WinMo 6.5 upgrade to be available Oct. 6 for HTC Touch Pro 2, Touch Diamond 2, Snap

That the HTC Touch Pro 2 and Touch Diamond 2 will be upgraded to Windows Mobile 6.5 isn't really news. HTC CEO Peter Chou spilled the beans on that one before WinMo 6.5 was even announced. But we are learning that the Snap also will be graced with the upgrade, and HTC will make the upgrades available for all three phones on the Oct. 6 Super Duper Windows Mobile 6.5 launch day.

That said, we're still not entirely sure if we're just talking unlocked phones, or if U.S. carrier-sanctioned phones will get in on the action, too. Stay tuned. via wmpoweruser

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  • Kick A**. My wife and her friend just purchased the ozone yesterday. Really nice phone. They are very pleased with it. On aside note here, the verizon ep knew nothing about mobil 6.5 or mobile 7 for that matter. Are we just sick and strange hobbist that follow this stuff or do they just keep their employees completely in the dark. It seems carriers would want emplyees to be as knowledgable as they can. Then they might sell more phones ?????
  • I agree with your point. Staying in touch with this, and other sites dedicated to smartphones can easily make a lot of the sales reps look quite out of tune with thier job. They just don't know much and most don't seem to care either. If they were more knowledgeable they most certainly could sell more phones but could also provide a level of service to the customers that is far superior to what we usually experience. And we'd all be happier users. That would go a long way in customer retention for all carriers.
  • I applied for a job with cingular maybe 4 years ago and the interviewer said he doesn't care how well you know phones and what you know about them. Everything you need to know about each phone will be presented to you, you just have to be a salesman. After going to several stores and keeping this in mind, you can see its very true. All the majority of the reps know is the specs listed under the phone's display and maybe a bit more. There are some out there that also have the same interest as us and will know more than the others.
  • I am waiting see if the treo pro will get an oficial upgrade or not!
  • Has no one graced the Treo Pro with a customized ROM yet?
  • What would be the upside to Sprint and Palm to do so? I see plenty of costs:
    1) integrating it with the device,
    2) testing it with the device,
    3) redoing all the customer support material,
    4) redoing all the service support material,
    5) taking the risk of minor and a major new bugs I doubt they would ever do it.
  • I agree with your point