Windows Phone Game Review: Daredevil Mouse

Daredevil Mouse for Windows Phone

Looking for a painfully difficult physics game for your Windows Phone? Take a look at Daredevil Mouse.

This multi-level game has you controlling a mouse through multiple jumps to get a piece of cheese.  Daredevil Mouse is a game where you send your mouse, encased in a hamster ball, through a series of jumps, twists and twirls to snag a piece of cheese.  The multi-level game isn't for the faint of heart (either that or I'm really bad at this game) and while the challenge can be frustrating, it also seems to draw you back to the game.

The main menu for Daredevil Mouse is about as simple as it can get. You have options to play the game, view the About screen and read where another chapter of the game is in the works. The current chapter, "Will Jump 4 Cheese" has thirty-two levels that can be replayed to better your score.

The goal is simple, navigate your mouse to the cheese ball. You control the mouse (who is inside a hamster ball) by two thumb controls that rest on the left and right corner of the screen. The left button has the rodent spin to the left and the right sends him spinning to the right.  Your score is based on the number of mice that fall to their fate before one successfully gets to the cheese.

I would say that game play was entertaining but I apparently have absolutely zero skills at jumping a mouse around the screen.  All of which kinda took away from the entertainment value.  However, for those who have greater skills at Daredevil Mouse I can see the entertainment value.

Challenging? Daredevil Mouse is very challenging but for me pain stakingly so. Graphics are nicely done, the levels progress with difficulty, and strangely I find myself coming back to the game.

All in all, Daredevil Mouse is a challenging game for your Windows Phone.  It can be frustratingly challenging at times but in a way that adds to the game's appeal.  It's as if the game is daring you to try just one more time to get at that piece of cheese.  The entertainment value is there as well as the challenge, making Daredevil Mouse well worth a try.

Daredevil Mouse is a free, ad-supported game that you can grab here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.  Good luck.

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George Ponder

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