Windows Phone Challenge: Blur-free Video

Microsoft is at it again. Challenging the competition to see how things stack up against the Windows Phone.

This round, Ben Rudolph (a.k.a. Ben the PC Guy) takes on the Samsung Galaxy S3 with a Nokia Lumia 920 to see which takes the steadiest video. The optical stabilization on the Lumia 920 may make this an unfair fight but in the end, the video has less bounce and is more blur-free.

Source: YouTube/Windows Phone (opens in new tab); Thanks, Aaron, for the tip!

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • do they have any feature other than the camera to compare with GS3 or any other smartphone??
    same thing over and over again...
  • And I bet the camera stabilization is turned off on the S3
  • You name it, I'll tell it to you
  • Apps?
    Quality of Apps?
    Quality of notifications?
    features.. simple things like auto rotate lock... 
    a good voice assistant? 
    and i really dont wanna put instagram out there ..... 
    and many good processors and good screen so that aleast the devs can build apps which need raw processing power...
    my point is that dont just try to ride the game on 1 good pooint which is camera..  in every other field Android and iOS beats WP8... 
  • Troll troll go away.
  • lol. why am i a troll? are those not valid points?? I am a frstrated owner of HTC Titan 1.. nothing else
  • Upgrade to a Nokia Lumia 920 or and HTC 8X and see experience the difference!
  • lol
    I used to be a frustrated owner of a (now dead) huawei android phone. Now a proud owner of L920. That's It
  • Quality of app are better on iOS & Android? We may not have all the apps but the ones we do have are way better....
  • which apps are you talking about? yes the UI of our apps are way too cool..i have used all the 3 OS'es and WP beats android and iOS hands down in terms of look and feel.. but the quality aint that great.. look at skype man.. just we go the update..use spotify on iOS and then WP and see how much difference there is.. 
  • thats what happens when you have devs of popular apps giving half assed support....... if the applications for the windows phones were done halfway right windows phone apps would be second to none. people need to realize that the apps sucking, is not a windows phone problem its a greedy dev problem, not wanting to create a worthwhile app because they dont think it is worth it.
  • That's why I don't use the WP version of Words With Friends. It's a poor developer port of a popular iOS and Android app. I felt like I using an iPhone...ugh.
  • I use my phone for business maybe the toy apps are different.
  • I don't think the apps that WP has are better than the ones iOS and android has. I'm not saying our app quality sucks but to say we have better quality is too much. Look at eBay, PayPal, and Amazon & tell me if we have more features and run better than they do on those platforms.
  • Some people seem to mix the "visual appearance" with "quality"... 
  • Apps--> There are more than sufficient apps on the store to suffice your needs and if not official 3rd party
    Quality--> Seriously? Desing of these apps is 10X better than iOS or Android counterparts and functionality is on par with a few features not ported yet
    Good voice assistant--> Maluuba, or wait a bit for Bing voice when it comes out.
    Instagram??--> Its all about PHOTOPLAY now!!! Anyways Instagraph is coming so you will post your food pictures don't worry
    High res?--> Overkill to have a 1080p screen on a small device. GET A TABLET OR A T.V.. The 8X is high res (enough for a phone) 720p
    Processors--> Do you see any lag?? Oh compare it to any dual core android and see the difference
    "In every other field Android and iOS beats WP8"--> FALSE!! No social hub, no beautiful design, NO KIDS CORNER (GUEST MODE that's how I call it), NO XBLive, NO OFFICE!!!, No seamless integration with Skype, skydrive and other MSFT products.
    I admit WP needs some other features, but we ARE on par with other OS.
  • 3rd party apps --> not same as OG apps
    Design --> Agreed.  Functionality -> no.. not at par.. but reaching there
    Instagram--> Not only about food pictures.. you woukld lnow that if you had got a chance to use it,..i follow some awesome photgraphers who have mind blowing pictuers in their account....
    1080p screen--> agrreed..gimmick...
    processors--> not about lag..its about providing high end games.. PS: my wp 7.8 lags like android Froyo.. havent used WP8 so not sure
    Social Hub-- > Agreed
    Xbox live-> Its a MS servixce.. like iOS has Game Center,, 
    Office-- > Its there in all OS'es
    Seamless integration with skype--> You must be joking right????
    Skydrive --> Agreed. BEautifully integrated with WP .. 
  • Skype--> Contacts and receive calls seamlessly with the newest update.. More features to come ;)
    Processors--> Agree necessary for gaming, however the developers are the lazy ones here, an S4 can handle a heavy rendering game properly, maybe not outstandingly, but properly yes...
  • Lol... Fanbot trolling is bad for any platform, ok? I miss A LOT of apps and games from my Android phone and there are no proper substitutes on WP, at least for now... Just because you don't use apps like TWITCHtv/JUSTINtv/Waze/FlightTrack Pro/Viper SmartStart/Escort Live Radar/Facebook and others and because you prefer to be "stuck" with single browser which is currently poorly supported on many websites - doesn't mean same goes for other people. "People hub" is extremely deficient and not very useful FOR ME (I prefer proper stand-alone Facebook/Twitter apps which have more useful features and customizations), same goes for useless "kid's corner" (I don't have kids or other users of my phone) or XBLive (I don't have XBox and I don't want to share my game data with others). The Office integration is very good, but the Skype app is still extremely deficient and works worse than on other platforms (have you actually used Skype on iOS and Android? I did and still do).
    WP8 is still NOT on par with other mobile OSes, and the more dumb fanbots will deny this fact, the less incentive there will be for Microsoft to actually improve it... Can't believe these dumb people don't realize this...
  • agreed but you dont have to be arrogant about it...
  • when was i arrogant... :((
    i am a nice guy... frustrated... but a nice guy :)
  • I think he was referring to the other guy.. He was very rude.. 
  • I was referring to rndomuser neolp123
  • "No seamless integration with Skype" I heard WP had the worst skype integration I agree with the rest of the stuff, especially the screens and processors (they can run anything a mobile needs to run), but Windows phones need more RAM
