Windows Phone 7 Book Roundup

With the launch of a new platform like Windows Phone 7, there is a learning curve for everyone involved. One of the best ways to get familiar with Windows Phone 7 is to read this website, another way is to read a book. There are pros and cons to both methods; websites are more dynamic and up to date while books are easier to read cover to cover, or refer back to from time to time.

We’ve got several books in-hand, and after the jump we’ll break down the similarities and differences.

Windows Phone 7 Companion

Written by Smart Phone Experts brother-at-arms Matthew Miller, Windows Phone 7 Companion is 260 pages of step-by-step introductions to each feature in Windows Phone 7. There are also a number of tips and hidden features throughout the book that will benefit users of all skill levels. As the title suggests, Windows Phone 7 Companion is perfect when paired with a new Windows Phone.

Amazon: $12.86

Windows Phone 7 for Dummies

Everybody has heard of the “Dummies” books. Windows Phone 7 for Dummies is aimed specifically at new users, and teaches Windows Phone 7 from the ground up, starting with the basics. Dummies books are a great way of getting a running start, and the Windows Phone 7 is no exception. For a new user or someone with a fear of technology, Windows Phone 7 for Dummies is the perfect starting point.

Amazon: $16.08

Windows Phone 7 Plain & Simple

Another one of the books that holds your hand through all of the major features of the platform, Windows Phone 7 Plain & Simple is similar to Windows Phone 7 Companion, just with prettier pictures and not quite as much depth. For a visual learner, Windows Phone 7Plain & Simple is definitely worth a look.

Amazon: $19.71

Windows Phone 7 Secrets

Say what you want about Paul Thurrott, the man knows Microsoft. Windows Phone 7 Secrets is less of a tutorial and more of a complete indoctrination into the concepts and theory behind Windows Phone 7. I wouldn’t recommend Windows Phone 7 Secrets as the best choice for beginners; but for regular readers of this site, this is the book for you.

Amazon: $26.39

Do you already have any of these titles in your library? Give us your thoughts in the comment section.

Tim Ferrill