Windows Maps gets lane guidance and traffic cameras in latest update

Windows Maps for Windows 10 desktop and Mobile has received another pretty nifty update. Incoming with this version is lane guidance in turn-by-turn navigation, the ability to tap into and look at feeds from various traffic cameras, and even the ability to "track Santa" as he does his rounds later this month! Here's the official breakdown of what's new from the changelog:

  • Pin your Home or Work to Start for one-tap guided directions from anywhere
  • Find Santa and follow him as he travels around the world on December 24th*
  • Get lane guidance in turn-by-turn navigation (requires Windows 10 November update)

As a bit of an aside, while the changelog mentions the ability to pin directions to Start for easy access, this was already included in previous versions. The text has been changed slightly, however, from "Ping Guided Directions" to "Pin Directions."

One of the biggest additions in this update that isn't noted in the changelog is that there is a new "Cameras" option that will let users take a live peek at the traffic conditions in some areas. Bing recently added support for 35,000 traffic cameras across 11 countries and now it's in mobile too. Check it out below:

Windows Maps Traffic Cameras

Though it may not get used a ton, this is a really cool feature that's likely related to Bing Maps getting similar functionality in November. Add in lane guidance for turn-by-turn navigation, and this update feels like one of the best yet for Microsoft's fledgling Windows Maps app. To check out all of the latest bits and bobs, be sure to grab the update from the Windows Store at the link below.

Thanks to LennH and wmuser for the tips!

Download Windows Maps from the Windows Store

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