Windows Phone continues hold on small sliver of global market share, Kantar reports

Lumia 950 XL
Lumia 950 XL (Image credit: Windows Central)

Kantar has released its latest monthly report on the smartphone market, this time covering the 3 month period ending in December 2016. As you'd expect, things continue to look down for Windows Phone, which continues to hold onto a small sliver of the market share pie compared to its rivals.

Windows Phone continues to hold onto small sliver of global market share, Kantar reports

Overall, Windows Phone is down almost across the board compared to the same period in 2015. Across the 5 EU countries in the report (Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy, and Spain), Windows Phone's share dropped to 2.6%, down from 7.6% in 2015. Windows Phone holds a similarly low spot in the U.S. with 0.8% of the market, which is down from 0.8%. China and Japan are both similarly down below 1%, while Australia came in at 1.9%, down by 4.4% compared to the same period last year.

Does Windows 10 Mobile have a future?

Given those negligible numbers, along with the steady decline of Windows Phone over in recent years, it's unlikely we'll see a major resurgence for the platform. That's particularly driven home when one considers Microsoft's winding down of its Lumia production and the continued dominance of Android and iOS in the mobile space. Still, some phone makers continue to soldier on with the likes of the Windows 10 Mobile-powered HP Elite x3 and Alcatel Idol 4s offering compelling options for fans of the platform in lieu of Microsoft's first party offerings.

For the more, be sure to check out Kantar's full report.

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  • I don't want to know market share.. I love windows phone.. That's it.. I am a simple user with normal work.. All my necessary apps are present and I am quite happy with that...
  • yes, but that does not explain how you are able to exist without 100+ horoscope applications, snapchat, and countless Android viruses
  • Keep your blinders on that's why window mobile market share is dropping pal!
  • because he likes it and continues using it??  hmm....
  • because he is a blind fanboy..that's why, believing all the crap lies that MS is serving as main course.
  • MS has not even said anything, yet you call them liars.
    One of the main issues is that MS is not speaking (advertising) for windows mobile.
    How can you call someone a liar, when he hasn't spoke?
  • Android might have lots of other apps one user might need like banks and other apps, but only popular apps are updated frequently in Play store. And there are apps in Windows Store like anime streaming and my 3rd party Tumblr app that are better than what the Play Store offers. So as it said above, I also have all the apps I need on WP
  • I've been using android for 2 months and haven't gotten any viruses. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • 14 since I moved from WP8.1 and none of this so called ramptant viruses :?
  • Yes and neither do you have PayPal, Amazon , good app for LinkedIn, OWA mail app , a proper lync app, splitwise sort of viruses too... Professional phone you know.
  • Looking forward to Surface phone in 2018. Meanwhile, Cerulean Windows Phones are getting closer to launch. No need to switch to a crappy Android phone or, even worse, iPhone (urp!)
  •   I'll believe it when I see it ...  I mean there should be a "real" announcement at MWC or BUILD. If Microsoft changes plans, Cerulean has to change plans
    ... and even further delay "for-sale" products. I will take things as they come. My Lumia 950 is doing fine, and I am ok with it.  Would I have to replace it, I'd go Android.  Currently there exists exactly zilch reasons
    that speak for buying a brand new W10M phone 
    for a price that also would get you an Android phone.  I will be loyal to W10M as long as my Lumia 950 lasts. Once its gone, MS will have to have very convincing reasons 
    - and products for that matter - to keep me on baord. Fot the time being my default mode is: go Android. . 
  • I am going to wet myself laughing if Cerulean already have phone running x86 or win32 or whatever...
  • I /am/ looking for a replacement for my 735 and since the moment I held a 950 in my hand, I have a hard time finding a similar phone in the Android world. No matter what model you pick, there always seems to be one or two minor points; bad battery life, no stock Android, crap screen, too large, no upgrades.   Where do I get a fast, approx 5'' phone with a good camera, amoled screen, wireless charging for around €300?
  •   Anyone, who likes the Lumia 950 should go and get one now while supply lasts.
    This is how I got mine. Once the supply of Lumias has ceased
    Windows Phones based on W10M will have prices and features
    that are expected to be roughly on par with Android powered phones. In case Microsoft has not much to say about W10M and W10M devices et al
    during WMC and/or BUILD this will shy away the most loyal of customers remaining. Lumia 950s are sold at a loss by Microsoft, clearing the inventory. This is exactly why Microsoft went into this "retrenchment" mode in respect of Windows Phone.
