Windows Phone 8 and media file synchronisation

Windows Phone 8 syncs in a whole new way to what we saw with Windows Phone 7. No longer does it work with the Zune desktop software client, instead it has a new client and drag and drop functionality.

Turns out the new way of synchronising files obviates the need to convert common video files, in many cases you can just drag and drop your films right onto your phone and they just play. Sound good?, read on to find out more.

With Windows Phone 7 the Zune client would get to work converting heavy video files for use on your Windows Phone. It worked pretty well but if you were in a hurry then you’d be out of luck as the act of converting video is time consuming. If you were unlucky enough to have a low-end machine then it would take a long time indeed.

With Windows Phone 8 the device presents itself to the operating system as a removable device, just like when you plug in a camera or a memory stick. You also can download and use software that Microsoft currently has available. As Windows 8 comes with the new touch screen interface and Microsoft Store you can get the Metro style client along with a standard desktop application for the normal Windows desktop. Yes, there is even an Apple Mac client - Windows Phone Connector.

Different Clients

The Metro style app for Windows 8 is actually nice to look at but doesn’t pack a whole lot of options, but that can be a positive as it's super simple to get started with.

The Desktop Version of the client has a few more options but as this is still effectively in Beta there’s not too much going on here either. Fans of detailed list views for synchronising will be pleased by how much info in available on this version.

Neither version in testing seemed to register local video files I have in my videos library, I’m going to put that down to early versions of the software. And it’s not so much of a worry as you’ll see next.

Windows Phone as a removable device

This is where things get even more interesting, if you want to dispense with the syncing through fancy graphical interfaces completely this is where to head. The device presents folders for the main media types, videos, music, podcasts, documents, pictures and ringtones.

Drag and Drop those videos tested

In my testing, I tried a number of different video types I had to hand, amongst those I tested were:

  • XVID  MPEG 4 – layer 3 audio: Yes
  • XVID  MPEG-4 AC3: No (but asked to convert, took 45mins, worked perfectly, WMV file)
  • M4V:  Yes
  • DIVX  MPEG-4 Layer 3 MPEG AUDIO: Yes
  • MKV:  No
  • WTV:  No

There has been some question as to what would happen with files when they are dragged and dropped over onto Windows Phone 8. We detailed at the time when we first came across the leaked SDK of Windows Phone 8 that there would be the ability for apps to associate themselves with certain file types you had on the device.

Just like in the normal version of Windows, like Windows 8 on the desktop, if you have a file there and it doesn’t have an application associated with it, Windows might help you find one on the internet. Same thing will happen in Windows Phone 8. If we drop something like the same behaviour, for instance, when I drop .PDF documents into the documents directory on the phone when I navigate to the Office Hub I can see the file but when I click on it I get the prompt to find an app that can open it.

Some files the OS understands and others it will offer to convert, I found that .m4a and .wav will bring up a prompt to convert before putting it into the music directory.

Now that storage is an option and that storage can be accessed by apps there should be no reason why we cannot start seeing all sorts of apps get created to facilitate opening all sorts of currently non OS friendly types.

When we learned of Windows Phone 8’s new abilities in this area we thought it would be huge, even though it wasn’t a shock and awe consumer feature. Tt shows how important the underlying platform upgrade will affect future apps and how we use the phone.

So in short: You can drag and drop any file type over.

You can copy .exe over to device, it will just stay there and you can then use your device like a fancy USB drive.

Some files will get a prompt to convert when you pull it over. Two I have tested are



These are converted to WMA files on the drag and drop process.

Whilst it looks like that some files will not play right off a great many do, the sticking point seems to be files that have AC3 audio. Early testing with Windows Phone 8 and the syncing clients is already turning up some interesting tidbits so be sure to stay tuned as we get delve further over the coming days.

Grab the beta desktop client for Windows 7 and Windows 8 here

Grab the touch friendly WinRT version here (opens in new tab)

