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Windows Store issues cause publishing delays for developers

The Windows Store is currently experiencing some issues, causing delays for developers looking to publish apps or create new in-app purchases. In addition to the publishing issues, some developers may experience problems viewing acquisition report data. Microsoft has alerted developers to each issue on the Windows Dev Center page with the following messages:

  • "We're currently experiencing some issues that are causing publishing delays. It may take several days before new app or IAP submission are visible in the Store. We're working on resolving this, and will remove this alert once the problem has been fixed."
  • "For some developers, the Acquisition report and/or IAP acquisition report (or APIs used to access those reports) may not currently show all data correctly. We're working on resolving this, and will remove this alert once the problem has been fixed."

It's unclear if these issues will bleed through in any way to the customer end of the store, but developers should definitely expect to experience some hiccups with publishing apps. We'll update this post once the issue has been resolved.

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  • Oh darn, well, I plan to release an update here pretty soon,hopefully it's all good by then.
  • Are these news? Isn't it normal already?
  • Are there that many developers that are actively updating/publishing apps on the Windows Store that this is a major issue? And before you get your panties in a wad, I love WM and recently bought a 950, but I still stand by my statement.
  • Apparently so..its raining apps!!
  • There are obviously so many new apps coming the store can't cope
  • Me
  • Is your app out yet? What is it?
  • MS please... Please
    It's ridicolous so many issues on the new store!
  • Is this why we haven't seen the W10(M) Windows Central app yet? :P
  • Yes. This must be it.
  • I've noticed that it has been taking longer than usual for reported updates to show on my phone
  • True, big alert on top of the dev dashboard :'(
  • This is why we can't have nice things.
  • Well there goes a windows central app release for this week possibly haha (if i understood the post correctly ha)
  • Hopefully it's because they are making backend changes to fix the fake app problem, the bad search algorithm problem and allow more features for users/devs.  
  • As soon as windows mobile becomes available for POVO everything will line up...
  • What POVO means?
  • Surface Phone will fix this.
  • Keep up the great work! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android