Windows Phone App Review: Ballistica

Ballistica for Windows Phone

Ballistica is a rather interesting app for your Windows Phone that provides a quick, easy way to calculate ballistic trajectories. Granted this Windows Phone app won't appeal to everyone but for those who shoot competitively, hunt or just like spending time at a firearms range, Ballistica can be a very useful tool.

Ballistica's layout is simple with five main components.

  • Projectile Page: This is where you enter all the information on your bullet of choice. From caliber to weight to barrel twist.
  • Conditions Page: This is where you set the conditions specific to your shooting environment such as altitude, humidity, and wind conditions.
  • Target Page: What you are shooting at impacts ballistic information just as much as wind speed can. Here you establish distance target angle, target speed and line of sight angle.
  • Chart Page: This page will show the output of all the variables you've entered on the previous pages. The Chart Page does support landscape view.
  • Quick Shot Page: This is another output page based on the variables you have previously entered but is designed to provide a fast firing solution at one distance. You also have the ability to change variables as conditions change and see the effect immediately.

From the bottom of Ballistica's main page you'll see three button controls. One to view any saved ballistic profiles, access the app's settings and pull up the About Screen. Profiles can be saved from the Saved Profile Page by pressing the "+" sign at the bottom of the page. Settings cover how you want your units of measurements to be displayed (English/Metric).

The user interface for Ballistica is simple and straightforward. All of which comes in handy when you're at the range or out hunting and need to review ballistic data. The only downside to Ballistica is the lack of a help section. However, you can find the user manual here at Stonetip's website plus there is a link to the manual on the About screen. If you're familiar with ballistic calculations, the manual may not be needed but for those just starting out, it really comes in handy.

Ballistica may not be something for everyone but for those needed to create ballistic charts, Ballistica is well worth a look. There is a free trial version available that is restricted in that you can't save profiles. The full version of Ballistica will run you $5.99 and can be found here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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