Windows Phone 7.8 Update right around the corner?

An interesting tweet from Nokia USA is suggesting that the Windows Phone 7.8 update will be rolling out in the coming weeks. Now we've seen Nokia have short turn arounds with past updates (the connectivity issues) but that mainly dealt with in-house issues.

The Windows Phone 7.8 update is a little different in that it is coming from Microsoft and has more cooks in the kitchen so to speak. We also don't know what changes the 7.8 updates will have beyond the Start Screen modifications.

While we like the customization features Windows Phone 7.8 brings to the table, we're going to be a little skeptical on the "coming weeks" time frame.

Who knows, is it too far of a stretch to think the Tango update could become the Windows Phone 7.8 update?  

Update - Looks like Nokia may have got their messages a bit mixed up. They Tweeted to us a clarification on the whole update:

"The update coming to Lumia owners in the coming weeks will bring Wi-Fi sharing and flip-to-silence. Start screen update is TBD."

Thanks, Alexander, for the tip!