Robert Brand
  • Hey, what about JPG, PNG, GIF or BMP support ?
    Does it supports WMA Lossless or WMA Pro?
    3GP support is there?
  • Check this: RB
  • ^ This.  Also can any files be stored even if they can't be opened.  Say, .exe, .zip, .txt. etc.  Would be nice to have ability to store files to the phone just like a USB drive.
  • i hope we can store any file type. Not going to be happy if we cant
  • If it acts like a mass storage device then you should be able to. It might warn if the file type could potentially harm the phone.
  • I suppose it'd be nice if you want to use it as a universal flash drive, because otherwise I'm not quite sure why it's so important to store files like ZIP and EXE if you can't do anything with them.
  • How do podcast subscriptions work?
  • no subs in the client software (as yet) so subscriptions can be done on another media client and imported or you can (if your in the US) do it from the marketplace like normal... RB
  • Normally, I always do it through Zune. So if Zune doesn't work on wp8, how do I manage my podcast subscriptions?
  • yes, same here, you can still use Zune for the podcast subs then pull them into Windows Phone with the new client, it just wont all be in one neat place. The advantage is simplicity but also for users like yourself and myself it  could mean more work to do the same thing. This situation may change but at the moment this is what we have to deal with. RB
  • "The advantage is simplicity"
    I can't help but feel that is a massive cop out. Having a checkbox that says 'sync podcasts' would not harm simplicity
  • Does this mean I can take any MP3 on my computer that I have tagged as "Podcast" in the genre field, copy it to the Podcast folder on a WP8 device, and it will show up in the Podcast section on the phone? Mind you, these are not custom feed URLs, these are just MP3 files on my computer that I made myself.
  • Also remember that you can subscribe to podcasts and download then directly from your phone.
  • Only in the US - No sign that is ever going to change. RB
  • um ... that functionality, while present, is SPOTTY at BEST ... matter of fact, it's probably the clunkiest podcast subscription process i've seen ... and i've seen a lot ...
    the best i've seen by far is doggcatcher on android (bleh), the zune experience with wireless sync is the next best solution and even that doesn't allow same day listening unless you work at home or have access to certain URLs at work and can setup your work computer to do zune.
  • Need the ability to play .mkv files. It's just too much trouble trying to extract the .avi or whatever video format is inside that container.
  • Really? MKV's on a phone? Im going to presume its due to size/overhead for the device. RB
  • Really?  You write an article talking about the inconvenience of converting files from another format before transferring them to your phone, and then you're questioning that someone wants to take another format and have it work on their phone?  
    (There's supposed to be a wink after that that's not showing up for some reason.)
  • I really want mkv format support.  I would prefer it to be native, but if it is 3rd party with a great interface and smooth access/playback I'm all for it.  Damn it, I may have to become a developer!!!!!
  • The phones have support for most codexcs, just rename the MKV to AVI and put it on your phone
  • Maybe a future app like VLC
  • Definitely there's no problem to make an app that can play MKV.
  • How about just stream that stuff to an app like Qloud?
  • When will a mobile device finally support MKV, that would be the greatest day ever
  • When it will stop being used mostly for pirating BluRay movies?
  • dude!!! ANIME!!!! mkv support is indispensable !!! waiting out VLC for WP8
  • Is the the exceptional video format's fault? I would like to have an entire high quality movie taking only 700 mb on my phone.
    If they came out with a format that could fit a BluRay movie in only 100 mb of space, we shouldn't use it because obviously the pirates would love that format?
  • MKV isn't a video format, it's a container format.  MKV uses h.264 (or the open source implementation, x264) encoding.  The real reason it's far superior is because you can use multiple tracks of any kind (including director's commentary or subtitles or anything) and have them all within the format.  MP4 is what is generally the norm for devices (and also uses h.264 video), but that format doesn't support Dolby Digital or DTS formats, which means you have to transcode the audio to AAC to put it in MP4.
    Some might argue why would anyone need that on a phone (or even a tablet like the Surface RT), but it's like the article says: why re-encode if you don't have to?
  • I think this is the key reason. Most companies understand that MKV is being used for pirating. There are other formats that can be used equally well for straight video but MKV is needed to the Blu-ray subtitles and audio codecs. It similar to .cbr and .cbz files being used for comic books. They are basically just zip files, and took awhile before other devices supported them natively.
  •  Plenty of reasons to want subtitles other than pirating, like watching foreign movies.  And same for high-resolution audio.