    The cost of do having a market share was way to high for them, they lost money on it big time. Currently we are enjoying the benefits of Microsoft's failure in the market
    by getting a great phone for little money. That's pretty much it. If Microsoft just continues this current path
    and more or less stays mum about W10M, W10M devices and W10M's future 
    the small sliver of the remaining consumer market just silently will disappear into thin air.
    And noone even will care to discuss it. We'll see. Mark the dates for WMC and BUILD and listen carefully.
    No news will be very bad news for all of us. And in exactly that case, once my Lumia 950 goes the way of the dodo one day,
    I'll jump ship.  
  • I've heard a lot about the Axon 7 and Honor 8 as the best budget phones that don't run like budget phones.
  • If you live in a country with a CEX store. I just got a used 950XL unlocked and in great condition for €245.   
  • I am a huge fan (minus the jack ass for a CEO) but I really think 2018 is to late.
  • See, the thing is Mehboob, you may not be interested in market share, but without some market share no one will make Windows Phones any more and then our beloved platform will be finally dead. So you see, it is important.
  • Yes, me too. I also like the idea of using something that is unique and different to what other people use. That's why I choosed WP since the 7.5 epoch. The problem, I think is that, developers may give up producing or upgrading their apps or even end up removing them from the store if the market share continues to fall. My bank application, for example, has not been updated for several months and lacks the basic features available on other platforms (at least it's still functional and still available in the store). I really like using Windows Phone. I do not want to go for Android, which requires an application for each basic task that the operating system should do, as show the remaining battery in %, just to name an example. Or the expensive iPhone with its equally expensive and proprietary cables, headphones and everything else. So hopefully something good will happen in the WM world in the next few years ...
  • It isn't unique or different. It is the same thing unless you find putting squares around icons unique.
  • If you think that way its up to you. But for me the tiles with regularly updated content is quite different than the old and static 90's icons
  • They're just like widgets though for the most part.
  • What platform only has static icons? Android has fully functional Live Tiles and iOS at least gives you notification counts on the icon that can be easily expanded on in the notification center. Live Tiles are a poor experience and as such have never made any impact on the platform. Microsoft needed to keep updating them and making them more useful, but they are still the same useless random info that WP7 had.
  • Android has widgets that do not follow a standard design so the home screen is a mess of different styles. I don't like it. If it is ok for the +80% of people that use Android, that's great for them. But not for me.
    "Useless" is largely dependant on the needs of each person.
  • I love this phone too, I've tried a Galaxy Edge for a month and sent it back. But there are many things which should be standard and are missing. Things like QR scanners. We are dependant on 3rd party apps for this. My child's school uses something seesaw a way of seeing what he does in school. There's a iOS and Android app which I expected, but no Windows, not a surprise there. However their mobile web based version only works with Chrome or Firefox. So not only are apps not being developed for Windows Phone 10, web sites are being made not compatible with the browser.
    When MS had the chance to make Android apps work with Windoes Phone they should have strongly taken it.
    You ask why people don't use Windows Phone, its the "App Gap" which is more an app canyon.
  • They had a QR scanner, it got removed, as per usual.
  • If apps were equal I would probably still be on Windows phone. But I'm not even convinced Lumia has the best camera anymore though. Hardware has taken a bit too in the retrenchment
  • As long as the core works, I'll stay on W10M with my 950XL. I don't really need more, and I don't really care what other think about it... But sad news it's collapsing.
  • Same here. Just bought an XL, gave my wife my 950. Am good to go for a while. Windows Mobile till the end. (Or when a kicka** little windows tablet is released with cellular. Whichever comes first)
  • 950xl is an awesome phone. My wife loves it and prefers it any day to her work iPhone that is thrust on her. By the way, the HP would be a much better choice for her company. Just that they are light years behind, and that's why they use Crapple.
  • I have an iPhone for work too (and a few android) and I just can't use them. I took my sim out of my 6s and put it back in my 950 in two days. A cracked screen 950 at that. (crack isn't too bad, can barely see it) I use my iPhone on occasion for apps we don't have. But that need is rare. I haven't touch my iPhone in two weeks or so. I have gone more than a month without touching it. Though, my company support for Windows isn't awesome. I don't get to VPN in with it, so that is frustrating. But whatever. If I need to VPN in I should probably be using my laptop anyway. Corporate 950 and Continuum is an awesome experience.
