Windows Mobile Browser Smackdown

Over at pocketables, Jenn K Lee has posted up a comprehensive comparison of the most popular browsers on Windows Mobile. She obviously wanted to eliminate variables like whether or not a given device's power would get in the way, so she used a beefy HTC Advantage X7501 to compare Opera 8.65, IE Mobile, Minimo 0.2, Picsel 1.0.0, and NetFront 3.4. The results surprised me a bit and actually got me to change my default browser to her winner.

Oh, you thought I was going to ruin the fun and tell you the winner? Nope. Go check out the smackdown yourself.

A sidenote: WMExperts is at the CTIA Entertainment conference this week, so expect tragically desolate spaces of not-posting interspersed with glorious liveblogging and hands-on posts.

WC Staff