Windows Phone Store

Owners of Windows Phone devices in China, India and Brazil can now pay for apps in their local Windows Phone Store via their wireless carrier instead of a credit or debit card.

In an announcement today, Microsoft stated:

"Today we're proud to announce that Windows Store has become the first global smartphone platform to enable carrier billing for app purchases in China through China Mobile, India with Idea and Brazil via Claro. China Mobile alone is estimated to serve nearly 800 million customers, including millions of Windows Phone users. The largest carrier in the U.S, Verizon Wireless, has also added Windows Phone to the platforms it supports with carrier billing."

This move will make it more likely for those folks to get Windows Phone apps. Indeed, Microsoft claims that 93 percent of residents in emerging markets don't have access to their own credit cards. There are now 81 carriers in 46 markets that can access and pay for apps in the Windows Phone Store via carrier billing, with a combined subscriber base of 2.6 billion. Microsoft says that 60% of Windows Phone paid app transactions are handled via carrier billing. It added, "All told we've seen an 87 percent increase in monthly sales year-over-year."

Source: Microsoft

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