Windows Phone 8S by HTC available at Three UK

The HTC 8S is now available from Three UK on contracted plans as well as Pay As You Go. Pricing starts at £17 a month with no upfront cost for the smartphone, or £179.99 SIM-free (locked to the carrier). The device joins the HTC 8X and is the company's low-end Windows Phone 8 offering, but isn't a slouch by any means.

The Essential Internet 100 mobile plan starting at £17 for the HTC 8S on Three includes 250MB data, 100 minutes, 5,000 SMS and is a 24-month contract. It's also available on the carrier's One Plan at £28 a month, which sports unlimited data, 2,000 minutes, and a 5,000 SMS allowance.

Three Windows Phone

It's an affordable Windows Phone, but powered by a dual-core CPU and sports SDCard compatibility and will run all apps and games with no problem at all.

Source: Threethanks David for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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