Daniel Rubino, Mary Jo Foley, Paul Thurrott and Leo Laporte talk Build 2014 on the newest episode of Windows Weekly!

This was a very busy week for all of us here at Windows Phone Central. We went up to San Francisco to attend Build 2014. There Microsoft officially announced Windows Phone 8.1, a new update to Windows 8.1, Windows on Devices and much more. Friday we snuck up to Petaluma, California to visit TWiT Studios for an in-studio taping of Windows Weekly 356. Daniel Rubino joined Mary Jo Foley, Paul Thurrott and Leo Laporte for an episode to talk all about //BUILD/ and beer.

You can watch the episode above. Or you can download the episode in your favorite podcast application. There’s both video and audio feeds for Windows Weekly. Though it’s highly recommended that you do the video version for this particular version. You don’t want to miss seeing the Joe Belfiore picture on the desk! You can grab the episode in the link at the very end.

Did you make it to the taping or watch live? Sound off in the comments!

Don’t forget to follow Daniel (@daniel_rubino), Mary Jo (@maryjofoley), Paul (@thurrott) and Leo (@leolaporte) on Twitter.

Source: Windows Weekly 356

Sam Sabri
  • I watched and it was great.
  • Ads made me stop it ..
  • Great job Daniel, great show!
  • Dan was worth watching. Leo had like no clue what was going on in windows or Windows Phone land (odd that the moderator of windows weekly uses everything but a Windows device). Paul is a little too snarky with sarcastic jokes that always fell flat, and MJ who's real knowledge in enterprise was mostly discounted or marginalized. Dan stood out. Great job Dan.
  • I would say that is a very accurate observation all the way around NIST.
  • I shall make Cortana my apprentice and together we'll rule the Galaxy!
  • Pun intended?
  • lets just act like it was :P
  • Joe needs a new hair style lol
  • He needs a Rubino haircut. :P
  • I like Rubino's hairstyle actually.
  • Is it me or Daniel does look like Jon Shepard from SGA?
  • What that
  • I can only take small doses of Leo Laporte. I sometimes feel he talks just to talk...
  • Great episode. I'm pretty sure beer was talked about more than Build though :p
  • WP>Beer. ;)
  • All I need is the Force!
  • Looking at that picture... I'm surprised anything was discussed at any intellectual level, discernable enough to become an article or interview... Forgive me, im a little drunk...
  • They didn't spend enough time answering you question, too much beer by that time I think. Too much beer talk btw.
  • Thats because you where drinking the sweat nectar that is Coppers Green if I'm not mistaken
  • Good job Daniel. You can hold your own with Paul and MJ.
  • Like
  • Why do they have a picture of Joe on the table? o_O
  • im asking myself the same quesion ....is he dead or soemthing and why do they have beer ?
  • Same thing I was thinking, picture of him on the table is awkard.
  • Wow what a cast...
  • Microsoft journalist royalty! Great seeing this all star cast together!
  • Was there any discussion about sluggish WP sales as a result of poor business decisions? #freemarketspeaks
  • Actually, that is a pretty frequent topic on Windows Weekly. This show was more about looking at the new stuff though, as it should be.
  • Well, you've just said it all. #hashtagmustmakeyouright
  • Probably the best episode I've seen - beer! I need to try that North Coast St. Thelonius. I love their Red Seal Ale.
  • Where is File manager I heard Cortana is only available in US and UK in the Devoloper preview. is it correct or not? Great job WPCentral team
  • Sadly yes.
  • I dont install Devoloper preview, No more great functions. My Lumia1320 warranty is valuable than this shit update [No file manager, No cortana( I am from India)]
  • There are plenty more great functions that will enhance the Windows Phone experience in 8.1 besides Cortana (which will expand as Bing does) and a stupid file manager. IE11, the new Word Flow keyboard with swipe-texting, Action Center, updated Data Sense, WiFi Sense, Storage Sense, an updated Battery Saver, Quiet Hours with an Inner Circle, etc... There's a lot there to love!
  • A file manager may seem stupid to you, but to many others, it isn't. For someone who is actually not getting a feature in the update which he/she needs/wants, it may seem like a bad update. Granted, there are many nice features in the update, but that does not mean that everyone should be as interested in the update as you are. As for Cortana, people are bound to get disappointed since it's the most impressive feature in the update. I'm one of them. Of course, we can't do much about it.
