Windows Phone UK explains history of Tiles and shows off what James Corden has pinned

Windows Phone UK has uploaded a number of new videos on its YouTube account. The first being a history on how tiles have evolved, from roof tiles to the tiles in the bathroom that have no choice but put up with awful shower karaoke. Of course, Windows Phone owners know Live Tiles as a useful way to provide information to the smartphone user without requiring to fire up any apps. 

It's well worth checking out for some light humour on how tiles have evolved and how Microsoft is taking the concept further with its Windows family of products. Another video worth viewing (as it's related) is a short, but sweet look at which apps James Corden has pinned to his start screen. There's no Windows Phone Central Live Tile, but we'll let him off... for now.

Source: YouTube (1) (2), thanks, Mark, for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Only good videos shows where to buy Lumia 810 shells from. would be a good start.
  • That's pretty sweet! They should show that in the USA!
  • This is a great video. Microsoft needs a lot more of these kinds of videos that show off the cool and innovative software features. Rather then lots of dancing and only showing off how a Surface keyboard snaps.
  • This is great, it seems the best videos never get shown on tv though :(
  • Live tiles are great but its overrated i feel , enough of live tiles ,please provide us with basic smartphone capabilities which you guys couldn't provide us coz of lack of time.
  • Would be interested to know what "basic" capabilities you think are missing. I have various problems with my L920, mostly Bluetooth related, but I wouldn't say it was lacking basic functionality.
  • Here is one for me - I cannot download podcasts over 3G - there are a couple of apps you can force to do it but not always and not automatically. 
  • Fair comment. Equally annoying is that if you copy an MP3 audiobook to the phone it appears under Music and isn't bookmarked. I can get round it by "downloading" my audiobook to iTunes as a podcast and then syncing, but having to use iTunes is a joke!
  • Having the ability create a music playlist on my phone is a basic function. Its retarded to have to do this from a computer.
  • Lmao you can create playlist from the phone. It's been available since. Wp7 era.
  • Which is another problem, WindowsPhone comes with a basic guide and everything else you have to find out for yourself, often by accident. I had WP8 before I realised you could scroll the typing suggestions!
  • You could've found about that feature from the official guide website that tells you about word suggestions(all videos btw) when you get a first text message as you you start your phone the first time! They give you knowledge on how to operate the system and maybe people are just lazy utilizing the tools they give you?
  • The suggestions continue off of the screen which is a common indicator in WP that there's 'more to see'. Get it together!
  • First is the storage in others category in my lumia 820 haven't yet received the firmware . Second grouping my photo in different albums . Third changing alerts . Fourth downloading files from the internet . Fifth Bluetooth functionality. Sixth notification center .Seventh problem with volume control in native music app(supposedly its a OS bug). Eight unable to directly transfer office files into phone through computer. I GUESS THESE ARE CONSIDERED AS BASIC FUNCTIONS IN A SMARTPHONE.
  • Lol wut
  • Good list - though what's basic to you isn't necessarily basic to someone else - nevertheless, all of the issues you list are problems and should be addressed. I've tried tweeting NokiaCare (who apparently don't) and MS and WindowsPhoneUK and found that complaints are simply ignored. Just how do we get through to these people? I'm on my third WindowsPhone, I have a surface RT and a desktop and laptop running Windows 8 - MS have had plenty of my money and loyalty but it doesn't seem like they care much about keeping me as a customer. Suggestions anyone?
  • Well i had option of iPhone or windows phone , coz of loyalty with Microsoft. But it seems they are still are not over their live tiles. I meant basic in the sense these were the functions i could do with my cheap blackberry 9300. Prioritizing Is necessary .How many of us download from the Net many , but how many of us use NFC ? Not soo many.
  • Sometimes i feel like they just want to people to windows phone that's it and once they have bought it , its like we don't care for you guys as you have already bought it.
  • Now that is a good entertaining commercial.