Windows Phone developer hooks up Cortana to control his lights

We’re very excited to see what developers can do by integrating their apps with Cortana. It’s a very promising future for those on Windows Phone 8.1. One developer has already started to play around with Cortana. Matt Cavanagh, a guy from South Africa who is well-known in the Windows Phone developer scene, has hooked up Cortana to control his lights. Check the video after the break.

It’s a quick and early look at the possible integration of Cortana and your favorite apps. Matt used a Cortana on Windows Phone, a Netduino, a Bluetooth module and a normal 240v desk lamp to get this early concept up and running. You don’t even have to work too hard to see Microsoft getting into home automation and have Cortana truly be your personal assistant by controlling everything around you.

Pretty cool concept from Matt and we're excited to see him take it a bit further. In the meantime check out VALA: Alpha, his new Windows Phone 8 game 

Any other developers out there have fun concepts with Cortana running? Be sure to share with us!

Via: @roguecode

Sam Sabri