  •   W10M market share is not collapsing.
    It had collapsed some time ago. 
    We are only seen some aftermath ripple of that collapse.  MS will have to have a well crafted message (and products) ready for WMC and BUILD.  If they don't have any meaningful statements to make by then
    it is fairly likely that all new W10M product introductions 
    will quickly end up as road-kill regardless of how well they are made.    
  • Am I reading the tables wrong? Or did you use the 'Other' numbers in the article instead of the 'Windows' numbers?
  • I think you're right. Whoops.
  • Windows does not deserve to be named in such charts anymore. Others section is what they are now.
  • Market share could have increased if new device lounge by Microsoft
  • Yeah, we have been saying that since 2010. No point in making them if only us are going to buy them. That is the reality. They need to wait to release something that changes the game, like the Surface line did. (as they have previously stated)
  • WP had double digit marketshare in several European countries till Microsoft decided to pull the plug. There were definitely people buying then that were not hard core Microsoft fans. If Microsoft had spent the last two years building on THAT instead of trumpeting "retrenchment" along with their propoganda sites we could have been looking at a healthy market for Windows mobile devices by now.
  • They pulled the plug because they kept losing money. When the 50 series was released we still saw massive declines in Europe, even with new devices. It isn't the hardware, it is the apps. As much as it sucks, an app like SnapChat had the ability to keep an entire platform down. It is silly that an app can hold an entire platform back, but it sure did. (Disclaimer, I don't give two craps about SnapChat, but that is what stopped everyone I know. That and that stupid castle game)
  • Losing money should not have been an issue, there is something a lot bigger at stake here. If they miss out on mobile they could end up losing an entire generation of users. Most kids only know android and iOS, my daughter spends 99% of her digital time on her android phone and 1% on her windows pc. And guess which pc she wants next, not a windows pc. This is a typical example of penny wise pound foolish, saving a few bucks now could end up in losing a big chunk of the future pc market.
  • Microsoft zero marketing policy also cause of low market share
  • What is there to market if the actual apps people want aren't here? That is just throwing money away and potentially ******* people off. The last thing Microsoft wants to do is build a phone, sell it, then have it returned because what they needed was not in the store. There were many returns in the 8.x days because of that.
  • Microsoft tried marketing WP7 and Nokia helped with WP8. It didn't matter. They needed a good product to market and they needed other manufacturers onboard and helping with the push. Microsoft never gave the manufacturers a reason to be excited about Windows Phones.
  • The single feature making Windows Phone sour for manufacturers is automatic updates. You cannot survive if devices take 3 or 4 years to get broken.
  • Automatic updates? Manufacturers are still in control of updates, even the Acer Jade Primo has already been left behind and it barely a year old! That isn't an issue for manufacturers. That they have no control over the software on their devices other than adding some apps, that is the issue. Why would Samsung be as excited about their Windows phone, which will have all Microsoft's features and interfaces, as they would about their Galaxy phone which has their own interface, features and even chipset. That is the issue with Windows Phone.
  • I don't disagree and I don't think MS would either, with one exception. They have already missed on mobile. That is the point in their retrenchment strategy. Understand what is next and be able to act faster than this gen. Have an actual plan of attack instead of just releasing phones hoping that people buy and devs build apps. If new hardware were to be released, would your daughter want one? Chances are no, it doesn't have the apps she wants/needs.
  • Tech bloggers also responsible for windows mobile failure
  • I don't disagree. It has never been given a fair shot outside of this community. Perfect storm of crap.
  • NO. Tech Bloggers told the truth. I actually went watching videos on the 950xl. and when it was released, the OS was a buggy crappy mess. and that was being sold to customers. Its not until anniversary update that everything smoothed out. SO MICROSOFT is 100% responsible for WINDOWS MOBILE failure....NO ONE ELSE....
  • The only one responsible for Windows phones failure is Microsoft. They played the smartphone completely wrong. The made every mistake they could. Microsoft alone is to blame.
  • Instagram has twice the amount of traffic as Snapchat. Snapchat is also a money loser, it's never made a profit.
  • Tell that to the millions of people that use it and it is a deal breaker for them. We can talk stats and numbers all day long, the reality is that it is a deal breaker for those that use it. And that is a lot of people.
  • They pulled the plug because they are led by an cost cutting obsessed maniac! WP8.1 was fast, stable and reliable while win10mo is a slow junk!
