Windows Maps now lets Insiders tap transit stops for arrival times

Maps Transit Tap

A new update for the Windows Maps app is heading out to Insiders on both PC and Mobile, and it brings along a single handy change. As announced by verified Microsoft employee Dave_MSFT on Reddit, Maps will now let users simply tap a transit stop on a map to see arrival times.

As seen in the screenshot above, tapping will give you quick access to the estimated arrival time for any stop. Sure, it's not the most groundbreaking addition, but it's nice to have nonetheless.

To check out this feature, you'll want to make sure you've updated to Maps version 5.1708. Insiders should be able to grab the latest update from the Windows Store now.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Just checked. Still 1706 with no updates on my fast ring 950. PC exclusive new feature?
  • Look. Forgot your 950. I have one too. It is what it is....
    The mobile version of this app is getting updated for one reason, and one reason only... Because MS intends for it to be used on a Uber Mobile Surface device... Hey, I like that "Uber Mobile".. That's kinda catchy. Hummn🤔🤔🤔🤔
  • Not showing on my PC yet either. It can take a little while for updates to roll out to everybody.
  • Great feature  
  • For many, worthless.  If you rely on public transit a lot, game changing! Q: Is it scheduled times or predicted real times?  It's only a "big" deal if it's the latter.
  • Nokia Transport / Nokia Transit was way better imo...
  • How about fixing traffic info? Broken for months...
  • Works for me
  • No it doesnt. There is no traffic info while on voice directions. One of the many stupid things that Microsoft have done.
  • Now if they would just add maps that have been absent for years. I am in Japan again and am having to use Google Maps on am iPhone. Sheesh...
  • It's policy of Japan. No downloadable maps from Google too. Same in Korea.
  • Not working in some countries, like France, for instance. Plus since the new layout of Bing Maps (march 2017), subway stations are not even figured on the map for Greater Paris. You know, on of the top 3 touristic destinations. But MS don't care obviously. People are complaining about Bing Maps quality (this is not limited to winsows maps) in Europe, the service is dysfunctional for half a year now, and no response from MS (FB hub entries exist).  Why would I use the MS services for location if they have no respect for the consumers?
  • Never worked for me here in Germany (countryside)
  • I only use the map when I'm on the road, I query Cortana when I'm away from my PC. By "ignoring" the mobile market, those two will die a very slow and painful death. While I believe MS has the technology to be competitive in the mobile industry but their implementation of it is killing them. They use to have one of the best map in 2002 but didn't capitalize on it. Now witness as their head start on the AI market slowly fade away if it has not yet.
  • still no way to see the station name from the app (desktop and mobile) since they updated to creators update, it's so annoyng... funny that on bing maps from the browser works
  • I rarely transit but when I do I've always just wanted to pick what transit stop I want to goto and go from there.  I've put feedback that it needs to be tappable and glad to see it's coming!
  • Microsoft has to bring their maps to Android & iPhone. Otherwise it's nearly useless, no one is using their PC with a GPS dongle in their car.
  • Cool. I wish they would add live traffic updates when travelling. I saw google maps on an android giving live updates to the driver when traffic changed. This gives faster route options and so on. Good idea that microsoft maps should develop.