Woodworker helps make his Lumia feel more at home with some DIY furniture

We've seen some handy accessories made by Lumia Windows Phone owners in the past, but Stuart Nickel's furniture really takes things to the next level. The skilled woodworker has crafted beds and chairs for his Lumia to comfortably recharge in, making them both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Nickel spoke with Conversations to reveal how he made the furniture:

The bed took about 2 hours from start to finish and the chair about 2 and a half as some parts were harder to do. The duvet set design took awhile to make, about 2 to 3 hours from start to finish as I wanted to use as many small app tiles from the phone as I could. The only way I could do this was to screen shot my entire list of apps and then edit them in Photoshop to position them to make the words BED TIME.

The designs Nickel has come up with and produced are brilliant and we're interested to see what he comes up with next. Check out the full interview over on Conversations. Have you made any furniture for your smartphones (and/or tablets)? If so, show them off in the comments!

Source: Conversations

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Uhm...
  • Lol..
  • Sometimes even I feel like doing something special for my L730 :p
  • Think of something and ill see what I can do, ohhh I'm the one everyone thinks has too much time on my hands
  • Weird...
  • Ok then...
  • Yeah that phone isnt a human to make bed and chair for him lol
  • Yet I keep mine on a red pillow. is nothing else
  • Hey, it could be a she.
  • Yeah but only if you have a purple or red one.
  • Show then off in the comments? Is picture support coming for comments?
  • Fair play to the guy but somebody has to much time on his hands
  • Why you say that? It's probably his hobby, some prefer to sit in front of tv playing video games, guy does woodwork. Can't really translate this to having "too much time".
  • Eactly, he probably likes to do this and thought, what else can I make?
  • This is the style of comment that I truly hate "he's got too much time on his hands" I make videos that take about 20 minutes to film and an hour or so to edit, this works out as 1hr 20 minutes which is not a lot of time in comparison to other hobbies etc, but I receive this comment from time to time and its always the same type of person that can't think about the beauty of life, nature, art, animals etc, I'm not saying you are like this, but its a very negative thing to say because you don't know how much time he has and what he uses his other time for, all in all, I hate this comment from my own experience of receiving it from negative people.
  • Well said.
  • Thanks for you comment, I'm guessing you didn't actually read the whole article. Now I have a wife, 3 kids and a full time job but I still have 2 days a week to do whatever, the kids enjoy making things with me and the Mrs likes them doing it too because it gives her a break from them after a busy week of work and school runs. Thank you anyways
  • Well, not bad...
  • Cool
  • I have some decking work needing done. Could relieve his boredom
  • Gold!!!!!!! Just for a bit of a laugh, search for "The Amazing Racist" fark what a hoot! The decking thing made me think of it.
  • Too much free time. Looks cool though
  • Again, see my other comment.  He spent just under 8 hours doing all of this.  That's really not 'too much free time'.  Even someone who works 9-5 5 days/week has in excess of 30 hours 'spare time' each week. By your logic if someone has 8 hours of free time, they should be working instead?  Even someone who works massive 16-hour shifts 5 days a week could still find time to do a project like this.  Would THEY have too much free time if they did so?
  • This^^^ Thank you...
  • Well said, amigo; well said.
  • Pretty much my thoughts nearly each time I read "too much free time". Well said.
  • How much television do you watch?  I'll bet more time than you spend developing a useful trade skill in your spare time just for the love of it. 
  • Thank you all for the supportive messages!! Appreciate them alot!
  • Awesome work
  • More productive than I've been lately.
  • You're not alone!
  • Amazing
  • 7.5 hours isn't really 'too much time on one's hands' when you think about it - it's a modest overall time investment.  I only work 3 days a week, so technically I've got LOADS of free time on my hands.  Even someone who works a 40-hour week will have plenty of time to work on projects like this.  
  • It's not because he's "weird" or "bored" or "has too much time in hand", its cause he's passionate about WP/ Lumia (unlike just commenting and judging people away). When you're that passionate about something, you FIND time to do things...
    What's with all this judgement going on here... (and yes, if you don't like what Taylor Swift does, reserve your judgment to yourself)
  • Who mentioned Taylor swift?
  • That was meant to be on a related note to the comments on the article on Xbox Music offeringTaylor Swift's album for $1. Just read the comments and you'll know..
  • Eactly, I don't like Taylor Swift, so I just didn't even read the article :)
  • I don't either so I skipped that article.
  • I AGREE TO YOU god what's wrong with these fanboys
  • Awesome!
  • Suprised the bed wasn't made into a wireless charging pad thing. That would probably sell...maybe.
  • Look closer, it does have a wireless charger, just like the chair. :-) ​
  • Did not notice that cord previously. Nice.
  • The first bed was not and and was a massive over sight but the second I built it in
  • That's some good craftsmanship.
  • Sad git
  • Just by looking at his work, I'd gamble he is a happy person :)
  • I am a happy person, I have a family that I love, a job that I love and it would seem a phone I love lol. Sad that's what the Mrs thinks but then as long as I'm not annoying her she don't care.
  • At first glance I thought the bed was a grave marker...
  • Same thing. Maybe if they used a different colour of material for the blanket it would look alot less like a grave site.
  • Nice schoolproject and wait ............................... nothing more than that.
  • To you maybe
  • I take it you didn't read the full article? That's what I do for a living, teach school classes the basics of woodwork but thanks for noticing. Wondering though what you would have done to make them non school project?