  • It is sad, but again, it makes sense considering that this is a retrenching phase. It is also cool that Japan went from 0% to 0.2%.
  • 2 people bought a Lumia 650 for 10USD :D
  • Haha so funny! /s
  • I love Windows, but my 550 is already cracking up on me. With no replacement to this phone in the market, I might have to shift to Android (which I'm badly wanting to avoid). Just hope that MS or any other OEM come up with a phone soon.
  • You can find 950s and XLs for fairly cheap on amazon. Just grabbed an XL for 300.
  • If you consider 300 for a phone cheap you must be utterly crazy or born in the iphone age where people think paying as much for a phone as for a PC with all appliances is - okay 
  • What are you talking about? Unlocked handsets are typically 500-700. Those prices have come down in the last few years since carrier subsidies have gone away and manufactures are now finally competing. But, yes, 300 for an XL sized phone is cheap.
  • Get a cheap 950
  • Plenty of other phones to get...950, 950xl, 640, 640xl. alcatel idol 4s, HP Elite x3, 650, Cerulean (coming soon), perhaps mid-low end HP' can find HTC's etc....
  • Soon I'll join the lagdroid realm 😆 for the Nokia P1 💪🏼 Microsoft has really wasted Nokia's legacy, enough is enough.
  • What friggin legacy??? Nokia was dead in the water before Microsoft rescued them. They refused to change way way before Microsoft came along. Nokia is going to come out with the same looking phone as before, ho hum, boring, boring, time to move on...Microsoft has! Nokia has produced some good phones, and excellent cameras, but they had major management problems pre-Microsoft, so stop blaming MS for Nokias **** ups! Microsoft is doing the ONLY thing that can be done - create something else - new hardware model, different software models.
  • What are the absolute numbers of Windows phone and windows 10 mobile devices?
  • Not sure how they would figure that one. If I turn on my 1520 for 30 mins to look if there are any new apps that I can use..(disapointed every time)..then turn it off and put it back on the shelf does that count me as a windows phone user?
  • How about giving it to somebody who uses it like me , will pay too
  • hehe ive sold and bought the 1520 like 3 times. Its sad but I love the damn thing it like a child. I wish the platform had the apps i need cause i would of stayed. You can still be a wp fan even if you moved on. Long live the 1520 :).
  • Im using the moto z right now. I wish lenovo would make a microsoft mod i could stick on the back and have a duel boot phone. It would'nt be hard their pc stick are just as small. Maybe after win 10 arm comes it could happen.
  • You count as a user,
    but you do not account for market share in respect of the referenced table 
    because they measure deviced sold in a specific period.   
  • 0 and 0 wevenhuis
  • Anyone know the absolute number?
    0 and 0 unlikely. I have a 950 xl and 1520 on 10 mobile. Another commenter has slated 3. So that's at least 0-5 or 3-2.
  • I guess jokes don't come across in comments! Obviously its not 0-0.
  • I don't mind a joke or two, but I have still not got closer to an answer in my comment string. Trying to steer the conversation towards that.
  • Unless Windows Phone would include an Android app running emulator or whatever kind of software to make Android apps run on (a shell on) Windows Phone, there's not going to be any change upward
  • That didn't help BlackBerry, it probably wouldn't help Microsoft.
  • Exactly. They need to come up with a Surface Phone and a $1 billion dollar advertising campaign to go with it.
  • We will never know. It would have given loyal customers a means of circumventing personal app gaps. Also, proposing Windows Phones to friends and colleagues would get much easier, which never was a no-brainer.
  •   Woudl be great, but it will not happen.  If Microsoft had plans to go this route, they could / should have done this in 2016. 
    Not sure if anyone would care if the came up with it now.   
  • They actually had plans and promises, it was up and running autumn 2015, then cancelled due to "stability issues", which turned out to be W10M itself.
  • The situation is so bad, the WC writers are getting their figures mixed up ☹ Anyway, here at home I managed to fend off an Android offensive as my wife's Lumia 1020 broke and the insurer couldn't fix/replace it. Instead they suggested as "suitable replacements" an LG G5 (really?!?!?), an Xperia E5 or a Samsung J500 🙄 Luckily the other option was a cash settlement (more than the value of any of the replacement options) which meant the missus is now sporting a brand new 950 XL 😎
  • NIce! It's an awesome phone, still the best camera, it. Even over a year old still great.
