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Microsoft Lumia is dead, but that's not news

Over the last few days, a wealth of news articles and sudden discussion on social media has arisen surrounding the fact that Microsoft has started removing their Lumia's from physical Microsoft Stores and rumors suggesting the company will stop selling Lumia altogether in December. This move shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone, fan or not, as we've known since early this year that 2016 would see the last of the Lumia line. At some point, the Lumia line of devices would start to be phased out, and now that's happening.

We exclusively revealed several months ago that the Lumia 650 would be the last Lumia to be released by Microsoft, "last" meaning there will be no more new Lumia's after the 650 went on sale. The 650 has been out for a while now, and lo-and-behold we're yet to see a new Lumia handset hit the market.

If you're surprised at the fact Microsoft is done with the Lumia line, then you likely haven't been paying much attention. Lumia is dead and has been dead since the 650 went on sale. The fact of the matter is Microsoft is now focusing on business devices, including Surface Pro, Surface Book, HP Elite x3 and indeed, the Surface Phone. What people don't seem to be able to understand is that killing Lumia doesn't mean Windows 10 Mobile is going with it.

Hardware, not Software

Lumia is hardware; Windows 10 Mobile is software. Microsoft can kill the Lumia line without affecting Windows 10 Mobile development in any way, which is good news for the less than 1% still clinging onto the platform. Windows 10 Mobile isn't going anywhere, as it's a huge part of the "One Windows" vision Microsoft is painting with Windows 10. If you pull Windows 10 Mobile, you're crushing a huge part of the Windows 10 vision.

Microsoft is pulling its consumer line of Windows phones because Windows on a phone isn't aimed at them anymore. Windows 10 Mobile's focus is specifically business, and handsets like the recently available HP Elite x3 and upcoming Surface Phone will be where this platform shines the most. Other OEMs are by all means welcome to continue building Windows phones, because like I mention above, Windows 10 Mobile isn't dead. But the 1st part Lumia line that so many of you have come to know and love is indeed going away.

What does this mean for those of you who have already purchased a Lumia? Nothing. If you bought an X50 handset, especially the flagships, you'll be supported for quite a while. Microsoft is building Windows 10 Mobile and continuing to service existing supported phones. Microsoft pulling Lumia's from store shelves won't change that. Of course, at some point, this support will end, but that's the case with all smartphones on the market, Windows or not. I suspect the X50 line of Lumia's will be supported for an expected amount of time before Microsoft pulls the plug.

I don't see this as bad news, I see it as a fresh start for Windows phones

I understand this is frustrating to hear, but it's not all bad news. The platform you know, and love isn't going away, the only thing that's changing here is Microsoft is slimming down its phone hardware division, killing off what hasn't worked and focusing on a more niche market that (hopefully) will.

The Lumia line has failed, and Microsoft is now looking to the future with a Surface Phone. I don't see this as bad news; I see it as a fresh start for Windows phones, one that might see more success in the long run.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows 10 on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • I think another valid point here is talking about Windows Phone market share at this time is pointless. It's essentially bottomed out and stalled. No one is contending anything different and it is one reason why we don't bother reporting numbers anymore. Once you consider margins of error there is no market share here so talk of it getting "worse" is weird. This is the bottom, folks. Take a look around. Will starting from the ground up with a focus on productivity, make things better? It is certainly a tough sell. On the other hand, if Microsoft does one thing well it is business/enterprise work. A strong case can be made that Windows Phone went too far with the consumer side, forgoing enterprise completely. The issue here is Microsoft tends to swing in extremes and now I wonder if they are going in the complete opposite direction. Let's hope they don't swing too far. Either way, I'm rocking this Elite x3 pretty hard and will write more about it next week. It's amazing hardware, just not for your average Joe (cost). Ironically, it's probably the best Windows phone created yet. Zac and I talk more about it on this week's podcast due Monday morning.
  • So, Dan, are you using the HP for your daily and forgoing the 950?
  • I am! I switched in the first 4 hours after updating it and installing software. The camera is much better than I had thought and the fantastic. Zac and I are both surprised at how much we like it due to our poor experience with non-Lumia devices in the past. It's a remarkable, albeit expensive, phone.
  • Wow. I'm surprised! All I know at this point is: I love windows mobile. Love it. We just need hardware that others will get energized with. Our hardware is good, but the Lumia brand is hurting us far more than helping, in my opinion.
