetic
  • Thanks ;-)
  • You're assuming no zombie apocolypse...  
  • Everything about us is down to DNA, just we discovered that DNA had switches, that can be reprogrammed, by as little as our own thoughts, to environmental factors. This is why two or more people with the exact same DNA can vary so much, as the combination of switches alone, could allow for variations so incredibly fine.
  • To Nik's point, fingerprints are like a zebra's stripes. They grow not by genetic programming, but by timing and in-utero chemistry, which is why no two are alike. If you drop a bit of milk in a cup of coffee and stir it a few times, you will always get a different pattern of milk lines in the coffee, no matter how hard you try to reproduce the same motions. Same idea.
  • No one has identical finger prints (as far as I know). 
  • Finger prints, iris patterns, and vocal patterns are all unique. I think if you use multiple factors including facial recognition, iris scanning, fingerprint scanning, voice login, and urine analysis, there should never be an error where the wrong person is logged in. Oh, wait, never mind that last one. That's just to make sure people aren't too stoned to respond to a comment appropriately. ;)
  • That's very impressive. I'm really curious how they would manage that.
  • I would say the iris scanning has a part to play; fingerprints and iris patterns are not generic.
  • So identify your twin and how old are you worked out
  • I wonder how long does it take Windows Hello to scan your face and log you in. Hope its not more than a few seconds.
  • It takes less than one second..
  • ...10 milliseconds?
  • Chech out this demo, even with extremely low light it works instantly!
  • It's pretty much instantaneous.
  • That might be the next complaint someone put tape on over the camera then write a dialogue of how they can't login or how it doesn't work after I tried many times, etc.
  • lol....but agree, there is going to be one hahahaha
  • Of course, because privacy! and tinfoil hats!
  • Twins + Windows Hello = Half Life 3 confirmed
  • Please, I need Half Life 3, Half Life 2 Episode 2 was shocking :D
  • Pics or it didn't happen 
  • But can it keep the wife out?
  • No one keeps the wife out. Just look at Ashley Madison dating site lol #wifesbehacking
  • Now Windows Hello on Microsoft phone :3 .. And I want the lockscreen to say Hi with a :).
  • Try 10 lock.
  • What's 10 lock?
  • How about conjoined twins?
  • But if i cloned myself, my clone would have access to my computer, damn :(
  • Yeah I ran into that problem too
  • If I cloned myself the worlds got bigger issues to deal with than the clone being able to log in as me ;)
  • Well, the clone would face the same problem. LOL.
  • Exactly Ps: Someone plz clone Jon kortajarena and make him grow faster untill he reaches my age or a little less, then bring him to me, I'll take care of the falling in love mess.
  • I would call mine Boba
  • Awesome. I thought of this. I still wonder how the hell you stay logged out now, without moving away from the camera
  • I think there's an option where you have to blink twice and only twice quickly in a row for it to log you in
  • The added security option is to have you deliberately move your head side to side. That way it won't unlock the second you still in front of the camera.
  • windows confirmed to peer into your soul.
  • I am wondering why all the pics have a Creative badged camera set up instead of a Kinect? Is Kinect not able to do what's needed?
  • No.
  • Lacks the exact same sensor array that's needed.
  • My Xbox One Kinect can't tell the differerence between my girlfriend and a plate with spagetti. No joke.
  • Lol.... That is actually pretty funny (if true :P).
  • It's true, his spaghetti told me that last night.
  • Can you buy a camera for W10. Hello right now? Any brand.
  • There's also a Razer Realsense cam soon to be released.
  • Would Windows Hello work for people with glasses? The demo showed by chineese phone maker had the glasses of the model removed for demonstrating the Iris scanner.
  • It most likely will, otherwise it would be a problem for alot of people.
  • It makes you take a sample scan with and without glasses. So yeah.
  • Let say if someone setup hello face recognition. Later involve in car crash and get big scar on the face will hello can recognize that user? just asking
  • No big deal. Beside face recogition, Windows offer a backup way to login - by traditionally using your password. Look at finger print on Iphone for reference. If the user having problem with their finger, they can input the passcode instead.
  • Why refer to an iphone when Windows had by default the option of multiple log on methods? Also in earlier versions. And yes also in Windows 10. With face recognisition Windows even requires to set a PIN first.
  • He was just pointing out that the iPhone has problems.
  • It may or may not work, depending on the extent of the damage. However, you can always simply rerun the enrollment wizard to update it. The same applies with kids as they grow.
  • I know most people will see this as a gimmick, but it's hard not to be excited at this technology, the first consumer level, OS level biometric unhackable password system. This and Cortana together, it's the future come true.
    Do yourself a favor and be an early adopter, it's only going to get better.
  • awesome feature,,need to explore this out soon ;)
  • We actually had a user group meeting last night, our speaker is a MSFT PFE who spoke on the enterprise features of windows 10. Windows hello was in there. Was told about a 3d camera coming out and that windows hello will also get the side profile of users face to get a lot more secure.
  • Wow this kills me. It can tell twins apart yet it can't recognize me more than 1/8 times lol. I used to think the problem was the camera or the drivers, but maybe the real problem's my face.
  • While I'm not sold on Windows Hello, this is certainly impressive, and a feather in their hat.
  • They should have used this in Kinect with a powerful zoom lens to scan ur eye and facial features from further away.
  • First comment from app. Very happy about update. Hated the fact that I couldn't log in using the app. Y'all be hearing from me more often :) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • fear not as Microsoft should be able to tell the difference
    Either you meant to write Windows, or I call this a fucking intrusion of privacy by Micro-"we protect your data"-Soft. It's none of their business how I look, and this should be done locally anyhoot. 
  • Don't use it...
  • I wonder if they have tested face detection with black people?
  • Nice
  • wait a minute.
    Is Windows Hello recognizes you when you use another computer if you setup it on domain-based network?
  • WHEW!  I'm sure somewhere in the world, I have an evil twin, so this is a big relief!
  • Now this is god to hear. I hope they really stress this as a security feature on phones when the new devices launch later this year.