  • Say what you will, but the video enthusiast community does not care too much about what the industry lobbyists do, but just jump on the best solution there is. And mkv is just what they ended up with. It's a fact that it is superior to the widely supported avi containter. Just because pirates use it does not make it a bad container.
    Or should we all stop using DVD and bluray burners because pirates use them? And let's go back to the phone and books and everything, because the internet is used by pirates.
  • I saw my friend playing 720p MKVs on his Galaxy S III - no transcoding needed.  It was amazing.  Using a particular third party media player app, he was even able to get soft subs to display properly, but I think the default player handled MKV fine with no subtitles.
    So the answer to your question is... it happened a while ago.
  • There is certainly space for 3rd parties to create apps that can do this in WP8... all is not lost, but really... MKVs on a phone? Come on! RB :)
  • but you have to admit its convenient!!! all the anime that i watch is in mkv format. I dream about the day when i can put in my anime collection!!
  • Why not convert your anime over to avi with xvid? Watching cel animation in HD is okay but trying to find the perfect mobile platform to make it work is troublesome. I just convert all of my anime over to avi which I know is played by most devices. Format Factory is your friend.
  • I used to do that. convert using xvid. But I tasted 1080p videos which are really big sometimes. and i watch loads of anime which means loads to convert!!
    thanks for your advice though. I will try Format factory to convert some of the good stuff that i would like to carry like Onepiece or durarara!! :)
    PS- this is the second time you have mentioned anime. If you're on MAL, add me up!!
    username- shadeslayer. :)
  • Sure, I think it would be great to have maximum amount of in built supportable file formats but the reality is MS cant support all of them. My hope is that now WP8 is now upgradable without carrier intervention we'll see many features that are common with Windows 8 etc come to the platform. Saying that, Id much rather have full on podcast support (from the Microsoft Store/Xbox Store) built into the handset and available to the world rather than this geo fencing that currently exists. RB
  • Unfortunately, I'm not on MAL, however I'm like you, going through and converting One Piece and now Gintama. Format Factory is completely free and quite powerful. It's indispensable for someone like me who watches her anime in Japanese with subs.
  • I hear ya. the whole point of anime is Jap audio!! :)
    I hope VLC comes through!!
    Btw, This limitation of WP made me start reading Manga using Manga reader !! Funny how things work out for the better!! ^_^
  • Lol I know right. :D
  • Nice, I've found two soulmates here xD
    Does it convert to hardsub or are the subs still softsub after conversion?
    I really need softsub, cause I have some series where I muxed subtitles of more than one fansub group into one video. avi is not exactly known for good subtitle handling... And if it doesn't work at least I still have crunchyroll...
  • You can convert mkv to avi with a MKVtoVOB program. Takes like 2 minutes to mux.
    Been doing it for years for media center on xbox.
  • i can only say this much i got sooo much anime and i would hate to have to convert all of it just for my phone when all my other devices can play them just fine, my SmartTV plays my MKV with subs, my VLC player on all my PC's work just grate to watch anime on whatever device im on, but when i want it on the go i have to use something like VLC player for phone which dosent support subs so i only use it for movies, or load up crunchyroll on my slow ass Sprint connection which i dont really mind still bearable in my area (buffers about 3 times for an episode) but crunchyroll selection of anime sucks and dont always have what i want to watch... plz someone just give me a VLC like player who can playback my MKVs so i dont have to waist an entire day converting just one 12episode season just for my DAM PHONE
  • Isn't that the damn truth.  Core is seriously keeping the licensing of the .mkv container close to the vest and it's really annoying.  Last I heard they charge a lot to have native access to the container which is why it fell off at the end of Windows Mobile.  
  • Uh, no.  MKV is entirely open-source.  There is no group who licenses it out.
  • I see Lumia 920 in the corner. Me gustsa! :)
  • I have spent HOURS organizing and making sure my music is tidy, named, and has album covers etc. You're telling me this amazing piece of software known as Zune [client] is just going away? I'd better be able to do all this with this new desktop application. This could be a losing point for me to not go with WP8... Same reason why I'm not upgrading to W8 (horrible without a touch-based interface).
  • I hope not... I'm still using Zune 4.8 on Windows 8 because the Xbox Music app is just terrible, so until there's a desktop-style alternative, I'm sticking with Zune for as long as it still works.
  • Use and sync with Windows Media Player.
  • except windows media player will not pick up Zune playlists and has no support for podcasts.
