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Windows Phone 8.1 owners who upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile will still be able to downgrade

Lumia 930
Lumia 930 (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft began rolling out the Windows 10 Mobile over-the-air update to selected Windows Phone 8.1 devices in March. However, if those folks that do receive the update decide that Windows 10 Mobile is not for them, they will continue to have the option to downgrade back to Windows Phone 8.1.

Jason, a member of the Windows Insider Engineering team, offered up this news via his Twitter account (via MSPoweruser):

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This is good news for people who might encounters bugs and other issues with Windows 10 Mobile, or if they just like Windows Phone 8.1 better. Jason also confirmed that there are currently no plans to offer Windows 10 Mobile images via the Windows Phone Recovery Tool.

  • Useful... Not.. Didn't think windows 8.1 phones were compatible with 10 or does it mean native 8.1 not those upgraded from 8.0
  • Did you read the article? Phones that can be upgraded to 10 and have can roll back
  • WP8 meaning 8.1
  • not going to "upgrade" my 1520. Going to wait for the new Nokia phones.. I have a 1520 for spare parts i installed wpx on and that is removed again. It ****** up my original nokia firmware and installed some Italian crap instead of the Finnish one I had on it originally.
  • Yeah, I had a NOKIA Lumia 1520, then I've fuked it up. And now I have another new piece of an Awesome NOKIA Lumia 1520.
    The 950XL didn't really catch my attention
  • I have a Nokia 1520 running w10m and it's been fantastic not a single problem so far...touch wood it's like I have a totally new phone...
  • There's not going to be any new Nokia's. They're now called Microsoft!
  • Sorry buddy but Nokia is set to launch a device in twu versions with preinstalled windows 10 or android marshmallow.
  • And changing your post makes it look worse
  • If MS is giving the option to roll back to 8.1,then why not let all users update to windows 10 and let them decide whether their phone is good or not?
  • MS: "We know that you already have a stable OS and the new one is not ready, so we will not do the wrong thing this time :)"
  • Theny can never please some of you guys. If they don`t do it some one will complain, if they do it, some one else will complain .... 
  • W10 mobile is not completed.. Keep that thing in mind... I say it has much much more potential than wp8.1 ... I see new feature coming with every new update... Recently updated my poeple app win 10 m.. Got some UI cleanness and looks now good... Just wait sometime guys.. Win10 will be better.. :)
  • "Just wait sometime guys"
  • Just wait sometime bro..!!! :p
  • Funny how the trolls downvote you for this one, when they KNOW it's true. Every year it's the same bullshit with Microsoft: "Just wait, we swear it'll be AMAZEBALLS!" The funny thing is that sometimes they're right, and it *is* amazeballs. And when it is, you may rest assured that they will remove the best features and deliver a slipshod, half-built version next, then start the cycle of "just wait!" all over again.
  • I see this constantly posted here... that it's not "complete". I use it everyday on my 950 and don't find much to complain about. A bug here and there. Is there a list somewhere if all the stuff that's supposed to be missing? Maybe I'm just not using the areas that are troublesome?
  • Agreed, would love to know how it's "not complete." I been using it since the Beta days, and back than, it needed work. Heck, i admit the first release build needed work, but the newest official build is complete and the Insider build have been awesome. Being they are still Beta technically, there's been a couple bugs that havecome and gone with them, but I'm already running what is basically redstone on my Tablet, desktop, and Lumia 950XL everyday. That desktop is a 3 way SLI GTX 980 gaming PC btw with a 5 SSD RAID 0 and I have no complaints nor do I even ever think of downgrading. Just the other day, my roommate asked me to do something on her Lumia 640 and seeing WP8.1 for the first time in 6+ months just reminded of the night and day experience of W10M. If feels like a real desktop OS, where WP8 feels like a mobile OS.
  • All depends on the sata controller & what the OEM has done to it. For an older controller to work
  • All they had to do was deliver a Windows 10 Mobile that was at least as good as 8.1. They failed.
  • Upgrade to w10m, stay 8.1, up to you. Complain or not, doesnt matter, I just wanna read your comment ;)
  • I would like them to keep an upgrade part for the x2x series phones to W10M even if that means no Redstone.
