New Windows Phone 8 ad campaign set to air tonight on TV

The other day we mentioned how the Windows Phone team was preparing the first wave of an ad campaign, with the slogan of Windows Phone being "reinvented around you". To jog your memory, the two videos we've seen so far feature Gwen Stefani and Jessica Alba. We've just received word that those videos will begin airing tonight in the U.S. with new ones featuring Andy Samberg and Cam Newton coming in later weeks.

You can also look for additional ads to start appearing in the UK, France and Germany. What's interesting, is that Microsoft will take a local approach to those markets and use relevant celebrities and apps to highlight the platform.

In addition to television spots, the company is planning a myriad of marketing options:

"There are digital components spanning integration with top sites and social media, custom TV spots, out of home and print featuring some more ordinary and extraordinary personalities. In partnership with carriers and OEMs, we are training all of their RSPs and providing in store challenges that will put Windows Phone head to head with the competition while shining a brighter light on the OS than we have in the past."

Maybe we'll see a return of something like the guerilla marketing of "Smoked by Windows Phone", which to me was a great way of getting actual handsets into consumers hands while highlighting the strengths of the platform.  

So far this seems like a good start to marketing Windows Phone, we'll be able to see by January how effective it is. Oh yeah, we've also heard to look out for a Jay-Z television spot as well, maybe with the phrase "I got 99 problems but a static tile ain't one".

Sam Sabri