  • Iam using w8 on a desktop with no touch. It's hardly horrible. It actually works better than w7. It just takes a little time to get used to the new ui. I also got a $30 Microsoft touch mouse which allows gerstures similar to the touch interface. This helps with navigation a bit. However, even with a regular mouse, navigation isn't that difficult. Just use the scroll wheel.
  • Absolutely agree with you there. I have been using W8 since it first came out for developers. Both on a Samsung Series 7 slate, touch screen laptop and non touch screen workstation at home and at the office on a domain. Loved it since day 2 - Day 1 sucked - .
  • Whether you like Win 8 or not, the new music app does suck compared to the old Zune app.
  • I disagree with you about the horrible without a touch-based interface on W8. I stay in desktop mode 99% of the time on my laptop, and it works exactly like Windows 7 today... including my use of Zune. :) I'm sure your album art and stuff will probably transfer just fine... maybe mild amount of tinkering at most.
  • seems like a step in the right direction
  • Old news. First, Joe told everyone about this in his video. Also, this has been on wmpoweruser for like 2 days.
  • Hi there unstoppablekem, thanks for reading! Regardless of if this is "news" or it is known or its been on another site, we have tested it and shared our results. We are not just a news site, we investigate things, we try things, we learn by this. Not just assimilating information from press release and other blogs. RB
  • Kk. I understand. I didn't say I don't love WPCentral. :-)
  • That seemed passive-aggressive...
  • Very...
  • LOL so true.
  • Could you test these-zip,smi-files can be moved?
  • What would you like me to test? Give me an example. You mean, like open a zip? 
  • Can we store zip files exe files ECT? Even if the phone can't open them, itd be nice to be able to store different file types on the phone like a USB storage
  •   You can drag and drop any file type over. ZIP File = fine, when you try and open it from the device there won’t be any app associated with it, gives option to find one in the Store. You can copy .exe over to device, it will just stay there and you can then use your device like a fancy USB drive. Some files will get a prompt to convert when you pull it over. Two I have tested are .WAV .M4A These are converted to WMA files on the drag and drop process.
  • When you says you try to open the zip file it says there isn't an app associated.  Where do you see the file on the phone to try and open it?
  • Very good question. WP has no file manager, so If I were to guess, it probably would be stored under Documents in Office.
  • Opening a zip file can be done in third party apps?
  • The provision is there in WP8 to allow such behaviour. We said this would be a big step forward when we reported this back when the SDK first leaked. Potential for change is massive! RB
  • Any chance those digital copies that come with blu-ray movies these days will work on WP8?  It was always kind of annoying that I wasn't able to just transfer it to my Focus.
  • 2nd.  I'd love to have an answer to this question.
  • What is the format of the digital copies? Give me some more information and I'll check for you. RB
  • I'm not 100% sure.  I believe that it has less to do with formats and more to do with DRM.  A lot of the time digital copies are ina standard MP4 style format, and you can play them through Itunes(gross) and Windows Media Player.  But you could never open or play in the Zune software.  If you tried, you would get a lovely error message.  It seems that the only way you could really test it would be to get a hold of a DVD or Blu-Ray with a digital copy and see if it imports into the syncing software.
  • Having the phone show up as a removable device with no software needed is AWESOME.  This is how it should've worked in the first place.  Wow.  This is some serious improvement on WP7.  And no more ridiculous hoops to jump through to put a ringtone on the phone...
    Does the phone show up ok as a removable device on Windows 7, or do you need Windows 8?
  • According to MS it works on any windows going back to XP. It's actually the only way to do it on XP as the sync client isn't compatible.
  • Thanks.  That's good news.
  • I have to say this feels like a giant step back. I haven't had the chance yo upgrade my PC to W8 so maybe it will be a different experience. I too have spent a lot of time organizing my music and was sar to see that all of logic from Zune didn't carry over. I have an 8x and the fiance has a L900. Her syncing experience is better right now. Even ringtone syncing is awful. Not to mention that the beta desktop client scans media like a snail. Lastly, where is the Xbox music integration?
  • The XBox music app is bewilderingly awful, especially coming from Zune. While drag and drop is nice for those who want it, I'm really disappointed with the new sync situation with WP8. I really like the Zune client, all my stuff is there and it's super easy to manage what I want on my phone. I don't get why they went and made it so clunky with WP8.
  • I whole heartedly agree. I'm am having issues with Zune pass music getting on the 8x. Also, I didn't know that if I have a music pass and I have an Xbox live family gold pack that only one member can have access to the pass. You can't have different music passes? Seems odd. Its one of those be careful what you wish for. You dont know what you're going to get.
