Windows Insider Program now sports more than 10 million members

Surface Insider Rings
Surface Insider Rings (Image credit: Windows Central)

In the years since its inception, the Windows Insider Program has steadily come to encompass millions of dedicated Insiders, and now it's crossed a pretty significant milestone: 10 million members. The latest count was revealed in a recent LinkedIn post (opens in new tab) (via OnMSFT) by Microsoft executive Yusuf Mehdi, who briefly touched on the subject in larger post about about the "fan-centric culture at Microsoft."

From Mehdi:

We have had one of these unbelievable experiences with our Windows 10 Insider program. We count over 10M Windows Insiders today, many of them fans, who test and use the latest build of Windows 10 on a daily basis. Their feedback comes fast and furious, they have a relentless bar of what they expect, but it so inspires our team and drives our very focus on a daily basis.

That's some serious growth for a program that only got its start in 2014 with the intention of accommodating only 250,000 testers. Famously, Microsoft opted to open the program up to anyone who wanted to participate just before launching.

The last official numbers we received from Microsoft came in September of 2015, when it sported more than 7 million members. That was an increase over just two months earlier, when the program counted 5 million among its ranks. Obviously growth has slowed a bit since then, but 10 million is certainly nothing to scoff at. And that success has even inspired Insider programs for other Microsoft properties, including Office, Skype, and Xbox.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • I am 1 of those 10 million!
  • Actually... 2. I am 2 of those 10 million because of my work computer ;). 
  • You make 2 PCs with 2 Insider account or 2 PCs use for insider program with 1 account?
  • Work account would be different.
  • Break down: Mobile, tablet, pc and VM?
  • Mobile and VM.
  • Virtual Machine :)
  • Also breakdown : Fast, Slow, Release Preview.
  • Valued users .
  • I am the 5millionth lol
  • How many on windows 10 mobile?
  • This number is literally higher than the amount of Windows Mobile users.
  • How?
  • What brings you here if you have so much animosity for 'us' ?
  • Me
  • Proud to be one
  • Same here
  • Mee tooo_☺
  • One of the things that keeps me in LOVE with Windows 10 Mobile is the enthusiasm of the community, it's just awesome to see people care about things I care about, to find support for ideas and feedbacks, Windows insiders you're part of my extended family!!  
  • What a big family we are.and all aiming for the same thing
  • Woohoo! Right up there with Scientology!
  • Hahaha haha....
  • No, that's the iphone.
  • I joined the program, but had to opt out so I would have at least one stable system to use. Now if I got a new (and newer) system for a stable platform, I would love to go back into the program.  That would go for the desktop (laptop) and/or mobile. I would love to be able to give feedback again, and try to be a helpful part of the community again.
  • Join the Release Preview ring. That ring usually gets updates 2-4 weeks before it goes out to everyone. I'm using it on my phone without any issues.
  •   You can ALWAYS give feedback. Being on a insider build or not. As long as you are signed in with a Microsoft account and Feedback Hub, you can give feedback on the live ring. I do this on a daily basis, hoping it helps with the QoL improvements to MSs 1st party apps as well as help maximize a bug-free experience for everyone not on the test builds :) Besides the live ring devices, I have one device on fast. Not finding much time to test right now though, as the need for me to test Win10 unstable builds surely has been lessened by these new 3 million participants. So I do not worry so much ;)
  • I'm 2 of them
  • Me 2
  • I became an insider in October 2014 when the programme was available to all. It's been good to watch and participate in the development of Windows 10. I shall continue after RS2 release next month
  • I'm Insider with one account on my laptop for pc and on my Lumia 950 for mobile, is that 2 or 1 member?
  • I signed all 5 of my Hotmail accounts up! Only running Preview on 2 of them currently.
  • I changed from fast to slow because fast ring sometimes too fast for me
  • 3million add in 2year nice
  • I am on Fast Ring 15063. Happy to be a part of that 10 million 😄 😁 😆  
  • I believe i was one of the first million. Really cool to see how much it has grown in just a few years. Welcome to all the insiders who have joined us recently. Give serious, detailed feedback and you'll be a valuable asset to the program. Give vague or anger-based feedback and you'll make life suck more for the rest of us😆
  • And the februar bug-bash just got awarded for participants recently too :)
  • "you cannot create fans, you have to earn them" ​​part of blog post on linkedin, and also very true and should have been part of the article here in my humble opinion :)
  • I am from Unaaha Indonesia,,, and I am one of 10 million windows insider☺
    Thanks_☺ user Lumia 930😎
  • Wow Unaaha sounds like a mysterious place ! Tell us more pal. Indonesia with its countless islands intrigues me no end ...🙂
  • Unaaha is a district of the province of South East sulawesi, Indonesia...☺
  • Off topic that it may sound but MS must and must release a lite version of Win Ph 10 for 512 MB devices. I m not ready to discard my Lumia 720 just yet, even though I havent started it in over 6 months ....
  • 👍👍👍
  • 👍👍👍