  • Sales figures are relatively irrelevant when there is no sales push.
  • It's extra devastating if you look at these numers in terms of drop from their previous market share. The relative change in WP market share over only one year is dramatic:  USA               -50% Germany         -61% GB                 -82% France            -62% Italy                -52% Spain              -67% China              -92% Australia          -70% Japan              +infinity! EU5                -64%
  • Yeah Japan!!
  • It is even worse when you consider the growth and fall in the last few years including all the wasted budget and development they wasted into the US market when the EU market was overtaking iOS in a few markets 
  • That is of purchased devices. It is obvious if lumia was discontinued and other oems did not have a global scope. I am surprised with ms lack of interest and investment the number isn't 0%. That is people are still buying when there is no devices offered.
  • Percentage does not mean anything. 1% of 100 is 1, 1000 is 10, 10000 is 100... etc... so there are at last counts 2.5 Billion smart phones in the market... I am fine with 1% of that. 2,500,000,000 x .01 = 250,000,000 so 250 million Windows Phones or roughly the population of the United States. Not such a small number.
  • You might be fine with those numbers, but that doesn't mean Microsoft are.
  • One percent of 2.5 billion is 25 million - you're off by an order of magnitude.
  • Opps... carried an extra zero... still close to the population of some counties...
  • A Nokia with windows mobile will success?  
  • Nokia dont even want to dream with Windows, and we all know why. Few were brave and ask them on fb if any new phone would have Windows installed. Answer was NO. Only android focused-.
  • I loved my Windows Phone. I was sad to go back to Android. I didn't leave Windows Phone, though. It left me. There were no replacement devices available to upgrade to. This is the norm. Unless MS puts something out soon and starts to support it (not fast ring, the average user is not going to sign up for alpha or beta testing), the bleeding will eventually kill the host.
  • I'm with ya. When my 950 died, there wasn't anything to upgrade to so I went back to Android and the S7. It's a really nice phone but I miss the live tiles and Windows Mobile UI/UX
  • Same here...well my 650 hasn't died but it was so slow I just became frustrated and there's nothing attractive you can buy any more in the UK (some remaindered full price 950 stock via Amazon perhaps but that's not appealing). I bought a mid-range Android to replace it, loaded it with Microsoft's Arrow launcher, which gives a W10 kind of feel to the homescreen even without tiles) and so far I've found it pretty great. And no I don't play games or need Snapchat, but contactless payment is not a trivial app, and the whole thing feels like it's still going somewhere. If MS ever does pull something out of the hat I'd still be interested, but there's no sign of it right now and for the moment I have found a better solution. Looking at these market share figures it seems I'm not alone.   
  • Could have easily gotten a 950xl from Germany. 2 minutes from the UK??? $308 US. Massively cheap phone for the awesome specs.
  • That's exactly how I see it too. Windows mobile left me. when they refused to update my phone 1020 to windows 10 mobile when it runs fine on it....for a few insider freak outs....considering it was running like SHAT on most everything at the time....was the final straw....see ya, enough with the back pedaling. Been through it to many times with MS and phones. Went to an iPhone 6s and HAPPY CAMPER!
  • HP Elite x3, Alcatel Idol 4s, Acer Jade Primo, Microsoft 950 and 950xl.....
  • The 950 and 950 XL are old now. The HP and Acer Pirmo are nice and the Alcatel is mid range. Regardless, they are all GSM-only devices. How many can be used on CDMA in the US like on Verizon, the largest network in the US, or Sprint? Windows Mobile can only expect to get a small portion of users from AT&T and T-Mobile in the US. This leaves Verizon and Sprint out of the picture. That severely limits it potential.
  • whats funny is that if I was considering buying a windows phone, I would buy the 950/xl before any of the other offerings. Older or not.
  • Microsoft simply doesn't care its that simple. The pace they are moving to fix this is slower than Thorsten Heins pace to release Blackberry 10
  • And we all know how that went. Lol
  • percentages are crap.. there are 7 000 000 000 000 people on this world if we say like 1 000 000 000 000 have a mobile phone . then lets say worldwide windows phone ./ mobile has 0.1 % that are a shitload of phones still. so give real numbers ,, its more impressive and gives a better view.
  • "1 000 000 000 000" 1 trillion phone? I'd say your numbers are crap. At 1 billion phones (this number is low) 1% (this number is high) would be just 10 million devices. Also the Kantar numbers are sales share, not usage share.
