Windows Phone app master Rudy Huyn working on a Secret app

Rudy Huyn, one of the most well known third party Windows Phone app creators. revealed on his Twitter account this week his plans to make an app based on Secret, which connects to a social network where anonymous gossip and information leaks can be posted.

While the app is available for iOS and Android devices, Huyn revealed on Twitter that his third party app will be called 6secret, which is similar to the apps he has made for Windows Phone in the past (6tag for his Intagram app, 6sec for his Vine app). Huyn indicated that development of 6secret is almost done but he is still working on the logo, and posted an example of one design on his Twitter account.

Huyn previously announced he was going to team up with Tinder to create an official Windows Phone app for the dating service after making a third party app, 6tin. That partnership never actually took place, however, but the 6tin app is still available to download.

What do you think of Huyn's plans for a Secret third party app for Windows Phone?

Source: Rudy Huyn on Twitter

John Callaham