  • Can you confirm whether the desktop syncing app picks up your existing Zune playlists? On the site they only make mention of iTunes playlists. I tried to test it but the app won't do anything until you've connected a device.
  • FFS, can you now sync the movies you bought on iTunes and put it on your windows phone???
  • There are no updates for the WP7 connector for Mac. Will be there another update, or will we get our own Metro-styled WP8 connector?
  • I'm wondering if you could do this same test but with audio conversions.  And maybe list supported audio formats.  My entire collection is in WMA Lossless and its such a pain to have to convert every song as it syncs to my WP7.5 device.  I'm hoping WP8 supports lossless audio!
  • Where is the desktop client? In the store I only found the Metro one.
  • Try here
  • Got it! Thank you.
  • Off topic (slightly). Is there is a folder for custom ringtones and have they added support for custom alerts yet?
  • In the new client there is a section for ringtones however its your entire library.
  • Thank you, im tired of this BS syncing stuff.  It would screw up my arrangements on the phone through zune. 
    I hated itunes, zune syncing although zune was easier to me. 
    Glad drag and drop is back. 
  • + 100000000000000000000
  • Now all we need is the VLC Player to give us MKV support
  • I hope that the iTunes syncing that Joe Belfiore talked about works as well as advertised. I know my ID3 tags are right, but Xbox Music on Windows 8 totally borks reading them. Xbox Music is just awful; even music ripped with WMP occasionally gets identified wrong in it.
  • Even music purchased through Zune can get borked. It's ridiculous.
  • That's just embarassing.
  • Right click, "Match Album Info."  Fixed.
  • Not when the album is no longer available in the store. I don't know why it can't just read the metadata and use that, store be damned.
  • Welcome to 2003, WP! Don't get me wrong - I'm certainly happy this has come back. It just pissed me off that WP7 didn't have this basic functionality that WM has had forever.
  • What I'm rather interested in is whether it supports digital copies of dvd's and blu-rays.  I know you have a lot of requests bu any way you could check that out for us?
  • I sync predominantly through the use of playlists and smartplaylists via Zune. I have a large music collection that I have spent YEARS organizing and am going to be royally pissed if there isn't an equivalent music app in WP8. Honestly, with so much stuff that MS gets right it really feels like they just drop the ball on other stuff. Why would they think people WOULDN'T want a similar tool to Zune in WP8? And if XBox Music is it, then for Gods sake, make sure it's robust enough at platform release date for people to use it.
  • This.
  • I am very happy about this. This means we will be able to use other tools to sync music, movies or books. 
  • What about USB On-The-Go?
  • Kind of disappointing to see they still don't support mkv files. It's not going to change my mind on getting the lumia at all, just disappointing. Windows. 8 is looking better and better everyday compared to my gs3.
  • My phone company sends me an email whenever a vm is left for me at home. So i tried to play it on my 920 and i get the message "Sorry, we cant play this file on your phone"... its a .wav file.
    Any ideas???
  • A lot of vm systems have some odd audio code a. Not much you can do im afraid. Apart from changing the codec on your VM system
  • Yeah I have an idea.  Try creating a simple WAV file and then email it to yourself and see if you can play it.  If you can't, then it just doesn't support WAV files.  If you can, then it doesn't support whatever kind of screwy WAV file your phone company is sending.  (It may be compressed, which is unusual for WAV, but it's fairly criminal to send an uncompressed WAV file via email...)
  • This.
  • It would be interesting to know if WP7.8 will enable current devices to use these new clients. I'm fine with no being able to use my Titan II as removable storage, but I'd rather use the new clients than Zune.
  • You should read the pocketnow review, the new clients are a huge step back.
  • Can you link me? I can't seem to find the article you're talking about. I personally would rather use the new clients because I don't sync music and Zune can be heavy and slow. Seems like the new clients are lightweight and I can plug in and get my pictures off of my phone much faster.
  • Well, if that's all you're after then you should be fine, as long as you leave the sync client running so it doesn't have to scan your entire library again, something it does every time it's started up. My pics get pulled off my phone really fast and automatically right now with Zune though.
    Anyway, here's the link. Look toward the bottome of the review for the desktop client part.
  • This is my number 1 feature and is the thing I miss from android.
  • I know its early but I'm a lil confused. I will be getting a Lumina 920 (upgrading from a Focus) and my wife currently has a 900. I'm currently running Vista and using Zune software to sync both phones. I'm wanting to upgrade to W8. So my question is how do I sync both phones on W8 or on Vista? I thought I read new client is only for W7 & W8. Does new client work for WP7? If not can I get Zune client on W8? If I stay with Vista can I use the new client?
