Windows Maps updated for Insiders with collection sharing feature and more

Windows Maps

Windows Insiders on the Fast ring are being treated to a couple of new features in the Windows Maps app today. While there's nothing earth-shattering, the latest update does add some new capabilities related to sharing your collections and saving important locations (via Aggiornamenti Lumia).

The main addition is that you can now share your collections with friends and family. When you navigate into a collection you've created in Maps, you'll now see a "Share" icon nestled next to the "Edit," "Print," and "Pin" icons that have been there all along. Choosing to share will open the share dialog with options to send collections to specific people or apps. On the minor side of things, you'll also now be able to more easily find and save locations with shortcut menus.

Here's the official look at what's new:

  • Sare your collections with your friends and family.
  • Save searched places and find nearby locations more easily with shortcut menus.

Windows Maps Share Collection

If you're on the Windows Insider Fast ring, you should be able to grab these features now with Windows Maps version 5.1804.1021.0. Presumably, the same features will begin rolling out to other Insider rings and, eventually, the release version of the app, soon.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • I've been waiting a long time for that feature.
  • Took Microsoft way too long to get this in the maps. I remember this way back on HERE Maps in Windows 8
  • Until they have a "Send to Phone" option, or even better a Maps app for Android, I'm never going to use this app.
  • Yup, exactly, make it work with Google maps on mobile, or port the damn thing to Android. Without either of these, I will never use the app again........ Sad, because I actually liked it on W10M (RIP)
  • Agree, this app makes a ton of sense on Android as well as iOS, but with the latest Microsoft reorg, I am not sure where Maps would fit in to Microsoft’s strategy and thus how high of a priority it would get...
  • HERE Maps on Android should work with your saved data from the MS Map App Im pretty sure my saved collections carried over
  • nope it doesn't for me and I'm in Canada where HERE Maps and Sygic GPS are both way better than anything else.
  • How are you supposed to use Cortana's Favorite Places feature on Android without Bing Maps availability?? Try going to on Edge in Android also...what a joke of a product.
  • Also The photos app in fast ring got a update with timeline slider/ edit & create tabs
    added 3D effect can now be added to images, added animated text
    edit with paint 3D
  • Can't wait for it on my w10m phones lol, I really like how it works in car,
    Like it still beats out my friends android on some poi and even routing, somehow, it knew to exit the highway earlier than my friends android to avoid slow down
  • no bring it to android ... because nutella killed windows mobile, we had to switch
  • They need to release this for Android and iOS so they can get it into more users hands. Crowdsourcing traffic data, route changes, and address changes via location tracking is what has made Google Maps so effective.
  • I guess this is another product that Nadella can put on his list. His planned accelerated elimination of as many MS products and services as possible is on track.
  • Is it coming to w10m also?