WM Alt Browser Update: Minimo and Opera

Two exciting bits of browser news to share today. Minimo, the Mozilla-based browser for Windows Mobile, has been updated to 0.2. That's a tiny version number, but it's not a tiny set of features you'll get. The previous version of Minimo was well-nigh unusable (for me, anyway), so I hope this one is better. Check it out: Minimo project page (opens in new tab)

We also get a new version of another alternative browser: Opera. You can download a trial here (opens in new tab), but it'll die on June 1st or within a set time period, whichever comes first. Get browsing!

WC Staff
  • Having used Opera 8.60 on my KJAM, I decided to give 8.65 a try on my Treo 750. It only took a couple of hours of use to uninstall it. The speed of Opera is great however, there are still some nagging issues that preventing me to switch from PIE with PIEPlus. Link scrolling is terrible. Opera still cannot start from time to time with "not enough available resources" (hah! With over 20mb of available ram!), and accessing favorities is a PIA - no quick key selection.
    Oh well, I gave it a shot.
    As for Minimo, that lasted even shorter amount of time on my Treo.
  • Jerry, the memory problem should be fixed with the slightly updated beta from 1. June 2007 which will expire on 1. Oct 2007.
    You can change link scrolling by editing input.ini by replacing
    Spacial navigation [move in any direction to the next link]: Navigate {left|right|up|down}
    by either
    Scrolling: Scroll {left|right|up|down}
    Scroll Pages: Page {left|right|up|down}
    (see my guide http://www.rewiz.de/operamobile/Opera-Mobile.html#inputini1 )
    or you simply use Grab and Scroll.http://my.opera.com/researchwizard/