  • Yes, I hope they'd do that. My 925 is feeling left out.
  • Your 925 can get 10586 builds through the Insider app.
  • Eventually the Redstone build will hit production and there won't be 10586 available for those phones even using Windows Insider. If the phone doesn't start to behave bad then it won't be necesary to flash it, but if it does then we are done.
  • Not necessarily. Images are available per device model, not per OS version. That's why the 1GB version of the Lumia 635 is getting its Redstone builds delayed.
  • During the first day of the announcement Gabe mentioned that as long as Threshold2 is in production there was going to be W10M for devices in the x2x series, once that Redstone hits production it'll be over for those phones. I hope they keep the images as you say in your post, certaintly it won't hurt them.
  • The 10586 branch will stop getting cumulative updates at some point, but that doesn't affect the way builds are made available. 10586 will only be discontinued when Microsoft removes it entirely from its servers... I assume it will take quite a while. Posted from Bikini Bottom via my Shell XPS 13
  • So, all of this would apply to the 1020 too, you think?
  • Now that my 920 has been neglected, been considering the 650 for some time now. BioResearch & Games.
  • @kenzibit I just purchased a 650 for my son, got to play with it for a few hours... not sure why some people are negative on the phone... its looks great, smooth operation and responsive. Its a great phone for the price point. Yes finding a 640 for $30/usd is a steal but this phone is a overall better phone IMAO! :)
  • The processor still matters for many. I'll pick up a 640XL too.
  • @Sipneat really? Really want to replace my 920 with that phone. The design kills me. BioResearch & Games.
  • Nokia designs were awesome... I was fan of 525.. But was outdated so bought 535.. Well i even started ww3 in my house for that lumia 525.. :p
  • "NOKIA designers were awesome"
  • I agree I love my 1520 with win10m
  • @kenzibit I only got it yesterday, its on the production ring so no Redstone. Ill mess with it more... if I find something going sideways Ill post it in this reply. I'm very unbiased, JUST moved to a 950 as my DD from a iPhone 6, prior to that a Galaxy S6, so far I'm loving it. Two apps are missing, one is coming...
  • And it has oled. It's better than ips LCD right
  • WP 8.1 was really good. But I've fallen in love with W10 Mobile so there's no turning back for me.
  • ^this Greetings from The Netherlands.
  • Agree... I flashed back to 8.1 and I couldn't take it. Back on 10
  • 8.1 is definitely smooth and stable, that's the upside. The downside is that apps will, over the next few months, stop getting updates, while developers probably focus on Windows 10 apps on mobile. It's the new WP7.x
  • This is true. OTOH, windows 10 mobile marketshre is such that whatever apps make it to the other side, will not be anything you're going to be missing out on. If Win10 Mo supported APK android apps, then you're talking, but who cares about apps for win mo 10? Basically nobody because the platform has collapsed.
  • You clearly don't understand what a UWP app is, or why they are important.
    Windows 10 apps are now being built for 270+ million people....not just the few million that are using Windows 10 Mobile.
    The app gap between 8.1 and 10 will increase dramatically. It has already started.
  • This ^^^
  • That was a kernel problem... WP7.x couldn't upgrade to 8 and change to the nt kernel
  • So, does it mean Microsoft won't give people with WP8.1 phones the update without Upgrade Advisor app?
  • Theres no way im rolling back to 8.1 w10m is the best..
  • So do we (8.1-10 users) have a choice (Flash 8.1 ROM or W10M ROM) when we use WDRT once the complete W10M ROM (firmware+OS) comes out ?
  • Me no read article. So me ask question that has answer in article. :P There are no plans to make W10M roms for WP8.x devices.
  • I read the article maybe you didnt understand what I had written so I have diluted it for you in the comment below.
  • Clearly, you didn't. You can add/dilute as much as you want. The answer is already there.
  • "Jason also confirmed that there are currently no plans to offer Windows 10 Mobile images via the Windows Phone Recovery Tool." He said currently. Because currently W10M is not eligible to be a ROM as it is missing the firmware part which is about to come as an update in future to 8.1 to W10M devices. Clearly you dont have any sense about tenses .