  • #Lumia Love
  • It's okay to love your phone but it's not ok to "LOVE" your phone....
  • It was a bit of a laugh more than anything, wasted a few hours with the kids and made some peoples day a little happier!
  • Cool !
  • What's all the "meh" about? I happen to think this is pretty awesome...
  • Thank you!
  • Lol
  • Lol most of these people are probably non Lumia owners
  • My "Lumia" needs another bed.
  • Get a life dude
  • Negative and offensive, why? You commented meaning it affected you and you used your time to make people aware of your emotions, he has simply done a similar thing, but it's more pleasing on the eyes
  • I have a very good life thank you! I'm married with a house 3 kids a full time job what more do I need in my life to "get a life" what do you do in life that is better than mine?
  • This is why I got a 1520. It can use regular furniture. One more plus.
  • Haha a full sofa to itself!
  • These look nice, I wish I could be handy with tools.
  • Haha I just love it!!
  • Should start selling it
  • Doesn't the phone slip/slide while standing (sitting?) on the chair? Nice work though. :)
  • Dear samrim, answer to your question no it doesn't the seating part of the chair it slanted and tilted back with the base sticking up a little to make sure that didn't happen. So unless you push it over it wont fall out.
  • Very creative!! Damn the haters!!I love it!!
  • Thank you, your comment means a great deal
  • "The skilled woodworker" Yeah... super skilled... my kid made some of that "aesthetically pleasing furniture" at school. as well.
    While I respect the guy's hobby I don't see this article WC-worthy at all.
  • It's showing you how much people care about their device, light hearted and windows phone orientated
  • Thank you, I'm glad your kid has already got the basic woodwork skills that I teach everyday. While making these items my children helped also as I'm teaching them to do the same thing. Your child is lucky to have such good skills that someone has taught them but unfortunately some do not get the chance to do these things. The skilled woodworker I am that skilled at making woodwork things, my wife skilled at cooking although not a qualified chef. One of my sons skilled at football but not a professional footballer. Another of my sons skilled at doing basic stunts on his scooter, sir just because its basic doesn't make anyone unskilled as you have to have basic skills to do anything in life even basic skills and knowledge to find this website to post a negative comment that's your skill "the skilled negative forum poster" but thank you anyways
  • I built my qi charger into my bedside table... Oh, and I put USB charging ports ito the arm of our lounge suite ;)
  • Awesome!! :)
  • Good on him, I hope he has a beautiful time with his beloved phone, I wish I had the skills to do something similar for my amazing Lumia 1020 :)
  • Think of something and ill see what I can do!
  • Adorable
  • I hate haters, but that doesn't make me a hater :P this is nice, refreshing and a pleasure to read about, if you don't like this idea of taking care and gifting his own devices for self pleasure as well as sharing it with the world..... Don't comment and move onto something you appreciate, whether that be video games or kittens being murdered or whatever sexually arouses your mind.... I'm assuming this is the only reason you don't like this post..i could be wrong :P
  • Thank you for the support
  • Hello,
  • I used to manage a woodworks exporting factory and one of my former carpenters made this for my Nokia Lumia 1520 (which I love dearly I might add). [SEE LINK BELOW!]
  • I used to manage a woodworks exporting factory and one of my former carpenters made this for my Nokia Lumia 1520 (which I love dearly I might add). https://www.flickr.com/photos/10047881@N02/
  • Locks great. It's always nice with that personal touch. And you can't beat hand made quality.
  • On the left is "horizontal" mode, which is great for viewing movies, Office docs, reading, etc. On the right "vertical" mode, for viewing Live Tiles, etc. Guy basically gave it to me free, so I don't know how much it really costs. Anyway, it looks nice and hope you guys like it.
  • Love the bed thingy ❤
  • Uhm, winter is a coming so better start knitting a mini-throw for that phone bed.
  • Guy has way too much time on his hands....
  • Thank you for your comment. I would like to know what you do with your free time to then comment on what I do with my free time? The time this took was quality time I spent with my 3 children woodworking teaching them skills for later in life. Now I don't think this constitutes having too much time on my hands. I have a wife, 3 kids, a house to look after and a full time job normally working in excess of 45 hours a week but I spent some time having some fun. I used to play xbox in my free time till I decided enough was enough and I should spend more time getting out doing things, don't get me wrong I still like playing xbox from time to time but playing xbox most of the day now that was having too much time on my hands but now I don't.
  • These people are generic and bland, they don't know what else to write other than the repetitive and overused, pathetic, negative "got too much time on his/her hands" comment, I make videos with my small amount of free time and get this comment occasionally, it hurts to think that the people who have enough time on their hands to be negative and boring online, seem to think that this is wasted time, it's not, from now on, I'm just going to put a *yawn* on these types of comments and hope that people feel the slightest bit of remorse for insinuating people are saying time doing something they like/love.
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  • Wow you like playing with your own crap, are you insane? Try playdoh or plasticine, playing with crap dude is not cool and would seem no one wants to hear the crap coming out of your mouth let alone pics of what's coming out of your rear end!!! As for sending the pics to windows central that's not what I did I posted on twitter tagging Nokia on it then a guy emailed me wanting to do a article and then windows central had picked up on said article and wanted to post itself. Read more and get out more sir is the advice I can give you!