Windows Phone 7 released to manufacturing

Let it begin. Windows Phone 7 has officially been released to manufacturers in its final state. With a month or two remaining before devices are supposed to be launching, we'd say it’s about time. The good news is that Microsoft has been testing 7 unlike any of its previous mobile platforms (which makes you wonder what they were doing before). Using a variety of automated tests as well as independent software vendors and a select few early adopters, Microsoft has racked up millions of hours of testing, they say.

Additionally, Microsoft's Windows Phone team is announcing that the RTM contains some additional functionality that alleviates some of the complaints that we’ve seen from some of the media outlets that got their hands on earlier builds. The big news is that the People hub will only integrate those Facebook contacts that are actually people you know; protecting those of us (ok, not me) that have thousands of Facebook friends. Also, the ability to "like" Facebook posts is now available from the People hub.

Before you ask; they didn’t mention anything about Multitasking, Copy/Paste, or Twitter integration. Hit up the Windows Phone Blog for their testing numbers.

Daniel Rubino

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  • Great news! Next up, devices you can actually buy. I'm hoping they give the community a feel for when they might issue the first significant update after launch. Maybe 4 months after? Once it matures, they probably can revert to two updates a year.
  • 4 months would be good for big updates, like 7.1 etc. 6 months would be pushing it a bit I'd say. Smaller updates/tweaks shouldn't take long though, 2 months maybe? I'd much rather they just push out updates when they're ready instead of trying to get a few of them together and send them all out in one big push.
  • Yeah i've been thinking quarterly updates would be a great update schedule myself. Of course critical updates, including those that fix hacks which unlock/jailbreak/root the device, will be pushed out much sooner. i'd really like to get more information on whether or not they'll follow the typical Windows behavior of allowing updates to be installed later, or the webOS behavior of giving the user a set amount of time to choose to update before applying the update anyways. i'm guessing the latter.
  • Exciting times!
  • Great, WP7 is on its way! Hoping there is some new exiting WP7 phones revealed at the HTC event on 15. September...something that maybe can even steer me away from the Dell Lightning
  • Totally agree that this is great news, HTC does need to step it up though. I can't wait for WP7, since my Fuze is getting way to close to failing on me.
  • Microsoft Windows Phone team announced that the RTM includes additional functionality that addresses some of the complaints we've seen some media have seized on earlier versions. The big news is that only those hub integrate these contacts Facebook. translation services
  • YES...YES....YES !!!!
  • Come on, what's that with copy/paste? Who would've ever though of removing that feature? In other words - in not implementing it?
    Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V are the single most frequent keyboard shortcuts I use on my PC. I can't imagine Microsoft comes up with a way to eliminate those painlessly.
    Btw: Yay to Phone7!
  • Microsoft Windows Phone Equipment is pleased to announce that RTM contains additional functionality that reduces some of the complaints we have seen some media got their hands on the first buildings. London Escort Agencies