  • You're assuming firmware is the reason they're not releasing roms through WDRT. They can release firmware OTA and still not provide W10M ROMs for older devices. See, I can pull information out of nowhere as well but that's not usually my thing.
  • It already arrived. The firmware update (for 930s at least) came out shortly before W10 was released. In the UK anyway.
  • how do you even get that from that? "currently no plans" means they have no plans at all to make w10 imagesd avialable for 8.1 devices at all, not wiating on sometihng, its jsut not in their plans, otherwise theyd state "we plan on adding support for w10 images in the enar future"
  • I have to make my statement more clear I guess. As of now the 8.1 devices which got upgraded to 10 got only the OS part.
    So them not providing W10M ROM now is understood as ROM is a complete image (OS + firmware).
    I was talking about the future when the firmware update comes and there is a full W10M ROM.
    Then will we have choices ?
  • You'll have to wait for an answer until your future vision will become true. It makes not much sense knowing it today already...
  • As I said above, not 100% true. As MS stated (somewhere), some (only some) devices needed a firmware update for W10. The L930 got this update a short while before the W10 release date for mobiles. At least, it did in the UK. If a firmware release hasn't happened for your model then in may not need one. In which case, there will probably never be one made. This may or may not impact ROM availability as they could package in the current firmware. Depends if there's the will to do so. I don't know anyone but my Father and myself who have upgraded other non-phone devices to W10 and kept it (in my case with VMs). Everyone I've spoken to at work etc. has rolled back because so much function disappeared for them compared to W8. Good job they are keeping a option for phones, but what about the 950? Why not allow a W8 install for that? It would be a cool option.
  • No. If they do make w10 rom, you have no choice but to use the newer
  • Never! Both my phones will remain on Windows 10 Mobile. Sometimes I miss Windows Phone 8.1 but I truly love Windows 10 Mobile. It's good that the option is there though. Windows Central for Windows 10-Microsoft Lumia 640
  • Will be any new upadate after .164 for win 8 devices?
  • Hopefully GDR2 will be released for WP8 at some point. They are dragging their heals on that one though.
  • It'd be too much effort to get it through carriers, it's not worth the while.
  • It would have been better if there was option to choose which version to install.
  • Speaking of the W10M update, how much longer, are you listening AT&T??
  • I'd say never.
  • Why not made available both the image of 8.1 and 10? Sent from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • If the 10 rom is available, you can't use the 8.1 one
  • both the two images should be available for users. from which users can choose which images to be flashed into their phone.
  • This is nice of Microsoft. I have zero intention of upgrading any of the Lumias I have laying around to WP10 but it's nice to know that if by acciddent it upgrades, I can return it to a stable, better working and less ugly version of the OS.
  • Goof luck with that most developers if not all well stop support 8.1 which means no more apps or features or even updates for that matter
  • Trust me DJCBS does not care about app updates as I'm not sure he even HAS a Windows Phone to install them on... :) To put it another way... I have ZERO love for Chromebooks, have no reason to own one and I tend to giggle and point when I see people using them, more so now that I see them in the +$500.00 range on Dell and others... Now I could post that I have a bunch and I still dislike them to "PROVE" that I know what I'm talking about... go to a Chromebook site and spew my disdain for the hardware and Google in general, but yeah... not that type of person! :)
  • LOL hahahaha xD
  • I have 7 Windows Phones in front of me. (Nokia 620, 820, 920, 1020, 630, 830 and 930). But you're right in one thing, I don't care for app updates because firstly there are barely any apps on the Windows Store and secondly because I don't use WP as a daily driver. 
  • No point in having phones if your afraid of progress
  • I'm not. The 830 was bought exclusively to try out WP10. I didn't like it. And besides, precisely because I'm not afraid of progress, I switched to Android ;)
  • Hurr
  • Why U have 7 WP phones that U dont like?
  • That makes two of us... I also doubt he even has any WP devices now. He might have in the past but I'm sure not anymore.
  • Oh look another app launches for Windows 10 but it's not being supported smh...