  • I wish Nokia returns
  • They will kinda return, but not the same anymore. Its still a mystery on that front, but the existence of Nokia tablet (very limited market) gives a hint that they can back to smartphone game if they're ready. Thing is, they lost the manufacturing to Microsoft (and MS killed it anyways so nada), so Nokia left being like an ODM. Designing hardware and give license to the manufacturer for the Nokia brand. They can still release W10M if they wish to, but for a while that possibility is really slim, considering the market of W10M is just basically non-existent to consumers and MS lack of push atm.
  • Nokia will not put a dent in Samsungs Android or Apple's dominance in the cell market just like Windows Phones made by Nokia didn't. Unfortunately, the tech landscape is biased and Microsoft will not advertise Windows Phone either, so you can almost say they're biased against themselves. Microsoft has also started a Scroogled like campaign against macs too. I honestly feel they need to just highlighted their devices with elegance, but for some reason they like a marketing company with a childlike attitude.
  • Totally agreed campaign is where Microsoft sucks at high level, specifically in last few years. 
  • I've been bombarding Satya and Terry Myerson's twitter pages all weekend, please join me in doing so, it's the only way they will hear our voices as they don't actively follow feedback. My twitter name is the some as here; @OMG55, follow me and read some of my tweets to them and join in : ) be classy though, we don't want to upset them!
  • Ohh yeah ! But even a million of us won't be of any help. Because, it's Microsoft!! They have insiders but don't listen really. They only 'choose' what to listen to.
  • The programmers gather insider information and probably only submit thing they want. Again tweet the proper people on twitter; what's it going to hurt?
  • You do realize the number of savages here who call WC home? Careful what you ask for.
  • Need a rebel like u... They won't listen until we irritate them. Atleast they should release stable OS and kill support.
  • It s useless my friend....Satya lives in his "empower" dream (he sleeps) , Myerson is just the most idiot executive in the history.
  • They only care about money, not people. They are Americans, don't forget.
  • me too bro... those ******* ******** r the reason for everything
  • They made a great move when they put Surface Pro tablets on the NFL sidelines. That must have sold a couple of million Surface tablets.
  • Did you see Bill Belichek throw his Surface into the trash DURING the game? Great advertisement there!
  • Indeed! Those lame childlish ads will just backfire MS and getting shame themselves. If they think their products are great, then highlight those without name calling. Execute it with elegance and being classy, be nice and show confidence without being cocky that will show the inferiority-complex instead. Market the product like its "magic" to average people, make it compelling, cool and useful. Its not about features or numbers of a,b,c,d. It should be about how this thing helps you to everyday life and to the people. They have to understand that people are not all geeks and this isn't about fanboy wars like a sports game, its a tool that help us to do something. This is really other part of the coin that I dislike about MS, not because theyre entirely bad and doesn't contribute to technology in general. Its their lack of proper execution, understanding to people and its customers, and simply not even believing to their own potential (oddly this is used to be their slogan "Your Potential, Our Passion"). It confuse me what MS really wants to do on the market and that cringes me since it wasted great things from them into oblivion, then after a while suddenly somebody came up with similar idea if not close one then became successful with it. Microsoft sure does have more than capability to innovate and its easy to say they're true innovator, but that's half the coin when they can't even execute it to most people to be useful. HoloLens is now a modern example where Microsoft shows how they can innovate things and how much talent it has. I'm am both tremendously excited and concern about it. Concern that for whatever issue comes up, it might get canned if not completly killed, or the progress is too slow that others manage to catch up and surpass them. I would be still glad if AR similar to HoloLens continues on other companies, but still disappointment when MS who had a good headstart lost the race in the long run.
  • "if they think" have u seen ir usedthe surface 4 it amazing
  • I own one and issue them to management at my job. They love them, but people don't like distasteful ads; believe it or not, this could cause people to stop supporting MS.
  • Except Apple ran a campaign like that for a long time and it seems it worked for them.
  • Except Apple ran a campaign like that for a long time and it seems it worked for them.
    Did it actually?  That ad campaign was for the Macintosh.  I don't believe it's market share has improved that much.      
  • You must have been living under a rock during that period. Those commercials completely changed Apple's sales figures for their iMac's and MacBook's.
  • Ok I agree with nearly all of this post. Nearly all because for the most part I feel the same way but not as strongly as you stated. Microsoft is frequently ahead of everyone else with ideas yet when it comes to execution they frequently fail. I think they did great with execution on Windows Phone, but people failed to see its worth. I think that a lot of the marketing behind out could have been better to help with that. Its like they use an in-house marketing team. Just hire an agency that Nike or Apple use, and let them at it. Make people feel passion for your product. And iron or the bugs BEFORE you release the product. I think with the Insider program, this OS, mobile and desktop will improve, but it should be ready already since it's out in consumers hands already.
