Microsoft sees bump in Windows OEM revenue in Q4 FY16 results

Microsoft recorded growth in revenue for its Windows division in its fiscal year 2016 fourth quarter. The non-Pro OEM revenue was up by 27% while the Pro OEM revenue numbers were up by 2%.

Microsoft's numbers didn't break down just how much revenue the Windows division took in during the last quarter. However, it noted that the 27% rise in OEM non-Pro revenue was due to a 'higher premium device mix" and that it outpaced the current consumer PC market. The company said the 2% rise in OEM Pro revenue numbers was due to a "stabilizing commercial PC market" and also noted a higher mix of business PCs that were sold with Windows Pro pre-installed.

Volume licencing of Windows was also up by 3% and Microsoft added that 96% of its enterprise customers are piloting Windows 10.

John Callaham