Windows Phone 8.1 Preview picks up third update, tweaks a few APIs

Rocking Windows Phone 8.1 through the Preview for Developers program? Then you're in treat for a new update today. This marks the third update we've seen since Windows Phone 8.1 became available in mid-April.

The first update for those with Windows Phone 8.1 came in mid-May when OS version 8.10.12382.878 rolled out. That first update was to fix battery life and squash bugs. The second update came just ten days ago.

Today we're looking at an update that puts you onto build 12397. The update you're getting today "enables some newly commercialized devices and tweaks a couple of APIs". So you most likely won't notice any changes to your phone.

To grab today's update just go to Settings > Phone Update > Check for updates to get the latest.

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Source: Windows Phone Blog

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