Winmote 7 (or WMote 7) is a remote control application for Windows Phone 7 that allows you to access and control your computer through your Windows Phone 7 device.

In watching the video demonstration, WinMote allows you to control and view multi-media apps that reside on your computer. Granted my French is énormément rusty, but loosely translated the features include:

  • Remotely control your browser to access web sites
  • Listen to radio channels
  • Watch videos stored on your computer from your Windows Phone
  • Remotely control television viewers
  • View and download photos
  • Remotely control and view Powerpoint presentations

Running from what appears to be a Windows Phone 7 developer's unit, WinMote appears to run smoothly and interfaces nicely with the PC.  No word on when or where WinMote will be available. It's an interesting application worth looking for when Windows Phone 7 hits the masses.

via: mobilitydigest