Windows Phone Game Review: Permutile2

Permutile2 is a new puzzle game that has landed over in the Windows Phone Marketplace. You swap tiles around the game board to find their targeted position. Permutile2 supports single player, two-player and you vs. the computer mode. With the single player you try to get all the tiles into the right position in the least amount of moves. With the two-player or vs. computer mode, you try to get more tiles into position than your opponent.

Add four levels of play and up to five board or grid sizes and Permutile2 has plenty of gaming to keep you challenged. Game play is simple yet challenge and the Permutile is well presented from the graphics to the menu layout. It's a nice puzzle addition to the Windows Phone game line up.

The main menu of Permutile2 is laid out in tile fashion with options to access a help section, start a one player game, view other game titles by the developer, start a vs. computer game, and start a two-player game.

The help section presents how to play the game in an easy to follow manner. You are facing a grid of numbered tiles and you have to swap the tiles around until they find their target position. The number on the tile represents how far away the tile is from landing on its target position. The game defines "how far" as being the number of rows plus the number of columns away.

Just tap the tile you want to move and then tap the tile you want to swap it with. When you're playing the Easy Level, the tiles that are possible target locations will have their number circled. You know you've found the target position when the number changes into a star.

The game screen on Permutile2 has all your stats along the top of the screen that includes how many times you've played the particular level/grid size, the average number of moves/score and the best moves/score for the puzzle. Just below your stats is the current game score.

Down below are five tile buttons that reset the game, access the help section, rate the app over on the Marketplace, view your achievements/leaderboard. The three dot tile pulls up access to your gaming stats, reset the stats, adjust the volume, and view more games from the developer.

Permutile Solo Game

In the single player game, you start with 1,000 point and with each move, points are deducted. Again, the goal is to get all the tiles into their targeted position in as few moves as possible. All of which will result in a higher score.

In the two-player or vs. computer games, you'll have the same tile buttons along the bottom of the screen but the stats up top change. You will have game stats along the top indicating the number of times you've played the particular level/grid, average score and best score. Your current game stats appear just below that with the number of successful tile placements each player has and a pie chart illustrating the score.

With both the single player and versus modes, you can leave unfinished games to pick up later.  All of which adds to the appeal of Permutile2 in that you don't feel the pressure of completing a game and instead, play at your own pace. 

All in all, Permutile2 is a fun game for your Windows Phone. The game has plenty of levels and grid sizes to keep it from getting boring. It's a nice game to pass the time with or challenge a friend during down times.

Permutile2 is a free Windows Phone game and you can grab it here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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