  • Sorry, I had Lumia 800 and 920 (still have them) and WP7 was behind when released. Only now with Win10M is MS finally on par with Android and iOS features, and arguably ahead with Continuum. Success now depends on hardware partners success.
  • "And iron or the bugs BEFORE you release the product." I think this is something Microsoft should take notice of. 
  • Please post some of your comments on their pages.
  • Whom? Which pages are you talking about?
  • @Satyansdella, @billgates, @terrymyerson, @joebelfiore, @paynospanay
  • I completely agree they need to get some apple marketing people because they can obviously sell things well no matter their quality. Look at their phones their tech is usually months if not years behind the competition but they add new features to their phones and bam its the newest innovative thing. Like apple pay and living images or w/e its called on iPhone neither were on iPhone first but Apple made them seem like it was and sold crazy amounts of phones because of it.
  • Apple's Marketing isn't that good. Right now they're just rolling on momentum from their success of the iPhone and are only doing brand recognition ads to stay relevant in the public mind. Most of their customers are repeats. In fact there isn't any iPhone ads in most areas of the world, yet the iPhone is the most popular cell phone. Word of mouth is the best advertiser for Apple. Samsung's marketing is better, but it has to be because the iPhone is so dominate.
  • Remember the "I'm a Mac - and i'm a PC" ads?? I do. They were memorable and were helpful to Apple. Were they "a marketing company with a childlike attitude"?
  • Great comments!!! I totally agree with you. Nobody making Windows phones will make any dent in Android/iPhone market because Windows mobile interface is lousy! MSF does not believe anyone and repeats its thing over and over again. Congested tiles are hard to read and pick. Android/iPhone approach with icons and titles easily accesible is BETTER and should be reproduced on WM10 - very easy to achieve without getting rid of tiles. Long list of apps whose names are cryptic most of the time, does not mean to much and is reduntand as well! The rest is too SPARTAN. No one likes it and that's why people don't buy it. Not because Windows Phone hardware is bad. Hardware is spectacular, I would say. Advertising their own products by diminishing value of the competion is totally wrong. It is low blow and does not create and positive feeling to MSF among end users, not even to me, 25 years long MSF fan. I have been repeating this what I wrote above everywhere I could with no response from Ballmer or Nadella. Shame on them...
  • "Hi, I'm a Mac" "And, I'm a PC" Ring any bells?
  • Nokia is the single biggest technology failure in the history of single big technology failures.  Even Microsoft buying them out couldn't save them.  Anyone who has ever dealt with Nokia knows that they have always been self-engrossed and supremely arrogant.  They simply refuse to acknowledge they failed and cast around looking for others to blame.  Lumia is the last remaining odour from Nokia - and the sooner it's expunged, the better. Rebooting Microsoft's phone line under an integrated Surface product line is very welcome.  However, Intel's abject failure at producing an X86 or X64 architecture with low-power consumption suitable for phone devices means Microsoft will now have to continue with Windows 10RT/Windows Phone (Windows for ARM) for phone devices.  This is unfortunate but there's nothing Microsoft can do about it.  The UWP platform will be seriously hampered by this as it will always mean a divide between mainstream X64 devices and low-powered ARM devices.  This will continue until ARM produces a CPU with the power of an Intel X64 CPU.  Likely sometime in the 23rd century.
  • This is the most dung commet ever;)). "Microsoft could not save nokia after they bought them". How dumb can a coment get? Well, even dumber. "Nokia always looked for somebody to blame". Bravo, your brain can enter the magical world of "i know nothing" and stay their with the biggest prize named: "This guy talks **** award". Nokia had to sell cause of a thing and that thing only. Software!!! At the time produced by microsoft. Funny, microsoft's mobile os got even wors, very quickly, after releaseing microsoft lumia devices. Go figure.
  • Well as a Nokia fan, I have to agree with Major...Nokia was and is an arrogant company. For years Nokia was ahead of the tech hardware world and they relished in that fact and became arrogant. Unfortunately, for all of their brilliance they failed to deal with their arrogance and it blinded them at a time when the tech world tides were churning. It's all history now, but Nokia should have been the Apple of today. Pride comes before the fall...
