Windows Phone 7.8 revealed to be RTM during Microsoft Singapore Windows Phone 8 developer event

Microsoft and Nokia held a developer event in Singapore recently that focused on platform development and the advanced functionality available for app / game creation in Windows Phone 8. According to a tip from an attendee of this event (who wishes to remain anonymous), the Head of Nokia Asia Pacific Developer Relations informed the audience that Windows Phone 7.8 has been RTM (Released To Manufacturers) this week.

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Should what the Nokia employee stated be true, we are to expect the much anticipated update to be rolled out to eligible hardware within the next couple of weeks (no markets were named). This would go against what we previously expected in that Windows Phone 7.8 would be released in Q1 2013, to provide Windows Phone 8 ample time to build strong foundations with new hardware launching in numerous markets. We'd like to add a note to this rumour that it should be taken with a massive quarry of salt since we've not received any information to corroborate these details. 

While the information provided could well be accurate, we have received reports that the update will be arriving late, and we'll remain skeptical that anyone will see the update prior to the new year (especially if carrier evaluations and certifications need to occur). Our tip also contained details regarding Internet Explorer 10 which he stated will not be coming to Windows Phone 7.8 at all. The reason? IE10 takes advantage of some hardware acceleration that current hardware can't support. So IE9 it is.

It's also worth noting that Windows Phone 7.8 has also been confirmed to include the new start screen with expanded Live Tiles configuration, more available themes for further customisation, Internet Explorer updates, and better ringtone support. The leaked Nokia presentation slides listed lock screen wallpaper improvements with Bing being made available when choosing new wallpapers.

As well as the Windows Phone 7.8 information, the Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 are both slated for November 27th in Singapore with both Windows Phones being available for purchase by early December - both devices will be multi-band capable. As mentioned above, we're not entirely sure what to make of this. While Microsoft could have kept Windows Phone 7.8 under wraps (especially with the launch of Windows Phone 8), we'll remain on the skeptical side.

