Windows Store trends suggest Games and Social as top categories

If you are a Windows developer, you would’ve noticed the Explore Store Trends section of the Windows Store Dashboard. The trends section includes user demographics and catalog information. Since few developers can draw useful interpretation from those numbers, Windows App Builder Blog has shared interesting statistics about the most popular app categories.

The following data is based on the Windows Store app downloads between August 1, 2013 and October 31, 2013.

The following graph shows the percentage of all downloads grouped by category. Over the last three months, Games was the category with highest number of downloads, three times higher than the next most popular category. No surprises there, I think. The next popular categories are Entertainment, Tools, Social, and Music.

Another interesting metric is the incremental download opportunity. It is useful to understand which category has the highest ratio of downloads per app. This is a function of total downloads vs. total available apps in that category.

As the graph suggests, Social is the top category with most downloads per app, almost twice more average downloads per app than the second category. Photos, Productivity, and Games are the next categories with the highest opportunity. The metric implies that these categories present the highest potential for downloads for developers.

It is interesting to note that while Games has the highest number of downloads, but since there are more apps in this category, the competition is higher. As a result, there is a lower number of average downloads per app in Games than in Productivity or Photos.

These trends provide useful insights for developers as they build new apps or improve existing apps. What are your key takeaways from these trends?

Source: Windows App Builder Blog

  • We need more than games and social apps.
  • Top Games?? i never use games i can only tools and photo+video
  • You ​guys need to add snap chat, nova 3 2k15 more football and sports games
  • Games and social as top categories?! I can just see tomorrow's headlines: "Bears DO s*** in woods".
  • LMAO... That was my thought exactly when I read this headline. "This just in... scientist confirm what we've known for the last two millennia... the earth is round."
  • So, mostly, what people do with these wonderfully powerful devices is play mindless games??? Shameful!
  • Defiantly need more apps on Windows developer really are crazy not to make apps for windows 8 anything!
  • Seems like windows would try to bolster its Xbox games on wp8 rather than hinder it...
  • Then where's the continued release of Xbox enabled WP games at anymore?? They're pulling more off the marketplace than they're releasing now!
  • Games? Really? Hmm...lets could Microsoft take advantage of that and give people something to make sure moving to W8 has further appeal? Hmm...if only Microsoft had a gaming brand...ah! I know! How about Xbox-branded Games? Oh wait...they've managed to screw that one up already...
  • +1520 ..... I only purchase xboxlive games, no achievements, no buy.
  • A number is more important to you than a good game? That's a terrible way to support indie developers. Developers who have done far more for the platform than the big studios.
  • No need for arguments, to each his own. I don't play (buy) a lot of mobile games (not my thing) but I owned a Xbox 360 & now own the Xbox one so therefore Xbox integration is important to me. I really don't care about indie developers or major developers either. I buy what I want with my money. Cheers.
  • We're getting there to the top!Yeah i'm not surprised that the games and social are on top.They are the top things i need and happy to see they are coming one by one!Well i don't see that other types of apps are required.What is required in those categories is the refinement of the existing ones to improve their features,that's all.Leave that to the developers.
  • I realized now why I'm so disappointed by Xbox Live for WP8 and Win 8:   What I really really wanted was to see a similar catalog of what's offered on the Xbox Live Arcade. Things like Splosion Man, Super Meat Boy, Pinball FX2...etc. I know there's more technical limitations and not everything could be available for all platforms, but I would think we'd see a wider crossover when it comes to Xbox Live branding.   If you really sat down and looked at the catalog of games available on Xbox Arcade VS Win 8 VS Windows Phone 8... its a mess. Gaming on those 3 types of devices would be akin to owning 3 different gaming consoles, and I think what we were hoping for was one unified market for all MS products.   Also put it this way:  If MS could offer 75% of whats on the Xbox Live Arcade on Win 8 and WP8, there's no doubt you'd see a serious uptick in new users.  Because saying Deadlight or Telltale's Walking Dead is available is a lot more impressive than Temple Run or Angry Birds, which most people are able to play anyway with whatever smartphone they already have.  
  • please add temple run 2 and subway surfers to lumia 520.......we are very keen to see it please add!!!!!!