  • The children need their temper tantrums. They won't hear your wisdom, but some of us appreciate it.
  • Lets hope cortana WON'T be expanding "as bing does" cause bing has been around since for a long time and it sucks now as much as it did in day one, outside of the only country in the world that matters.
  • "shit upgrade"!!!... Lol! Don't install dude, please don't :P
  • File managers can be made by devs, Cortana can be used if you switch your region to US which ain't that hard
  • Sell your 1320, warranty and all, that way you don't need to worry about downloading WP8.1 at all. Now scoot and get out of here. (I am not from India)
  • You Americans thinking you're great but actually its not.
    We both same here(forum)
    If you have freedom to argue me also have same
    Your not the administrator of this forum to scoot out me
  • But you can use cortana. Just change your region to US.
  • Yes, that's gonna work great.
  • My only complain: I was expecting some apps/games/updates announcements during BUILD and we didn't get even the Flipboard! :(
  • This!
  • Yeah, I was a bit upset about that too. They always have some sort of major app announcement. That sucked. We need ISIS compatibility here in the US, Flipboard, and several other apps.
  • Daniel is right on, many ppl want the data toggle (Enable Cellular Data) which they didn't include in this update...which is kinda disappointing
  • Maybe the data toggle didn't appear because no one SIM card was inserted in the phones used in the demos.
  • Interesting...
  • How do I get the developer preview? (I apologize for being off topic)
  • All star cast!
  • Nice cast!
  • This is a bit amusing that wpcentral forgot to mention that asphalt 7 is now a fully paid game..,,no trial also.,wpcentral keeps informing us and making game reviews that's great but you could have mentioned this also..,,just a suggestion
  • Yes, with all the 8.1 news how could I possibly overlook...what is it?...Asphalt 7. Will drop EVERYTHING. /sarcasm
  • Is that Alan Cummings from xman...lol
  • Great episode!
  • Hahahah! @ 1:18 (one hour and 18 mins) Leo reads my tweet to Paul Thurrott about spitting his beer on Leos MacBook! Hahahah
  • Watched this yesterday instead of studying haha. Great show, was good to see everyone live. I usually watch WW but love the Build editions.
  • I remembered watching Leo laporte on screen savers it was good tv, he is like an It legend, Daniel did an excellent job on the show. Leo and Daniel were the best on the show.
  • @danielrubino is cortana gonna be available with the preview for developers update?
  • Is it just me, or does Rubino look a lot like Josh Radnor?
  • It's just me. I'm tired.
  • @samsabri is cortana gonna be a part of the preview for developers update?
  • Awesome to see Coopers Pale Ale six pack!!
  • Im just saying guys why u guys so angry
  • Daniel Rubino is always very defensive about WPCentral's coverage, as you would have understood by now.
  • To be fair, I'd be defensive too. There is a vocal element here that is unreasonably critical if they don't get everything they want. You can tell their posts because they curse or apply hyperbolic statements like "useless". They repeat their displeasure on articles that have nothing to do with whatever life threatening problem they've cooked up in their head. The Earth will stop spinning and Microsoft will go bankrupt if they don't get what they want...and they better get it NOW.
    It's probably best to ignore them. I wish the mods would just delete posts that are off-topic, curse-filled or otherwise non-productive.
  • Watched it live!
  • Houb most m
  • I wish Tom Warren was there too. Would have been the ultimate Microsoft bloggers get together.
  • I've never watched live before and it was simply awesome. PT came across as a nice guy before the show started too. I got my beer on there through Twitter too! (Boondoggle). Do more of these shows please.
  • Great show. Daniel is becoming a regular on twit now...
  • Rock it daniel!
  • Nice videocast. I agree the transparancy argument as the to look forward to thing looking forward. I think cortana could be big in the US. But ultimately, as pointed out in this video, the biggest market europe, it will fail, because there are too many shortcomings and multilanguage support will be Cortana's achilles heel. Maybe I'm biased because I'm Dutch and live in the Netherlands. But I do not see much future of Cortana in Europe....Unless...microsoft invest in multilingual speech recognition support. I hope microsoft treats nokia mobile department well. In Europe we're still sceptical about this purchase, and indeed, nokia is a very big name and has a big inpact in europe and the rest of the world. with the mass marketing of office, I'm still surprised there will be no bluetooth keyboard (and mouse) support for office mobile in windows phone devices. It was there in the windows mobile era. In my experience it was very productive and office made sense. Office mobile in my expierence makes less sense, because it's mostly read only. Using the onscreen keyboard is too slow, inconvenient en less ergonomic than using a physical connected keyboard.