  • Microsoft didn't buy Nokia. Nokia invented the smartphones, we were using them while you we're still using retarded Motorola phones
  • no you are wrong. first smartphone was IBM Simon released in 1992-94.
  • Like I mentioned above, post some of your thoughts with class on Satya, Bill Gates, Terry, Joe B., and Paynos Panay's twitter pages. They need to hear these thing from their fans and they aren't coming to Windows central to read our thoughts or opinions! Follow me @OMG55 and read some of the tweets I sent each of them and join in. Paynos's beautiful creation(Surface) doesn't deserve to be destroyed by stupid marketing!
  • Was going to say the same about @hprvez posting to Microsoft with some intelligence without name calling. Unless @hprvez is 8 years old I will understand. From reading some of his posts he starts out intelligent but all doubt is removed at the end. And I think what you (@OMG55) started about communicating to Microsoft is a good start. I'll chime in.
  • Thank you kind sir! Pass this along to anyone you know who supports Microsoft by using Windows 10 mobile and if you've migrated your parents, grandparents create twitter accounts for them and tweet the pages for then too! After all you brought them to WP : )
  • I don't mean to be rude but WP recieved a major push because it was supported by Nokia and that is a fact. Microsoft had to buy Nokia Lumia line as Nokia was thinking of abandoning WP. After that they made a mess out of it. You might not believe it but WP was the no. 2 mobile OS after Android in many countries, India (thats where I am from) included. All that momentum was lost after the acquisition by Microsoft.
  • That's because people were upset and didn't want Nokia to sell, but Nokia's board made that decision and despite fins screaming of how great Nokia would be running android (DJCBS), there were no takers except Microsoft. Nokia's board could have rejected Microsoft's offer, but they didn't. Except it and move on!
  • Dont forget the trojan horse
  • Quite right. You will always lose momentum when there's a change of leadership and that new leadership doesn't believe in you.
    Microsoft will now have to continue with Windows 10RT/Windows Phone (Windows for ARM)...  The UWP platform will be seriously hampered by this... This will continue until ARM produces a CPU with the power of an Intel X64 CPU.
      Not sure I follow this argument.  A UWP app already supports ARM based systems.   How will continuing to use ARM instead of an x86 based system affect UWP?    What an x86 platform would bring is compatibility with non-UWP apps.  The ability to run Win32 apps instead.   And why on earth would ARM want to produce a chip with the power of an Intel x64 chip?  This is contrary to your initial argument about Intel needing a lower-power consumption chip. You first appear to understand the situation, then make a counter argument.  I don't understand what you're thinking.     
  • But didn't you read? This is all great news!!! Stop making phones is the only way for Windows Mobile to win.
  • I get your irony, but basically, I don't need Windows Mobile to win. I just want the OS to spread enough to be some sort of relevant for developers.
  • Nokia will be back. Just a matter of time.
  • Not in Windows they won't be. They aren't stupid.
  • Nokia with windows you mean, because their upcoming planned smartphones are androids.
  • They won't overtake Samsung in the Android market or put a dent in Apple's dominance in the cell arena and fail again. They shouldn't waste their time, money, or effort; the current CEO and board will make it another blackberry! When they sold the D/S division, they made the right call to focused on services despite what a few fans think. I'm a fan too, but I'm not delusional. Current device: Lumia 950 and loving it!
  • When will Samsung gives us more verity on Windows Phone and tablets?? This will boost WM OS!
  • When Satya stops being stupid waving Android royalties for big players like Samsung to put office on cellphone but having Google Docs on their home screens as widgets and office hidden. No disrespect to Satya, but that's just stupid!
  • Nokia still got a lot of patents, camera technology and Foxconn is behind them to. So who know what might happend. 
  • Foxcon is also behind Apple. Who do you think will get first dibs?
  • Nokia/Foxconn is a sort of joint venture company now. And they refused to lower the prices to Apple recently with parts and manufacturing. So the Foxconn Apple relationship will not be same as before when they more directly will competing in smartphone sales.    
  • They are actually preparing to return back by next year, but unfortunately not with Windows Phone anymore
  • Nokia is gone. The sold phone name rights to foxcon...
  • No they didn't. Foxconn is only manufacturing the devices like they do with everyone else. They have nothing else to do with Nokia's return. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Hi totally agree I love my window phone and it would be a very sad day not to have a window mobile / phone in my pocket. Tbh though my view on its failure is Ms marketing and advertising here in the uk wo started to gain real uptake based on word of mouth alone. If apple had developed the wp it would be everywhere on roller skates.
  • Satya's strategy of "retrenchment" is really just "retreat."  Windows Phone is dead.  Satya killed it.  It's time to move on.
  • You lucky one..!    I'm very happy to read your comment. I have a 950 since January and I'm still happy with it (overall performance and quality). I pre-ordered the HP and can't wait to put my hands on it, but I was wondering how the camera is compared to the 950. I'm reassured now.  
  • If you look at the comparison pictures online, it doesn't compare to the 950/XL handsets in terms of camera - It's not intending to compete on that front anyway. I hope MS when focussing on business aren't going to cop out on things like Camera - Yes it doesn't need to be the best camera on a smartphone, but it needs to be as good as the 950 on the flagship models (or at least be 1 phone model with different specs available, with one being totally maxxed out) They can focus on business/enterprise and maybe it will work but at the same time a LOT of people don't want to carry two phones around and with an iPhone or high end Android you still get ALL the productivity apps along with fantastic cameras that are close to or better than the 950/XL. Continuum is nowhere near at the point where it's enough of a USP for most business users. I can see cases for issuing Continuum enabled phones for sure, but for a majority of business users it's not enough to force them away from their iPhone for business use. The iPhone is a great business phone and a great consumer phone all in one - It's totally not my cup of tea but it is fast, reliable and has access to all major productivity apps no matter how much I dislike iOS for other reasons. The HP Elite X3 doesn't skimp anywhere really, far from it it's an awesome phone with a good enough camera and easily the most powerful W10M handset, BUT it can be improved on and the camera is one of the first places you could change for an easy win. What I will hate to see is if MS doesn't offer a flagship device that matches or betters an iPhone for business use (Nevermind consumer if the focus isn't there but it's not like people are desperate to move away from iPhone and high end Android handsets in the business world. There's no huge gap that MS can fill right now, but they can keep trying to change the mobile landscape and hopefully capitalise, but people still need to be able to have it all in a business phone when the competition is already so heavily used there)
  • very good point iPhone is everything = productivity, gaming, taking photos, maximum app support, unified HW. It can do everything under 1 hood and everybody around the world knows it so WHY would people change from Apple to HP/Microsot? No reason. Continium is still a joke and the app support is non existent. This are the biggest problems of this platform but this isnt new, its the same since WP 6.5. Nothing changed.
  • By all means Continuum is not a "joke". It's trying something radical, but it is still in its infancy. That the idea can be executed is what they're looking at, and my bet is that it's existence even in its current form will drive competing OS to deliver better in the future. You can't see a crawling baby and call it a joke because it can't walk.
  • Continuum is the answer to a problem no one has
  • LOL!! well said
  • Because it is unreasonably expensive and has still huge security problems apple is not able to fix and never will. But it's still the best choice, by far, if the other one is lagdroid
  • The best phone I have ever used is my s7 edge. We have an iphone 6 as well and I hate it. Ive owned every flagship wp up to 950xl. I still love the ui of wp, but once I switched to "lagdroid" holy **** I was missing out. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • because Apple is a joke and they think they can charge people anything and get away with it. Also because a Windows 10 phone is much better than the glorified and double as expensive IPhone. That's why.
  • Well, still they do already switch to Android/W10M. Some of the reasons are price and consistency between devices. iPhone is loosing everywhere. The real comparison is not with an iPhone at all, but Android devices. Like Samsung S and Note series. Probably you live the US where iPhone is still big. Focus on bussiness and consistency between business devices will be a big plus. People business mostly don't look to far and focus on name/brand/consistency.
  • Is there right click in continuum? And text selection like desktop?
  • Really honest perspective. A 'fanboy' that isn't fanatical! That is not seen often, at least here.
  • I disagree that the iPhone is a great business phone and that you get ALL apps. The x3 has the advantage of virtualizing the x86 programs -- real workhorse stuff and custom LOB programs. I have to use an iPhone for work and it is a truly awful experience amd very frustrating. Additionally, the management of iphones for the IT department is a fricken nightmare.
  • The virtualizing is done via the cloud. Literally ANYONE can do that. HP just has to make that app available to iOS/Android.
  • Wrong. It uses Continuum.
  • Oh ya, I have an actual PC.
  • Actually a virtual engine running on continuum utilizes a server based program on the cloud to emulate an x86 environment, not the real deal, a nice approximation, thanks for the boost and encouragement HP. Still, I am hoping for a true x86 capable windows phone.
  • Do you have mouse support on ios/android? Can you use your phone separately while using the virtualized app on a big screen with ios/android? In all respect it's a totally different thing.
  • Why would you want to? A virtualized app running on a snapdragon processor. Sounds wonderful. Heck, just RD into an actual PC.
  • virtualiation sounds good to ears but is marred by lag and performance issues more often than not
  • Android has had mouse support for freaking YEARS, Windows Mobile JUST got it.
  • windows mobile had keyboard/mouse support from pocket pc era.
  • I have an iPhone 6s plus for work. I hate the ****** thing. It is not easy to get around, takes longer to do the same things I do on my 950. Often, I give up and do the work stuff on my 950 except calls and texts.
  • This is why they should offer good consumer facing phones too! I'm am IT director and consumer at the same time! The lines have blurred since the iPhone yet Microsoft, Dell, and HP doesn't get it; who do you think brought iPhone and Android into the enterprise..... CONSUMERS! If they continue to ignore this like they did with WP initially, they're signing their own death certificate. Taking about a mobile phone's camera isn't marketing when; depending on cell carriers who back stabbed you in 2010 and currently isn't marketing, OEM's do the same making an inferior product not marketing or supporting it doesn't work.
  • @OMG55 I'm of the belief that Microsoft is indeed after the consumer as well as the enterprise. Their duo user (personal/professional) philosophy is one that dictates how they approach hardware and software, to conform to the user in all contexts. Nadella has been vocal about that objective. :-)
    They're currently aiming they're hardware at the enterprise, nut I also believe they see they total person, that personal user within the professional, and by nescessity are playing the long game to reach the total person there.
    Now though most OEMs have also chosen to target business others such ad Alcatel are clearly also after consumers.
    "Microsoft and the duo user"
  • But they still need to advertise on national TV. A few internet Pop up ads isn't going to do the trick and OEM salespeople do not come out on sales calls; they take the, "Our name alone will sell our products" until years end when they must meet quotas. Believe me, I'm an IT director, I know what I experience every year!
  • They tried advertising and it didn't work. You need a compelling product otherwise advertising only gets you so far. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Possibly the ONLY benefit Microsoft accrued from the acquisition of Nokia was their camera technology.  It's funny to see companies like Apple scrambling around to try to catch up with Lumia's camera.  The iPhone 7 has two cameras and can still only manage 12 megapixel resolution.  The 950XL has 21 MP and takes excellent pictures.  And keep in mind, Microsoft still has an amazing 42 megapixel technology on the shelf should they ever decide to reuse it. 
  • Yes true but the software outside of Rich Capture is outdated now. You can do so much more with Android devices than on any other platform. The new LG V20 even has focus peeking in the stock camera app. Windows 10 Mobile just got what...panorama? Come on now. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yeah you can lag, you can give all your data to google or any kid hacking your lagdroid, don't forget you can also get a lot of malwares simply browsing sites lol
  • Sounds just like Windows 10! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It's not the megapixels that's the problem. It's the fact that up until the 6s, they had the tiniest camera sensor and aperture out of any flagship, which was pathetic. The 7 finally has comparable hardware, with a larger aperture and pixel size than the 950, but slightly smaller sensor. Also, the trade off to having more megapixels is that you end up with smaller pixels, so to compensate you need even larger sensors. Like the Galaxy S7, the iPhone 7 plus has the potential to be better than the 950, at least hardware wise. I was disappointed in the 950 camera when it was first announced because it was evolutionary hardware changes and didn't offer anything exciting. I'm still waiting for optical zoom or some stand out feature that is better and more compact than current phones that have it, and if anyone can pull it off it should be MS when they acquired Nokia. But these days I don't have very high hopes for MS/Nokia to reclaim the title of camera king.
  • Megapixels doesn't mean jack mate.
  • Many DSLRs have only 8 megapixel resolution. Are you saying that 950XL takes better pictures than 8 MP DSLR? Or why are you talkin abaut megapixels? 
  • Please stop with "It's not intending to compete" argument. Every potential phone buyer judges it based on what THEY want from a phone, not what the manufacturer intended or not intnded to do. It either has a competitive camera or not
  • Please MS release a Win10M ROM for the Galaxy Note 7.
  • Yes please. And please put an anti theft feature where if your phone is stolen, you can set the battery to explode and kill the thief.
  • Lets leave it at exploding.
  • Continiuum might not be enough but if 950xl was surface pen compatible then it would have meant bussiness users could sign on on documents. Macbook tr