  • I don't sell my phones. So yes, I still have them all. I just don't use them as daily drivers because WP isn't up to the standard of what a smartphone should be in 2016 (and because I only endured it because of Nokia, as I've always made perfectly clear.)
  • I really hope Nokia comes with something exciting this year! Can't stand Microsoft's bullshit anymore. Cheers!
  • Are you kidding me bullshit like what??? Oh wait Apple has done alot better right smh..
  • Well nokia will be android..not wp
  • And that's good man... We, Nokia fans won't have to deal with Microsoft's bulshit any more. :)
  • No... Windows is still good than laggy androids
  • Up to standard's is a matter of opinion
  • not that any developers are supporting either lol
  • Are you blind there's been alot of apps going to windows 10 oh wait maybe you are blind I am sorry
  • Couldn't care less, I don't use WP as a daily driver since Nokia left. Besides, most apps I use were never available on the Windows Store anyway.
  • I'm just messin' with ya DJCBS... nothing but love for ya... well "love" in a friendly way... :)
  • Hahahaha
  • Shut the hell up guys... Topic is now finished
  • Hahaha yerimsayin
  • Easy there Spitfire... eeeasy... Its Tuesday here in the States, we tend to get a little kooky ... have you never heard the term Kooky Tuesday? Ok I just made that up... trying to start a new hashtag! #kookytuesday
  • Yes yes that's a good drink
  • Really don't understand this view. W10m is better all the way around, and is just as stable as 8.1 on my 640. Even the Redstone version is stable for me. Plus all the apps will continue to get new features, which won't be the case for the 8.1 apps.
  • My experience with WP10 is with laggy performance, crashes and a worse UI all around. As for the apps, I've already answered that.
  • Shut up now..ok
  • I don't know to whom you think you're talking but I'm not a member of your family for you to tell to shut up.
  • I am getting notifications for what you guys are posting and fighting... I say fight is over now.. We will see after. 1 yr which will be better... Win 10 or 8.1 .
  • Ooh that sounds threatening.... I'm not being sarcastic, you'd probably beat me down if you could find me
  • You're rather rude to tell folks to shut up because of differing opinions sent to your action center and email due to no fault of theirs. Sending feedback to the app or website causing the issue would be a more proper resolution.
  • Good seeing a 930 in the article, awesome hardware, beautiful software, the ultimate phone. :) Posted from WC for W10 running on my 930.
  • Would this mean MS planning to enhance WP8.1 OS, versus dumping it after a year or two, for those eligible device owners choose not to upgrade to W10m?!!!
  • No 8.1devices are dead in the water isn't much different what Apple does with iOS
  • No, Windows Phone is dead. Long live Windows 10
  • Far From It....WP8.1 are on more devices than W10M!
  • Actually your wrong W10M is the same exact OS that's on your desktop computer so technically its not a mobile OS
  • No it's not. If it was, why do u call it W10M?!
  • That's because it's on mobile phone but that's doesn't mean anything why do you think you can do Continuum or the fact that all the builds released for windows desktop is the same one for a mobile phone the fact is windows 10 is a universal OS it adapts to screen sizes if you don't believe me then look up the interview that windows central did with the CEO of Microsoft
  • Here is why Satya Nadella thinks Continuum is the defining feature of Windows 10 Mobile read this article that windows central posted then come tell me
  • Cuz its on bananas! It's on mobile phones. It's just another flavor of Windows 10. Home, Pro, Enterprise, and Mobile
  • Here is why Satya Nadella thinks Continuum is the defining feature of Windows 10 Mobile read this article on Windows Central
  • It's Windows 10, optimized for Mobile
  • That's because it was just released 3 weeks ago
  • So there's no win 10 upgrade for Blu win HD lte? No recovery image of x150e?
  • As an educated guess, any ideas if the Dolby sound for video recording, like the Lumia 1520 and 930 had, ever gets enabled, using the four mics? For me, that was a very unfortunate multiple steps backwards in functionality.    
  • My 930 is going on the Windows Phone Recovery Tool tonight !! I am sick fed up of having to restart to get WiFi, there is so many bugs is this version. I am quite disappointed as really wanted Windows Phone 10 to be awesome, maybe it's just the 930 but I will be glad to see Windows Phone 8.1
  • Bro upgrade to Redstone builds... They are much much stable than official w10 upgrade build...
