We're not sure if we'll keep doing this every time they hit another thousand programs in the Marketplace, but it is worth noting for now only because of the trend: the rate of submissions to the marketplace is growing, fast.

To recap:

The area of interest above is after November 4th when everyone could begin to submit apps to the Marketplace. Whereas it took three weeks to gain one thousand more apps, this time around they did it in two. Although it would not be a surprise to see it slow down a bit with the holidays, we'll be watching to see how fast the Marketplace continues to overall grow. One thing is for sure, WP7 development doesn't seem so far to be a passing fad.

And to put this all in perspective, at last count WebOS had a total of 5,000 apps back in September, a platform that has been around for 18 months already.

Source: @WP7AppList