  • There was built in keyboard/HID support and it would connect to a Bluetooth mouse needed third party software to generate a cursor.
  • True Kacey, I can rember this when I used windows mobile 6.x on my htc hd2. It was clear from day one however that the new trend would be windows phone would not adopt the HID protocol for keyboard and mouse. A pity, because I'm noticing a comeback in the will to improve productivity of one's mobile device. Pocketnow recently did a nice editorial on being completely productive on a mobile device for a day. It does seem that the keyboard is hard to omit. I can seeing the use of my future lumia 1520 with a bluetooth keyboard (example microsoft 3000 series) as a good combo to be productive with office mobile.
  • To be fair, Siri is also struggling for the same reason. To compile a complete voice recognition database in a single language is a monumental undertaking, much less doing it in dozens of languages. It will literally take years to iron out, I'm sure.
  • Thanks for your reply psychotron. I think it shouldn't be very difficult. It's a question of implementation. Dragon (as an example) has come quite far in multilangual support. I can imagine that google, microsoft and apple can manage to get the resources to analyse voices of mulitple languages and put it to good use faster. Surely they must have a system by now that can be implemented for other languages. There is news of a mega datacenter by microsoft to be built in the Netherlands starting today in the coming months. I've expierienced that google voice search in the netherlands is quite good. If dragon and google voice can do it, why cant siri and cortana manage this? What I find even more odd is that microsoft has the resources to aquire Nokia mobile, but still has problems getting the multilingual support on many software issues right. And most interesting of all, this has been going on for years. The current language packs are okay, and voice recogntion has been part of windows since 2005 as far as I can empirically recall. So they have over 10 years of English voice recognition support.
  • Great episode and article picture! Is that a 1520 pic?
  • Yes! Took that with my 1520. I hate lugging around a DSLR now
  • Yeah it's a great replacement!
  • Great show, good rundown of BUILD.
  • Daniel, I watched. I thought that - by far - you were the most professional person on the panel and that there was probably a lot more insight you could have added. Too bad there wasn't a bit more of an agenda to the show or Thurott can't ever shut up. What was it like to be up there with those dinosaurs (I'm in their age bracket)?  I hope, while you were up in Petaluma, you got over to see the fine folks at Lagunitas Brewery.
  • Hah, thanks. I'm still getting used to the format. I have nothing but love and respect for Thurrot, MJF and Leo. All gracious people and fun to interact with.
  • Joe Belfiore needs to be possessive.
  • Ok, full disclosure, I have not watched these podcasts before. Well, maybe one out of all the podcasts dropped at WPCentral. I watched this one. Question, are they all this good or was the beer helpful?  I enjoyed the hell out of this Podcast and seeing people I basically grew up with and have come to trust in tech. Daniel fits right in with this seasoned body of bloggers.  This was really, really good.  Thanks guys.
  • I like Windows Weekly. I listen ...weekly. Other shows are just as good, although they're obviously missing Daniel and not as laid back as this. Still..check them out!
  • I think I will. This was good. Really good.
  • Interesting how those people find so entertaining the fact that bing outside the US sucks ass.
  • Entertained that Bing isn't so good outside the US?
  • The most disturbing thing about this photo is that there are so many great beers/breweries in California and someone bought Coopers !!
  • Daniel said there are improvements with the email client! Could someone expand on this? 
  • Finally I am watching it on my Xbox One!!!
  • Leo and his fake radio voice are unbearable.