  • I was having trouble with wifi on the 14295 build. Blamed the betas os. Turns out my router just needed to be reset. Now the Wi-Fi is rock solid.
  • When the Wifi is down, reboot all around! :) Ok come on guys and girls... I'm on a ROLL today!!! :)
  • My 930 is on the Fast ring, and I don't have any WiFi issues. It's a bit scary to be on a less stable build, but it would probably resolve your problem.
  • My 930 WiFi is ok on public version of W10M, it was factory reset before the upgrade though...
  • Still waiting for my factory unlocked 640XL and 735 to receive WM10.
  • Good now that an option to go back..time to release wp10 to the masses
  • Win10M is less buggy than all of the Android devices I've owned.
  • Seeing how windows 10 mobile is basically slower buggier worse windows phone 8.1, I'm going back.
  • I totally agree
  • so they now agree with most of us that wp8.1 was/is better, and there are features on WP8.1 which are very useful that were dropped on W10M (e.g. gestures)
  • What I don't understand,is when Nokia launched the Lumia phone. The os was perfectly finished and in why couldn't Microsoft just complete windows 10 mobile is then launch it ?. And to add insult to injury the insider program won't update the lumia635 1gb ram u till a later date .why is this?
  • The WP7 that first launched with the Lumia 800 is a simple plaything in comparison to the universal, adaptable, much more feature-heavy Windows 10. Naturally, W10 takes longer to complete - and in my eyes, the reports of it being 'unfinished' can be really quite exaggerative.
  • I hate to say it, but probably it would have been done sooner doing it by themselves
  • Just waiting on TMO to finish there internal testing with the L640 so I can roll to Win10 already. I don't see the need to rolling back but you never know after using the phone. Great option to be able to roll back. What other phone would you be using beside the L640? I'm just sayin.... *One Windows*
  • L640 is awesome
  • Feeling safe now after knowing that we have that option.
  • There are alot of bugs and loosing all Here services is for some an excuse to go to the big 2 but when it works it's lovely and hope we get regular updates. Posted from my EE 930
  • The loss of Here services is gutting for me, it really made me think long and hard about leaving windows mobile. But for my own reasons I don't want to go over to 'the big 2' I just need to find another that will talk to my crash helmet properly (cardo sho-1 interface) W10M is getting there, slowly, I do like the way it's heading, especially it's interaction with My laptop and 2in1 tablet.
  • Downgrade option is only for selected devices which has w10 or devices which has upgrade option for w8 mobiles...what about devices which has not gotten the windows 10 update but has installd preview version using the windows insider app??
  • If only the update was coming to the 920. I was using it on the Fast ring without any issues. Oh well, hopefully there will be a new device with the same size and great specs. OIS, 32GB storage (microSD is a plus), 4.5" screen, and high resolution AMOLED screen. I guess you could call it the iPhone SE of the Windows phone ecosystem.
  • When Lumia 520 will get update for windows 10.?
  • Never
  • Never, unless you use the insider program. I have a 520 and it runs good, just make sure you do a hard reset for optimal performance and don't recover from previous build afterwards. Cheers mate ;)
  • Yups...
  • I'm glad to hear this. Good to know that they aren't acting like Apple and forcing you to stay there if you upgrade.
  • Translation: W10 Mobile is still beta, so we will keep WP8.1 downgrade option because we don't know how to make W10M stable enough to totally replace WP8.1
  • When Lumia 920 will update windows 10
  • Never unless you use insider program
  • Windows OneCore takes care of developers! Right!?
  • Which build no. Available insider in Lumia 920. Pls inform pls.
  • 10586.164
  • Umm...then why doesn't the WDRT not find and image all of a sudden for my Blu Win HD LTE???  There used to be an 8.1 image, now its gone.
  • How to get my windows phone back to 8.1, from 10, if i all my computers run linux. damn
  • 640 was on the list for the 10 upgrade correct or no?
  • Yes, it was. 
  • How about installing w10 for Lumia 1320? Does w10 run perfectly or are there any issues??
