Celebrity advertisements for Windows Phone 8 go live on YouTube

Marketing, it's always been hit or miss with Windows Phone over the past two years with not any in particular sticking. Things might be a little different this time around with Microsoft picking up a couple of big celebrities to pimp the platform. 

We now can get a taste of what those ads will be like, with videos for Gwen Stefani and Jessica Alba going live on the Windows Phone YouTube page. First impressions? Positive, mostly because these ads showcase the operating system and how it relates to the individual. The video with Jessica highlights Kids Corner, a handy feature that most consumers with kids would appreciate. You can watch it below. 

Up next is the video with Gwen Stefani, which doesn't highlight a particular feature of the platform but instead aims for the 'personaliztion' angle and how live tiles are unique to her life. That falls into the overall ad campaign of how Windows Phone has been "Reinvented Around You". Check it out below. 

Overall, I'd say this is a good start the campaign. The combination of likeable celebrities, highlighting platform features, and how each Windows Phone is unique to the users is a strong message and hopefully will resonate with the public. We'll update the post when we see the video with Jay-Z as well. 

What do you guys think of the new ads? Would you do anything different? 

Source: YouTube (1), YouTube (2)

Sam Sabri