The Windows Mobile 6.5 leaks keep coming

Mobile World Congress starts Monday, and we're expecting Microsoft to officially unveil Windows Mobile 6.5 at some point early in the event.

Unofficially, the leaked ROMs keep flying through the Interwebs. One of the more recent – and the best we've seen since learned about Outlook Live earlier this week – hit today at [via] There are a few dozen large shots reportedly taken of an HTC Touch HD, and we get a great look at the (er, HTC) on-screen keyboard, as well as the phone screen, both of which you can see above.

We've got more pictures after the break, and hit up the translated page for more chatter.

Phil Nickinson

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  • I understand what the honeycomb icons are for but I just can't get over how ugly they are.
  • To each his own. I like it.
  • I like it too.
  • Make that 3.
  • Thats the HTC QWERTY on all their phones. I want to see the updated stock qwerty.
  • Ya know, I thought that looked familiar. :)
  • FAKE! No way Microsoft would use the rounded-corner green gradient iPhone phone app icon. Must be a skin. Crazy Apple-mad skinners. ;)
  • Looks pretty! I hope they've addressed general stability and performance as well. They've got a lot of housekeeping to do over the next couple of WinMo versions.
  • Bloody ugly. The whole thing sucks...what the hell is MS thinking????
  • The home screen is quite similar to the screen layout of UltimatePhone on my Treo680 I liked the least... and the rest reminds me strangely on SkinUI for PalmOS... and, yes i think Palm could have caught some very positive reactions if they had made their OS prettier some years ago, without changing to much 'under the hood'.
    Anyhow, if it will become available for my Treo Pro I will try it, but for front-qwerty devices it's not that much of a progress, if any... looking at the enlarged menus vs. keyboard shortcuts.
    And, seriously, I do absolutely NOT want to perform swipe gestures to answer or ignore calls. On ANY device!
    No-one can convince me that this is a whatsoever intuitive movement for a finger when holding the device! Lets see how beta it still is currently, and will be after it is released...
  • Will the HTC Touch Pro's/Fuze get a WM 6.5 upgrade from HTC?
    Or will I have to get it from XDA-Devs?
  • Don't know for sure yet. Hopefully Dieter will find out next week at Mobile World Congress.
  • I'm kinda torn - I'm excited to try this out, but the entire visual aesthetic doesn't excite me at all. If there are performance improvements, I'll live with the Zune/Honeycomb design. If not, I'll pass.
  • The honeycomb today screen really isn't doing it for me....the panels view on the other hand is quite nice. For a .5 upgrade things are looking pretty decent. That being said I'll be skipping anymore Windows Mobile 6.x devices and will just wait to see what WinMo 7 has to offer.
  • Whats that going into the water droplet?