  • @akash1993 The stable Win10 build for Lumia 1320 is the .164 (ie 10586.164) . I'm using it since last two weeks and the only problem I face is the screen freeze which happens once or twice in a day which you can easily recover by soft restart. Try Windows 10, it have organized settings, more buttons in Action center, Mobile Hotspot etc.
  • Yes 640 was there in the selected list of devices for w10 update.
  • I can't roll back, since this .164 build made my mobile unable to connect to pc. Only using data cable i can charge my mobile. Any solution?
  • Try a different USB cable.
  • Resetting the phone might help
  • You can also try the my phone wasn't detected option in the tool. I had to do that once on a failed upgrade. You just have to choose your phone from a list. (so make sure you write down your model)
  • ...until they changed their minds like so many times before. I wouldn't bet on it but then I stay on 10 for more apps.
  • Good. Been using WM10 on my 930 for a week or so and although many aspects of it are excellent, I've had more crashes of both stock apps and the OS in the past week than I ever did with WP8.1. For me MS should have delayed the launch til it was born ready and they had a proper flagship to launch it with.
  • Yep. I've got a 950 - and Edge frequently crashes (especially when opening for the first time).
    Windows Central app doesn't work properly (it crashes when trying to sign in).
    Lots of other apps hang for no reason. Notifications don't always clear from the start screen.
    The camera doesn't often open when long pressing the camera key. & when it does, there is a jarring UI issue where the camera displays what's in front momentarily, then goes completely black, then rewakes.
    Basically, Windows 10 Mobile needs SO MUCH work. I'm just glad I only paid £190 for my phone. I don't feel it is worth much more than that.
  • I do not understand why on Windows 10 mobile I do not get the option to keep WhatsApp and Messenger running in the background even when Battery Saver is on. Only a handful of apps are showing up in that list, whereas on WP8.1 it was possible to keep any app of one's choice running in the background, despite keeping Battery Saver on.
  • With no new firmware coming it makes sense.
  • Just checked with WDRT, first thing it updated itself and now it reports an availability of WP8.1 GDR1, I think for my L1520 updated to official W10M. That's good news. I'm content with W10M, there are some annoying easy to find bugs, but I'll wait for the next update and see if things are getting better. I just can't get my head around how buggy the SW still is. That wasn't the case with previous versions. Even the developer previews of WP8 were more stable than the 'final' W10M.
  • So slightly off topic but when is the ICON going to be green lit for new builds. It is identical to the 930 except possibly for radio components. Just because one group is more vocal than another on nearly identical hardware is a stupid reason to hold it back.
  • THANK GOD!!! After such a long time, Microsoft has made a move that does not piss off their customers. This, however, also indicates that they do not trust in their product enough.
  • how can we be sure?
  • Translation: Use Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 10 Mobile is a long beta
  • Way to show faith in your new OS. Offering a downgrade shows that MS knows there are major problems with w10m. A company should never do this.
  • This makes such sense, and why not make 10 available to anyone who wants to try it by putting an app in the store to bypass carriers. It works great on 735, for example. It worked pretty well on 928 and Icon.
  • @Matt Dargis: This is not about faith, it's about the OS. The same build version can work in a different way in two similar models.The option to downgrade shows the user-friendly flexibility, it has nothing to do with the 'faith'. 
  • They have enough experience with a wide variety of HW, big Windows could reliably run on just about anything and it had done for years. It's just Windows 10 big and mobile that has constant issues.
  • Why would I ever think of going back
  • Good thing. Cortana on Windows 10 mobile is completely wrecked: Quiet hours depends on Cortana... which now depends on location... which will drain your battery quick. US only.
  • So what everyone is saying don't get windows 10 because its too buggy??
  • You hear this all you android and apple hurrs? Don't complain about windows being buggy and switch to iPhone or android, use wdrt.
  • Does a 920 gets the update?
  • My 920 is running Windows 10 Insider slow-ring. I use it as daily phone and I like it. It's slower, and yess it has bugs but I prefer the overall lay-out and it works even more easily than W8.1.
    It's still sad Nokia isn't part of the development anymore, They made WP more unique!