  • Whoo put us on the spot;) haha we have none of this yet. Only good night shots. I have a Lumia 920
  • It has apps and it has quality apps. It's just missing a few that are popular. I'm sure you use the voice assistant all the time.  The processor is the same on that's in the one x and the US version of the galaxy S3. Quality or quantity of notification. I know on my wifes one x the notification are most garbage app update and app installed notification and maybe a couple email or voicemail notification buried in between. I also noticed that she now get some kind of span anti-virus for android notification in there too.
  • apps, yeah there are apps
    quality is one of the best, mst apps use the same style as the OS UI, unlike android
    much more features than other phones, auto-rotate lock can be added later
    it's a gimmick, who would want to be seen talking to his phone, it looks stupid
    instagram is stupid, but there is an app that can upload pictures to instagram
    processors are great, you don't need 4 cores on a mobile phone (inless you're calculating PI on it), can't see how it's limited by the CPUs
    great screens are there, although, I have to admit, most phones are of very low resolution, but still, they're better than most other screens (BTW how does this stop app devs), nokia's clearblack is great
    yes, windows phone needs a lot of work, and needs better hardware, but it's not the worst OS ever either, and it has much more than the camera
  • I hate to admit it but you're right!
  • good processors?! right! so we have the Snapdragon S4 in our WP8 devices (dual-core from 2012) and now the new Android flagships got the Snapdragon 600 (quad-core from 2013) at higher clock speeds, right? Now my question to you is: what's up with Sunspider? (Sunspider is the most well known of the javascript tests) So NO, we DO NOT need your 'better processors' that suck even more battery in order to archive some performance we already have
  • From personal experience, Lumia 920's screen is far superior.
  • Sadly, needs to compare to iPhone 5 and S4 (like Ben on TV).
  • You have a valid point.. I agree to a certain degree..
  • I've used a Blackberry and an iPhone and now I'm using an L920. I gotta say my experience is better on my windows phone. People have to realize this is a new platform compared to Android and iOS. It takes time to catch on. IOS and android didn't release with 500,000 apps already available. It took them time. As far as showing off the camera, yes its a gimmick but when more people are using their phones as a main camera it is an important gimmick to show off. That's what commercials do. Camera quality is an important feature for a lot of people. Nokia phones have an awesome camera, so why wouldn't they show it off.
  • That's because it's one of the most important features of the phone for a lot of people.
  • Nice. Hopefully this will get to TV.
  • The video on the 920 just doesn't look natural to me..looks as if they were just walking and not running. Didn't say it didn't look good, just not natural. I don't know if I want that
  • So you would rather have footage that is shaky and blurry?
  • Well yes, think about it. If you're on a rollercoaster recording your experience, you are going to want to see and sense that intensity that you felt while you were on the ride. With the 920 's video, its going to seem so calm and deliberate. I understand that for most things people take video of it will benefit, but there are some things that you would want the "raw" video.
  • If you want to get that effect of extreme shakiness and "intensity" you can always shake the camera more. Can't say if you want a steady or a smooth video to keep the camera more steadier in motion without a good OIS.
  • not natural? so your saying that the camera shaking like an addict in rehab is more natural so you would take that? crystal clear picture and sound are worth so much more to me than natural. i figured that would be everyones reaction to that.
  • Lol. A person complaining because the quality was too good for them. WOW!!
  • tell me about it...
  • They could mention other features. But truth is ios and android are superior. Reason I love WP is the stability you don't get with Android, and bigger screens then iPhone.
  • why do people make such foolish generalized statements? just because its better for you doesnt make it better.....why not rephrase general statements like this to "are superior to me" that would make your statement more true.
  • True story.
  • Why are they more "superior"? I came from iOS because I didn't like it. For me and what I want and need, Windows is superior. Screen size, clarity, live tiles, people hub, camera quality(L920), design features are reason I have a windows phone. Why do you think the others are superior?
  • They need to compare it to the iPhone 5, HTC one, and GS4 as soon as those are available.
  • Agreed..
  • Poor Samsung!
  • Well , this is an advertisement and not a documentary , so it makes sense in focusing on a strength and talking about it. Whether that is sufficient enough is debatable. I do feel MS can do a lot more in marketing than just these videos. However it is easier said than done...
  • Everyone I show videos to are very impressed. Low light family functions, concert like sound in the background, stable video, hands down the best camera on the market for taking videos.
  • The Lumia is undoubtedly better than Samsung's plastic "toys" when it comes to camera quality, but I would really like to see more "apples-to-apples" comparison witn an HTC One since it is the only Android phone with an optically stabilized camera specifically designed for better low-light sensitivity...
  • Here is a Sample from my Lumia 920 taken at almost 10pm.
  • But they have Verizon....*price is right loser horn*
  • so i guess theres only 1 windows 8 phone, too bad
  • First fandroids want to complain that Microsoft only challenged older phones but not that the Lumia 920 has beaten the s3 in video and picture they want to be bitter. Get over it.
  • Is anyone else frustrated by the lack of any video editing apps? I just want to be able to trim videos, if nothing else.
  • Microsoft needs to put this ad on TV where millions can see, not Youtube with just couple thousand views. Average person knows almost nothing about what the Lumia 920 can do.
  • Any news abt utorrent...Is it ever coming...
    And bdw this blur free credit should go to nokia not microsoft..
  • My wife would kill me if we traded her Galaxy S3 down to a Windows Phone.  
  • I'm torn. I don't know if we should be proud of Nokia or be mad at Microsoft for riding one phone and one feature?