Windows Phone App Review: Sleep

Sleep for Windows Phone

Sleep is one of the many sound generators available over at the Windows Phone Marketplace designed to help you relax and fall asleep easier.  And we all know that a good night's sleep is essential for good health and fitness.

We've covered several and Sleep holds its own amongst the sleep/sound/relaxation apps we've tried. There's still some room for improvement but overall, Sleep ain't too shabby.

Sleep has a simple layout with your choices of sounds lining up along the bottom of the screen in a series of tiles. Your sound choices include:

  • Rain
  • Camp Fire
  • Clock
  • Wind
  • Birds
  • Fan
  • Ocean
  • Driving on a rainy day
  • White Noise (static on the television)
  • City Noises

Each sound choice pulls up an illustrative picture and each sound can be pinned to your Start Screen.  Just tap/hold the sounds tile and a pop-up menu will appear to confirm the pinning.  In addition to the primary sounds, if you tap on the arrow on the side of the screen you will find several add-on sounds. The add-on sounds includes thunder, wind, frogs, crickets, and chimes.

Up top you have the current time displayed with button controls to pull up a timer and access the About Screen. At the very top of the screen is a volume bar. The developer notes that in-app volume is a little buggy with HTC Windows Phones but I didn't have a problem with Sleep running on my HTC Titan.

All in all, I liked Sleep. It has a decent variety of sounds, easy interface and the add-on sounds are a nice touch. I just don't know if frog sounds go with ocean sounds. The only nit I have with Sleep is that there is no way to turn off the sounds within the app. You can switch amongst the sounds but to turn them off completely you have to exit the app.

Sleep is a free, ad-free app that you can grab here (opens in new tab) at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • Ohhh the Fan noise!  I NEED the fan noise to go to sleep.  I will try this out.
  • DBL Post
  • Why is it everytime there is a new app reviewed here it doesn't come up when I search for it on my phone in the marketplace.
    Get the search engine fixed in the marketplace, Microsoft.
  • Yeah, its the same for me.
  • Confirmed, this app not available in UK marketplace (amoung others)
  • Dis app seems to be region specific.... I can't download from India marketplace...
  • There are a ton of apps for sounds to go to sleep, and some apps that let you listen to your music for a set amount of time and then stops it, but still no app to listen to your own music and then gradually lower the volume until it's silent. I hate those apps that simply press the stop button after some time. Music stopping without any fade just wakes me up.
  • I came accross this app when randomly browsing the "new" apps, but I couldn't get it to download, it was so slooooow and eventually failed. I tried again just now with the same result. What the hell?
    The reason it's not listed when searching is because there's so many apps with "Sleep" in their name. Windows phone only shows so many results. The web Marketplace displays more and you can find it there.
  • I didnt intend for this to get found so quickly...  An update will be available later tonight or tomorrow morning that fixes a white theme issue and also opens the app world wide for everyone! 
  • It says i need an update??
  • No it's actually the third of the options in themessage box...the developer hasn't released this app in your region yet. Might be worth contacting them and politely asking if there's a reason or just an oversight.
  • I know you WPCentral guys are a lot better than most, but please do check what regions an app is in and put that in the article users are already often frustrated by region specific restrictions. In an ideal world when you do find this, contact the dev and see if this was intentional? If not hold off the app review a few days to allow the dev to open the app to more regions first. Would be good for both you, us and the dev!
  • That sounds like a lot of trouble to me... Not that we shouldn't provide the information when it's available, but we can't just contact the developer of every app we review. It's slow things down majorly.
  • It's now available World Wide.
  • Holy Smokes!!!  Download Size: 60 MB    
  • Relaxing Melodies is the best sleeping app I've come across
  • Try this one