Windows Phone Central app v3.8/9 now available!

Here's the big one folks, we present to you the v3.8 update to our official app, live now in the marketplace.

Available on both Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8, this update is the product of several months of work migrating to WP8 natively, but we've also thrown in a few new features to keep things fresh and exciting.

This update supports Windows Phone 8 fully, including the 720P screen resolution (which should make HTC 8X owners very happy), as well as full support for all 3 tile sizes on Windows Phone 7.8 and 8. It's taken a fair amount of time to bring the codebase over to Windows Phone 8 in a way that allows us to fully support version 7 wherever possible. Hopefully you will never see the product of that work as everything will appear seamless, in which case we can now focus on bringing some very cool stuff to version 4.

Windows Phone 7 users you will find that v3.8 now supports double sized tiles, as well as featuring the bug fixes that are part of this release, and the higher definition icons. Windows Phone 8 users should see v3.9 available, with the same tile support but also featuring lock screen notification support. Please note though, that for lock screen notifications you will have to customise your tile to use the plain tile count style - this is a limitation in the Windows Phone SDK and one that we cannot work around.

You can find the full changes, and an image preview of the new wide tile above:

  • New live tiles including Double wide tile
  • New Wallpapers!
  • Full Windows Phone 8 Support
  • Using high definition icons
  • Support for lock screen notifications
  • Re-wrote the forum link enrichment code to correctly find all forum links
  • Fixed the app title not retrieved bug
  • Several other smaller bug fixes

As always we really appreciate your feedback so please comment, post on forums or generally get in touch through the app to let us know your thoughts and suggestions.

Download the official Windows Phone Central app here in the Store. (Remember, the app has an "unlimited trial" making it free. It only costs $0.99 to remove the ads and add bonus features. The choice is yours!)

Note: The app is just freshly published, so if you're using our app now, try and use the download link within the app (searching may still show v3.4). If you don't see it, as usual, hold on for a few hours!

Un-pin: You may also need to unpin and re-pin your Live Tile to see the new doublewide, give it a go, it works!

QR: WPCentral

Jay Bennett