Windows Phone 8.1, released yesterday through the Preview for Developer program, sure has a lot of new features. We tried to document most, if not all, of those in our colossal review/overview of the OS, but as suspected some items will fall through the cracks.

Reader of the site Nicholas M. brought to our attention that 8.1 not only has independent volume levels for Ringer + Notifications versus Media + Apps, but also a separate volume slider for headphones. We looked into the finding and also discovered that there’s a fourth volume slider, one for Bluetooth.

If you were to plug in headphones into your 8.1 device and hit the volume key, you’ll be presented with the familiar volume control display but it now should read ‘Headphones’ near the top. That volume can then be set, and the device will remember it for the next time you plug in your ear cans.

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Likewise for Bluetooth, which will show that particular connection near the top. It too has its own setting for volume, and like headphones, it will be remembered later when re-connected. Both Headphones and Bluetooth are independent of Ringer + Notifications versus Media + Apps, giving users technically four selections for volume.

We’re guessing those new features should make many of you even happier with Windows Phone 8.1, as it really makes things easier in our increasingly ‘connected’ world. Sound off in comments how you’ll make the best of this feature!

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