Windows Live Messenger, Bing Image Search also on Windows Phone 7.5

As if a dam has broken, even more info has leaked out about Windows Phone 7.5 aka 'Mango' (see earlier coverage). The latest comes from a Chinese site called, evidently from a developer who manged to take some pics of the OS in action.

Although the post has since been conspicously pulled, the images above were captured by and show off some hitherto unknown (but speculated to be there) features. These include:

East Asian Language Keyboard, Handwriting and Dictionary Support--[we saw this mentioned a few days ago]Improved SkyDrive sync in Office hub - adding Word, Excel, and PowerPoint sync support. Each document type will now be indicated by the color of the tile:Bing Image Search, Bing Vision, and Bing Audio – besides Bing Vision and Bing Audio as revealed earlier this morning, it seems like Bing will now feature Image Search as well.Windows Live Messenger integrated in People hub – as we have predicted earlier, the Chinese developer confirms that Windows Live Messenger will be integrated in the People hub. You will be able to directly IM someone on your contact list.

The biggy of course is the addition and integration of Windows Live Messenger to the mix. We knnow direct Twitter support is on board for WP7.5, though we have to actually see it, but it's nice to see MS finally embracing their Live Messenger as well.

In fact, we've heard that Windows Live Messenger is pretty smart too: "when sending a message the phone will autopick the best method - IM or SMS", according to @WindowsPhone8 (DM).

Finally, one other feature we heard about from the above source:

  • Lync client (aka Microsoft Office Communications Server) is coming in the Mango timeframe

We knew about Lync and Windows Phone from last November, but looks like Mango is when it will happen.

Source:, @WindowsPhone8; via

Daniel Rubino

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  • Niiiiiiiice!
  • This is potentially huge news.Think about it, if WLM is implemented directly into the people hub so you'd just tap "send IM" instead of "send text" then Microsoft would be going after the one feature that keeps many Blackberry user's on that platform, BBM
  • They already had this in WinMo 6.x when you installed Windows Live. All contacts that were in Messenger had a little online status indicator in the native address book. Hopefully we'll see something similar plus Messaging hub integration.
  • Mango just keeps sounding better and better. It'll really be like you got a new phone after this massive update is installed. I can't wait!!!
  • This is so cool.
  • i like that office UI. there was too much side scrolling right now like in onenote. more vertical scrolling is a good thing
  • I would actually like to see them take this further. I only recently got a Omnia 7, I am a Symbian user and wanted to evaluate it as Nokia's next platform.The way's I would like to see them improve are and not limited to these:When they enable Windows Live in people hub have it also tie into Facebook chat like the pc version does.You can link all sorts of accounts to Windows Live on the pc now, for instance you can link you flickr account, this will show on your Me profile but they wont show in the What's New feed in pictures hub! Build an rss reader in too as you can subscribe to all sorts of feeds through Windows Live.I'd like to see Twitter DM and Facebook message option on the Profiles too.Better linking between Facebook app and Profile hub, in the sense if you view comments etc, the notification in the Facebook app then goes away. (but like Rowi is doing now with MetroTwit)The shear level of integration is one of the things I love about WP.
  • Also: GChat
  • The girth of features coming with Mango is almost hard to believe....... I was happy just with what was announced at MIX'11. VERY happy in fact. The idea that there is more candy for the users, just boggles my mind. Microsoft ... just wow