Big thanks to our tipster for the information!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Good stuff for 7.5 owners. Can't wait to test it on my 900.
  • I don't see where you go from it being RTM now, to saying that doesn't fall in line with reports of a Q1 2013 release. That actually aligns perfectly. Windows 8 hit RTM in August and was released end of October. Office 2013 hit RTM in October, and will release in early 2013. WP8 hit RTM in September, and is only coming out now at the beginning of November (and that was most likely rushed because of the hard deadline to get devices ready around the time of Windows 8). So why cant this be RTM now and not come out for a few months exactly?
  • It may very well be RTM'd, that's not the issue. This part is "...update to be rolled out to eligible hardware within the next couple of weeks" is what we are questioning. We highly doubt this will be an available update "within weeks".
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  • Binders full of updates!
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  • All right, we had a good laugh, but seriosuly:
    I always thought  the expression "within the next couple of weeks"  meant a few weeks, or several weeks, and not specifically two weeks.
    Being a monogamist couple doesn't really apply to weeks, does it?   
  • I wish a couple meant 8, that way I could get 7 wives.
  • That's too expensive. How about 1 wife and 6 mistresses?
  • I don't expect the vast majority of 7.5 users to ever see the 7.8 update. What's in it for carriers? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
  • You might say that about any update. It's to keep customers happy... And many can't upgrade due to long contract periods etc
  • If carriers were truly interested in keeping customers happy, updates would have gone far differently for WP7.
  • It depends on the carrier... I'd get my updates within 2 months of release and that's with Telstra who are generally the last to push out updates in Australia. I've heard AT&T are horrible, but not all carriers have such disdain for their customers.
  • As someone with an sim free phone, I couldn't give a rats ass what the carriers do... Though honestly, in the UK, updates for all my nokias in the past have come through in a timely fashion, carrier or not
  • Sim-free doesn't necessarily mean unbranded. I bought my phone outright and it was unlocked by default (In Australia all HD7's were never locked), but it was internally branded to a carrier so I still had to wait for them to release the updates, even though I use a SIM for another carrier.
  • You are mistaken. The global rollout of WP updates won't start untill at least some of the major carries sign off on it.
  • AT&T should have it available sometime around 2014 then
  • Lol, spot on!
  • RoFL! - NO...As I have said in past comment threads -as I just love being the pessimist here! -lololol ATT should have "non-Lumia" phones available sometime around 2014 after much complaining...or even not at all! Lumia phones will be the first one's to get the update...guarantee!  Also, I just have to reiterate this one last time.  Thank god for XDA!  -if you know what I mean...
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  • You can delete them from the app ;)
  • ah ha! thanks, I haven't been using the app lately. 
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  • Hey man heads up. I just installed Skype on Lumia 920. It says its a preview version 2.0. I didn't know it was there for a long time or just been posted on marketplace. Thought I'd let u know.
  • This. Plus WP7.8 being RTM means now the OEM will be tacking on their on bits and bobs and then go through testing the package before getting it to the end-users. So a Q1 2013 release is actually very likely to be acurate.
  • I just posted this over in the forums!  Check my time stamp, I finally beat WPCentral to the punch!!!  
    Just not to confident with, "days to weeks."
    "You know who else wants 7.8 update?  MY MOM!" - Muscle Man
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  • Lol! Love Regular Show!
  • This may well be true. It always took several weeks for OEMs to prepare their corresponding firmware updates, and the carriers to approve them. And Microsoft probably wants to wait for everyone to start a global simultanous release.
    Remeber Mango? RTMed in July, rolled out in September. Does compute. But I whish they just leaked the cabs so that we could update by ourselves (still have my Mozart and Lumia 800 around, that would up their second-hand market value :)   
  • Tango messed my Nokia LUMIA 900 up
  • Why do you say 7.8 will hinder a strong foundation for 8?
  • Because it is just that good, i got it on my omnia 7 at the moment at it works really well.. to the point where im like hmm do i really need that 920. :-)
  • The difference is still huge from 7.8 to 8. I can't even put into words how much better. I played around with a dev phone running 7.8 & it felt so behind (for lack of a better word) & slow compared to WP8.
  • Wow! Now I'm super duper impatient!
  • Hi Kasper,
    This is Girish here, I too have a Omnia 7, Kindly guide me to get WP 7.8
  • K
  • The tipster seems to have a mouth that wont stop, as wmpower user posted this story about 6hrs ago
    Wmpoweruser has the exact same image without the watermark
    Not sure if wmpoweruser / wpcentral are the same unit/company but they clearly didn't watermark their images to give the idea that it was an exclusive.
  • Don't think they're worried about exclusives. Just news to their readers. And no they aren't the same group. This site is by far and large, more professional.
  • When I spoke to a Nokia employee; I was told this was going to come out in January & that this would be made public in a couple of weeks; I wasn't told what was in the 7.8 update though as they are still in the process of finalizing a few things.
    However I have a HTC Surround on AT&T so I doubt I'll be getting anything any time soon =(
  • This update is very important for me because I want to keep my Titan till second generation WP8 and this update will make me to enjoy the phone a little bit. Thanks for the news.
  • I just wish they'd reintroduce some of the removed IE8 features such as Navigate Forward, Find On Page, and the dedicated tab button next to the address bar (instead of being hidden in the menu).
  • 7.8"is the end of the ROAD!! no more apps are being made for 7.5..all the apps update im getting are all for wp8..and they don't work the same on my 900... Like the nokia transit,it was perfect until I updated this morning... SMH
  • I woulnd't mind 7.8 on my aging HD 7. Plust I'm goin to get the Lumia 810 on Tmo next week
  • I badly want update for mu lumia 900
  • the thing i noticed here in the uae is that nokia reps are selling the lumia 800 and 900 saying that they are 7.8 devices, even though the home screen looks 7.5...does that mean they have info on the 7.8 update and that its round the corner?
  • To be honest, every sales person in the store are clueless! They absolutely know nothing.
  • 7.8? Hell I am still wishing I could get Tango from AT&T on my LG Quantum...
  • Same here on my HD7 on tmo.
  • Same here on my 2 HTC Titans!!! A bunch of BS!!
  • damn... I've had Tango on my HD7 for 3 or 4 months now (on Telstra). Apparently you should be able to force an update
  • Tango isn't really worth wishing for. There's absolutely nothing new in that release apart from MMS improvements.
  • I am one of the outcasts from Sprint (hanging head low) . We all have the HTC Arrive (discontinued) and have not got an update since Mango. The only reason that I want the update (any update) is to get the old disappearing keyboard bug fixed. Sprint says they're waiting on Microsoft for the 8107 build (deep sigh).
  • You should look at trying to force an update...
  • The sooner the better, I'm fed up of seeing the new screen now (seeing that I'm stuck with my 900 till 2014)
  • Couldn't wait. Picked up a white 920 with a free charger. WinPhone 8 is fantastic and super fast. Can't imagine going back, though the biggest feature also available in 7.8 (sizeable tiles) is 10x more useful than I expected.
  • I'd love to see 7.8, but AT&T/HTC probably won't release for my titan 2. I'm holding out hope though!
  • Can't wait for Windows Phone 7.8! I will not be picking up a new phone this time around, because I'd much rather have a Surface RT than a Lumia 820. Wouldn't you?
  • Went to Bestbuy to look at all the new smartphones and the quality of the screens is now is stunning! I felt really bad with my old Samsung Focus. So I think I will just buy the Nokia Lumia 920 for Christmas and forget about that 7.8 update
  • Only relevant information is the Singapore release date for the 920... Come on already!!!