  • Tried Win 10 on my 1520 and it was a total mess and rolled it back to 8.1   .   When did MS do something right ?   Especially now that they have stated they do not give a damn about the mobile phone .    Plus they fired all the code testers to save money that is why every thing is so buggy
  • I recently swapped my 920 for a 640. A year ago, I wounded the 920 to the point of FUBAR and it had been limping along without rotation or camera. I snagged the 640 for $30 + $12 for a 64 GB SD card. Faster quad-core processor (vs. 920's dual-core), larger screen albeit slightly lower resolution. My intent was to get a newer, comparable phone that I won't have to keep using for another year after Surface phones roll out. It's a $42 stopgap measure and a better/cheaper alternative to the 950. QUESTION FOR W10 USERS: Will my 8.1 apps work on W10? If I upgrade, are there any apps that won't be able to make the trip? I get it that some apps are not available on 8.1, designed for W10, but if the devs haven't updated their apps to run on the new OS...?
  • If you upgrade your device to W10M, all your apps and settings will be just there and you should be able to run all your existing apps. But, if you hard reset your device after upgrading to 10, you might be missing some of the apps as you've to reinstall them (99% of the W8.1 apps will be available in W10M store, though). For instance, this unavailability is there with one of the popular games, Subway Surfers. You might want to check the availability of the apps that you intend to use in W10M.
  • Planning to get the 640XL a week from today, otherwise I would be removing 10 from my 928.
  • I bought the 640 for myself, then got my daughter the 640XL on an ATT Next plan. The size difference is not worth the $200+ more that it costs, plus it killed our account discount. If you buy either 640 or 640XL, buy from Best Buy or Microsoft store, then just plug in the SIM from your 928. It will automatically register the new IMEI with the carrier (ATT?).
  • Is there any advantage to upgrading to win 10 on the non-insider path?
  • Non-insider path? Are you talking about Official Upgrade? Official upgrades are quite different than Insider upgrades, I think you know it well.
  • Can't try that on my new 925.
    And there's me thinking it had pretty good specs :(
  • The thing is windows 10 mobile isn't ready yet , everyday app crashes , whole lotta bugs . I say that wp 8.1 is worlds best os I've ever seen . Wm10 still needs some time
  • When will I get windows 10 on my Lumia 730 device????
  • The whole idea of one Windows is nice, but the fact that the mobile part is still a broken piece of crap! is not acceptable! Why do we wonder anyway?? Nadella laid off all the good test engineers, TM said right now at build 2016 that the mobile is not their focus for this year, and for sure it was not the last year, otherwise the mobile version would not be in this despicable state! a total disgrace to the tech world, worst mobile OS ever! WP8.1 is far more stable, fluid and nicer design wise!
  • Two Lumia 640XLs on AT&T in our household still waiting for WM10...anybody else getting the update?
  • If win10 plays games like asphalt 8, and other games well then
    i also likes this platform
  • How's the Windows 10 mobile rollout going. On EE in the UK and no sign of it yet :-(
  • If they are giving the option to roll back to 8.1,then why not let all users update to windows 10 and let them decide whether their phone is good or not?
  • Hi, Microsoft
    First of all I'm a very very very huge fan of windows phone and I m using Nokia Lumia 625 with windows 8.1 denim.
    I'm waiting for windows 10 for 5 months I haven't patience now Plz.. Plz.. Plz.. Do something so that I can use windows 10 on my phone with 512 MB RAM in India.
  • Plz tell me the confirmed date of releasing of official windows 10
  • No official Windows 10 Mobile for your 512 MB RAM device, I am sorry. This has been confirmed before.
  • I still can't decide... Win 10 Mobile or WP8.1 on my Lumia 830? I am currently using Win 10 and I am enjoying it partly, but I don't like unfinished products and W10m is really unpolished, also I have some problems with Fitbit sync, etc. I am really thinking about downgrading and waiting for updated version of W10m.
  • Hi. Could someone please tell me how I can restore my Nokia 520 with W10 to W8.1? W10 on the 520 is really too slow.  Thank you.
  • Use Windows Device Recovery Tool on PC.
  • Lumia 535 owners please don't upgrade to version 10.0.14295.1000.its totally buggy and you will face alot problems...