Windows Phone 7 plays nice at airports

The latest Windows Phone ad from Microsoft showcases BING, voice commands, and those pesky moving walkways at airports.

While the ad pokes fun at anyone who has tripped on the moving walkways, it highlights the convenience of Windows Phone 7 nicely. Just a few button pushes, a voice command and BING jumps into action without tripping you up.

Source: YouTube thanks goes out to Just Visiting for the tip.

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • Anyone else want the generic device they are using in all these new commercials? I like it!
  • I dunno if it's generic actually, it sorta looks like that leaked/rumored Asus WP7 device.
  • It also looks like the HTC HD7. I own one of them, and they share a great deal of resemblance.
  • sheesh the Omnia 7 should have been Americas flagship WP7 device, not the focus. I want something like what she's holding...arrgghhh!!!
  • Yeah, the Omnia 7 really should have been released in North America, with the SD card support of the Focus. I really wish Microsoft (or a partner) would release the phone used in these commercials. It's hard corners look so much better then some of the phones available. I'll stick with my Focus, but I'd drop it in a second if something like this was release.
  • the only problem with search on wp7 is bing. i wasnt really against it until i have now had a wp7 (focus) for 3 weeks. and so far all i have to say about the "bing" aspect of it, is that its total crap. bing never finds anything im looking for, either the pizza place down the street, or the website im looking for. Its especially annoying with maps. I have a blackberry for work and i use google maps on that, and bing maps on the focus; the bing maps is great except for the fact it cant find crap. for example, drive through a city area and search for "gas" on both phones; gmaps on bb gave me like 3x the results. ... it would be nice to change all these searches to go through google.
  • Funny how your the only one who's said they don't like Bing on WP7. All this time and this is the first post on any site I've seen. Other people get a WP7 from some carrier who's changed the browser search to something like Yahoo and want to change it back to Bing. I stopped using Google for my day to day searching long ago, guess It's just me.
  • I actually love how bing works on my HD7. It's been surprisingly accurate when finding things that are near me, so I have absolutely no complaints here. And this is coming from a person who has relied on google maps and google search for a long time! Even if bing wasn't able to find everything that you were looking for, it's quite outrageous to say it's crap! It may not be your favorite, but it is by no means crap. Bing is actually very good on WP7.
  • The only problem with this suggestion is that Microsoft wont (or shouldn't) allow a competitive search engine be used on their product. Bing isn't that bad at all and the maps show everything I search for with slightly more accuracy than Google Maps. I remember searching for the Apple store at Regent street on Google Maps and it being slightly off, which isn't a big deal apart from when you're coming out an over-crowded underground station with hundreds of people. I quite like Bing so far and haven't really used it until I made the switch to WP7. The little information boxes on the generated image is a nice touch also.
  • Really cenkaetaya? Sorry Bing hasn't worked for you. You may want to report any Bing issues here: Perhaps Microsoft can address and offer solutions to improve your Bing experience.
  • BING SUX... I dont know how MS could mess up a search engine but they did it
  • I'll have to respectfully disagree with you on that.
  • i also respectfully disagree with you i think bing is great!
  • lol, well i guess im just having bad luck cuz i gota use my blackberry just to search/call the new pizza place down the street :/
  • Great commercial. Nice to see them hitting their stride. I know the eventual move from concept to features is normal but I still feel like the "big picture" ads were lacking, so this commercial is a nice change of pace.