    Sorry if I'm confusing anyone but I haven't read any articles that explains how to do what I'm going to need to do.
  • You can use Zune on W8 just fine, I'm using it that way right now.
  • Thanks.
  • well since they now allow programming with C and C++ it will be a matter of time before VLC and other great mp3 players such as the winamp will become available to windows too!
    So no fret guys don't think codec support is going to be a big deal! 
  • So a question for those of us who will have a WP8 & Wp7 & Zune devices all at once. Will Zune Pass music sync to a WP8 or do I have to redownload anything I want to listen to on my new phone? Am I going to have to keep two versions of any pass music I want to listen to on multiple devices?
  • I am having issues right trying to get it to work. So far no it will not.
  • QUESTION: Does WP8 expose the device as a standard USB drive to non-Windows devices?
    For example, my car's factory audio system can read audio files (MP3, MP4A, WMA, even WMA Lossless!) directly from a USB stick.
    If I plug a WP8 device into the USB port of my car will the car see it as a FAT32 USB device and be able to read the files?
  • That's a great question, but I would speculate that it won't. I think WP8 is using the same ReFS file system (I know, redundant) as Win8. So unless your car can traverse ReFS you may be out of luck.
  • ReFS is only officially supported on Windows 8 Server right now, not other versions of Windows 8.
    Also, someone said the phone works as a removable storage device on XP, so if that's correct then they're probably exposing the filesystem as FAT32 same as always.
  • I am getting the Nokia Lumia 920, how would I go about syncing outlook 2010 with Windows 8 and the Nokia Lumia ? anyone have any suggestions ? 
  • Unless you arent using Office 365,,, or you cant.
    In order to get them to sync you must use a cloud based email service. It's not like a blackberry... pluggin in a USB cord and using the software to sync.
  • For work I use Outlook 2010, I want it to sync with my email account,  the old days there was Nokia Suite very simple to use, HTC has a sync software, Samsung has KIES , it would be nice if Nokia brought back Nokia Suite. 
  • Nokia PC Suite was awesome. Bluetooth connection to the phone. Receive and send text messages through bluetooth right from your computer. Plus they had the full drag and drop ability, not to mention sync without a cloud - either over USB or over Bluetooth.
    I was busy doing this with my museum model Nokia, and had a colleauge using a brand flashing new Samsung S3 in awe.
    Please, please Nokia, create the equivalent of PC Suite for the 920!
  • Isn't this what the Microsoft Lync software is for?
  • No, Lync is an IM client. What I am talking about is software that runs on your PC and lets you work with your phone via a bluetooth connection or USB connection. So the ability to edit a contact, or send a Text/SMS message or receive one. Manage the files on the phone, or the calendar on the phone etc.
    Also Lync is an enterprise solution. Nokia PC Suite is a free piece of software for individuals to use.
  • What about wireless sync? I loved the fact that if I charged my phone somewhere in the house, that my pic/vids/podcasts were all synced via Zune. When I get a wireless charging device like the 920, it would be a shame if I have to plug a cable into it. Except for updates that is.
  • It's apparently gone now. Lame. Once again courtesy of the Pocketnow review, look at the end where it says whats missing for a list of things.
  • SkyDrive for syncing?
  • This is where Xbox music is supposed to step in...this is getting a bit frustrating.
  • While not perfect, it is definitely a step in the right direction while still being secure. Very interested to see how the development changes things.
  • So then is it possible for a third party video player to be produced and released in the Windows Phone 8 marketplace? Because like 90% of my video files are MKV and it's given me no small amount of headaches that my Arrive and Focus Flash could not play them.
  • Just a second, drag and drop of m4a causes it to be converted (transcoded, ugh) to wma? Why? WP8 is supposed to handle m4a files containing AAC-LC codec audio natively...
  • Microsoft could be the king of integration if they would just make an actual effort..  How hard is it to make WP8 play your own file format Microsoft?!  Seriously, I've got a WMC7 Machine with cable card, all my and my kids TV Shows, Movies on my WHS 2011 machine and a Xbox360 in each of my kids rooms as an extender.   It's lame as hell that WP8 and Windows RT can't even play .wtv files.. 
  • May i ask one thing!!!
    what would the syncing solution for lets say the beloved ZuneHD be now???
    i mean trade music daily on my ZuneHD(dont really carry music in my phone for quality sucks), will one be able to sync music over or pictures to there Zune using this? i mean there killing the client off so it would become harder and harder after this
    which give me an idea i think i should keep a copy of the exe on my phone and external for future refrences 
  • Link for desktop client is broken. Here is the correct link: