Windows Phone Design team on 2015 OS redesign rumor: LOL

Earlier this week, a rumor was started by a certain “journalist” who shall remain unnamed stating that the Windows Phone team was looking to “start over” in 2015, including a re-write of the OS and that they were even considering toying with the Modern look of the UI.

A few of you tipped us on it, asking us to cover the news but it’s a safe bet that if we don’t re-report something, it’s because we think it’s garbage. Indeed, this “journalist” has been more wrong than right in his ambitious predictions about Microsoft, Nokia and Windows Phone in the past, but other tech sites are addicted to his bold headlines.

Now, the Windows Phone Design team, responsible for the UI and "theory" behind Windows Phone, has evidently had enough, as they have publicly rebuked the rumor via their Twitter account.

In a posting, just over an hour ago, the team humorously wrote the following:

 "Scrapping everything and starting over"? Hahaha.

In a later Tweet, in response to someone jokingly accusing the team of being drunk, they retorted with “nah. The guy who started that rumor is though” and “don't believe everything you read”.

Indeed, that is very sage advice. Just because something appears on the internet folks, doesn’t mean there’s any truth to it.  And if Windows Phone Central is seemingly ignoring a story, it’s probably because we don’t think it’s worth its salt and we have good reason to not run it. That means it doesn’t even register on our “rumor meter”.  Such is the case here but it is worth reporting when the team behind our Windows Phone design squashes such a fabrication.

The fact is, we have no idea what Windows Phone will be like in 2015 and it seems premature to be talking about any overhauls or system-wide changes. We do know that the Windows team is working more closely with the Windows Phone one (for better and worse, friction can happen) but what this results in as a final product, is way too early to say.

Source: @WPDesign Team; Thanks, willysocks2222, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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