  • Very sad,this os don't deserve this...Windows mobile is amazing,look amazing,runs amazing.My first phone was android,after 1 year i buyed a lumia 635 with 90$.Not words to describe him,he have 3 years and runs like in first they,i give to my mom.After lumia 635 i buyed again android.After 3 months i selled,and buyed lumia 640 another amazing phone at his price.Android is very vulnerabile,after 2 years work like a s..t.  
  • What the H*** is wrong with Japan? 
  • theyre haters.  they also dont want xbox.  they are bland loyalists so basically its always Sony Vs Nintendo in that territory.
  • I thought someone took a revenge by giving w-mobile to a group of people. 
  • Japan actually grew .2
  • And that's what is wrong with them !!
  • Oh, I know. I was replying to onysi.
  • They're smart.
  • surprising to see it so high in France.  I've always thought the design of WP caters to the schick and elegant lifestyle of french people.  I mean compared to the other two that looks like a piece of windows 98 desktop (LOL), it really stands out.
  • Ok wp is gone, Satya owns a gayPhone (it seems he NEVER owned a wp).
    I hope Android dominates the entire world now.Apple really sucks.
  • I have a (gayphone) iPhone as you would call it venetasoft....guess what my wife would say otherwise to you regarding my iPhone being gay....or users for that matter....
  • You are such a DB.
  • why thank you.
  • Still waiting for the Surface Phone release. Hopefully when it does it ain't a museum piece.
  • It's seriously Microsoft's fault for this. Ever since Nadella took helm, it seemed that he would not accept that Nokia deal and just let it rot. Before him we saw an entire pipeline of inspirational devices come, keeping the small market share relatively stable, and in some cases growing to double digits in some markets. The 950 was probably the last device from the Nokia lineage that they had in the pipeline before Nadella came into play, and he just continued with it. I'm sure there were no new projects after that planned. This Surface Phone is going to be a joke. At least when they had Nokia they had the photo feature down, and we're innovating and keeping ahead of the pack. You could say before your camera's quality was better handsdown compared to the competition, but now, that tech is stale, Galaxies and iPhones are taking back that space, and what do we have? Continuum. A business centered feature that barely appeals to consumers. Until Miracast is built into every TV, and is labeled as so (look at Samsung TVs saying connect a Samsung phone, what consumer would think to use their WP for that?), Continuum is a dud feature, even in the business segment because they are tight wads not wanting to invest. So we have a platform that's just rotting away.
  • Nadella's fault or Stephen Elop's fault? What makes a platform good? When Elop was CEO of Nokia and Nokia still wasn't part of Microsoft Nokia could still be building phones with both Android and Windows Phone, but Elop I don't know why refused to build phones based on Android.  If Nokia made Android phones during that era, and Microsoft saw Nokia sales on Android, it would definitely have caused a chain reaction (like when first iPhone appeared) inside the Microsoft company and they could have taken Mobile seriously. Today is today, and yesterday is the past, no one can change the past, but I think all this was Stephen Elop's fault and not Nadella's. Just my 2 cents.
  • Of Course! those who hold the power of Windows Phone, are..... Gods.... Legend has it that only the purist of heart can hold its power, and punishes with migty force those who aren't. That is why theifts can't even touch the device... they fear their life, for little it is worth. No one steals a Windows Phone.
  • No one get a joke, I see. I guess there isn't many WP users here.
  • WP will be ok.... It last this long
  • If iOS Bridge succeeds, there is a chance of making OEMs and carriers interested in this platform again, but if it doesn't succeed, Windows 10 on ARM will only attract a very small # of professionals that want to install desktop apps (dev apps, scientific apps, etc that are not available on iOS or Android ARM ecosystemtoday) .  So if iOS Bridge fails, Windows Phone marketshare will be lower every year, not even Surface Phone can change this. BTW I'm going to get a Surface Phone if Windows 10 on ARM is available and I can install my desktop apps in my phone
  • The iOS bridge is always two versions backward, no Swift support... hence Microsoft open sourced it, and slow progress almost perfectly shows, that they have lost interest. It was a dumb idea, anyway. And, btw, iOS is slowly getting its own app gap.
  • Microsoft is taking (or was) decisions to bring mobile developers to Windows Mobile world. The have Xamarin and incorpored it on VS, making migration pretty simple. If it's not enough, what else? And I don't believe developers are using native tools to deliver a