Windows Marketplace details for developers

Microsoft this morning released a little more information about its Windows Marketplace for Mobile (that name sounds pretty official now), centering on what developers can expect with regards to Windows Mobile 6.5.

Here's the bottom line, in handy bullet points:

  • Annual registration is $99 and includes submission of five applications. Each additional submission within the annual period is another $99.
  • Devs will set their own prices.
  • Devs will keep 70 percent of the sales revenue.
  • Student developers can have the registration fee waived through the DreamSpark program.

Before anyone starts with the M$FT comments, that 30 percent cut Microsoft takes is right in line with what Apple's doing in its App Store, and the rest is pretty much in line, too. What remains to be is see is what the ramifications will be on other vendors, such as Mobihand and Handango, and whether large software houses such as SPB and SBSH will join in.

Full presser can be read here.

Update: Video from Marketplace Product Manager Inigo Lopez and Eric Nelson of the Developer Experience team after the break.

Phil Nickinson

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